V8 #5


V8 #5


77 Mins




THEMES: Schoolgirls, near-fisting

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Layla Jade, Estelle Laurence, Nicole Love, Holly Hollywood, Ashley, Jewel De’Nyle, Mika Tan and Hannah Harper


Eight fingers into two holes? Wow, how did I miss this revolutionary concept in adult entertainment? Nothing says romance and eroticism like shoving as many digits as possible into the object of your affections. I guess if the rules say we can’t do the whole fist thing, then four in each hole is the next best thing right? Concept aside I was looking forward to checking this movie because of the cast. I thought it might be a veggie flick and I’ve already done one this week, more than filling my quota. Apparently there are some guys in the flick, they just don’t rate being mentioned in the credits. At any rate, I’m going to see just how well Layla, Jewel, Mika and the girls can handle that many fingers. (I wonder how many of them had to be coached a bit. After all, eight is more than the average whore can count on one hand.)

Layla is a gangster chick who is upset that a rival is moving in on her territory. They decide to settle things in the middle of a crowded bar. Instead of shooting it out, the sexy blonde gets down on her knees and starts sucking his cock. The guy is packing some pretty serious meat, but Layla just devours him with no problem at all. As everyone watches, he lifts her onto the counter to eat her box. This is where the finger action really kicks in. He uses four fingers on her ass, then on her pussy, spreading both holes as wide as he can. He never does get four in both holes at the same time during this session. Layla does a great job squat fucking him before being bent over the bed and slam fucked. They drape her over a barstool so he has easy access to her ass. After blasting that ass with his big cock, he shoots all over her belly. The pop was a little lame, but the rest of the scene is really hot.

The next scene starts out with not introduction. It’s got two girls I don’t recognize making out. Wow a scene that gives me nothing at the start, starts a couple of women who aren’t bad to look at (Holly Hollywood is one of the chicks and she is pretty cute) and has decent sex. I guess I should like this more than I do. They do some four in both hole action, but I am pretty bored by the whole thing. There is some double dong action, but unless you’re really into lesbian action then use this as a chance to get a snack.

The next scene is so freaking strange. Ashley is apparently a kidnapper about to blow her victim. In comes Chris Cannon in SWAT gear to save the day. Instead he ends up on his back with his dick in her mouth. She does a great job with her tongue, swirling it all over his head until he’s totally disarmed and ready to eat her pussy. Ashley has those long legs and thin torso that really looks good when she’s spread out on a bed. He goes for some finger in both holes action (though not 8) and then slides his dick inside of her. Ashley leaves her fishnet body stocking on a he pounds her, but sheds the garment when she gets on top. After some standing doggy, he shoots his load onto her tits.

Jewel De’Nyle and a blonde partner tie Lee Stone down and torture him with a double blowjob. Yeah, that must really suck. Jewel gets this look in her eyes when she is sucking that is so hot it’s almost scary. It’s like she just wants to suck the guy’s cock until it falls off. She goes after pussy with the same energy which keeps things hot as she works over her blonde friend. Jewel and Lee give the eight finger treatment as she shoves four into her pussy while Jewel jams in two digits from each hand up the poor girl’s ass. Both girls get drilled by Lee, with Jewel screaming the whole time and ramming a toy into her friend’s slit. No anal for Jewel, but her ass makes a good sperm target as her pal licks it off.

The final scene is a hot little schoolgirl fantasy involving a pigtailed Mika Tan sharing her teacher’s dick with blonde Hannah Harper. (Nice shadow blowjob shot there.) They are a fantastic team, working each side of his long cock and giving us plenty of good stuff to stroke to. The cut outfits add to the eye candy as the teacher gives Mika some six finger action. After a long time he finally slips his pinkies in there to give her the full eight. Mika has earned the first ride and she works her full hips hard to take every inch of his big prick. Hannah isn’t about to be outdone and gets a serious reaming from behind while fucking Mika with a toy. The horny teacher stacks his girls on top of each other so he can slide in and out of their pussies. They get into an interesting finishing position where Mika is licking his ass and Hannah is stroking him off. Instead of finishing though, he moves back to the pussy stack and shoots a big load all over their thighs.

This movie is a lot different than I thought it would be. Each scene is kind of a vignette. Not all of them have lead ups, but there are costumes and basic themes at work here. As for the eight-finger stuff, there are some issues. I’m really big on title integrity and you don’t get four in each hole in every scene. I guess they don’t promise that, but the implication is there. Yes, there is some four plus four stuff going on, so you will get to see some of that. Layla’s opening scene is really good and the final three way is very hot as well. Ashley and Jewel add some good sexual heat to the mix as well. If there is a major disappointment here it’s that the popshots are aimed away from the pretty faces of the girls in the cast.

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