Sex Toys #4


Sex Toys #4


111 Mins

West Coast Productions

DIRECTOR: Michael Stefano

THEMES: Toys, Anal Sex, A2M

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Jewel De’Nyle, Sondra Hall, Jessica, Aria, Ann Marie, Brazilia, Michael Stefano, Mark Wood and Darren James.


I really like Michael Stefano’s stuff and why shouldn’t I? I like the stuff he did for Extreme as Luciano and I like the stuff Tom Byron does. Michael’s movies have the same style and keep the focus on the action. Keeping it simple is the best way to bring us good sex without all the bells and whistles For this edition of Sex Toys, Michael has his partner in life (and crime) Jewel De’Nyle to anchor the action. Ann Marie is also around and she is a super cute babe who I can’t wait to watch. Some of the other girls in this one aren’t exactly at the top of my list, but they tend to give good scenes so maybe they can light things up a bit.

We open with Aria who gives hot scenes, but always reminds me of Alexa Rae’s twin brother. She is a figure flattering fishnet body stocking as Jewel De’Nyle rams a toy into her twat. Proving the girls can be rough when they want to be, Jewel doesn’t hold back, moving to Aria’s ass for some rubber DP. Michael finally steps in and feeds Aria his cock. Jewel helps out at first, but her mouth quickly finds its way into the action. Sorry Aria, but you just don’t have that cock starved fuck beast thing that Jewel has going for her these days. As such a scene between Michael and Jewel might have been hotter than watching Aria try and compete. Give her credit though, the dirty blonde does her best even as Michael and Jewel fuck the hell out of her. When Jewel starts riding his cock, Aria takes anal duty, providing fingers and toys to her ass. If Aria thinks she is going to get away with her own ass being nailed, she is sorely mistaken. Michael lines the girls up side by side in doggy and gives their buns some hard strokes. Aria does A2M from Jewel’s bum. After a blistering DP on Aria, Michael pulls out and shoot all over both faces. Jewel is nasty as ever and Aria’s energy makes me like her in spite the fact that I’m not into her.

Mark Wood is pretty excited about watching leggy Sondra Hall fuck her meaty lips with a big dong. After hanging back for a few he moves in and helps her out. While he is plugging her, she reaches out to see what he’s got packed in his jeans. Once his cock is free Sondra gets right down on her knees and shoves as much of it into her mouth as she can take. After a pretty good blowjob she loses the rest of her clothes and mounts his rod. The low angle shots of the reverse cowgirl give us a clear view of her slit as their bodies slam loudly. Her moans get really loud when Mark starts pounding. The visuals get fucked up a bit when she is in cowgirl because of that long and winding road all across her back. No big deal really as the scene ends quickly after this position starts. Mark pulls out and shoots all over her big tits.

Now we get to Ann Marie who is a very tasty teen with some great tits and a tight little body. We get to watch her preparing in front of a mirror before breaking out her toy and getting warmed up. Using a mini fist dildo, she moves to the bed and fucks her pretty little pussy. We get a few minutes of sexy solo before Michael finally comes in and gets his cock sucked by pretty little Ann Marie. This pretty young thing does a nice job sucking cock. I don’t like the black and white POV stuff because it really takes away from how cute this little chick is. He spreads her thighs and starts fucking the shit out of that little hole. Those of you who like Jenna Haze are going to love Ann Marie. They have similar qualities, especially the way they fuck. Michael gives her the full treatment, rolling her over into some very eye pleasing spoon footage. She turns her cute butt to the air for some hard, deep doggy strokes. If you were looking for that ass to get plowed you will have to wait for another movie. He doesn’t even cum on her face, blasting her feet instead. What a waste.

Jessica is a super slut who seems to love cock, but just leaves me totally cold. She works a big toy into her twat and gives great energy as always. Since she’s jamming that twat with a big black toy, it’s only fair that she get some dark meat to play with. Into the picture comes a nice big black cock and Jessica gives it one hell of a blowjob. With the toy she is able to keep her mouth busy even when he moves down to pound her hole. He just abuses that pussy in mish and then in doggy while the trashy Euro-whore works her mouth all over the huge toy. She takes time out to fuck herself in the ass with that big toy. More great solo footage leads to some real meat. The tight shots are fantastic and Jessica’s energy wins me over even before she sucks down a big load of hot cum.

That brings us to Brazilia who looks like she could be a nice looking TS as she plays at poolside. She has a toy to suck on and shove in her pussy while Michael approaches and gets a very energetic blowjob. She leans back and nearly chokes herself with the long toy. Her pussy gets the same sort of workout with rubber and then with Michael’s prick. He likes her twat so much that he picks her up in his arms and drops her body down to get even deeper into her. He bends her over and slides into her ass while the toy keeps the pussy filled. When it’s time to change positions she sucks his dick clean and throws a leg back for deeper penetration. They even test her a bit with some double pussy action before she shoots all over her face and the toy so we can watch her clean it off with her mouth.

This is a really great movie if you like toy play mixed in with good hard fucking. The girls aren’t always the best looking, but Stefano does a good job of getting good scenes out of a couple of the less than hot chicks. Jessica really gets hot and so does Aria. I still wouldn’t say I am attracted to these two, but their heat in this flick is undeniable. Jewel is along for one scene and she’s as cock crazed as ever. Brazilia still looks like a TS to me, but Sondra Hall is pretty hot. Saving the best for last, let’s talk about Ann Marie. She is cute, sexy and is the single best reason to watch and stroke to this flick. Overall it’s a solid fuck flick, with great toy play that needs a better cast to really get over the top.

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