Sweet 101


Sweet 101


84 Mins

Digital Playground



THEMES: Prostitutes

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Faith Adams, Anne Marie, April, Aurora Snow, Kaylynn, Eric Masterson, Evan Stone, Marty Romano, Jay Ashley, Tyce Bune and Jay Coleman.


The Digital Playground team just keeps getting bigger. First they added award winning director Nic Andrews and hot blonde starlet Devon. They have had their chance to show their wares for DP. Now it’s Robbie D’s turn. He is best known for his work with Vivid Raw and for bringing us good sex scenes even in movies we wouldn’t normally expect to be hot. He’s got a decent budget to work with and a story that revolves around a night shift at a wacky hotel. On his first night, the poor desk clerk is in for a very long night. We can only hope that it’s more fun for us than for him.

The first room he has to go visit is serious trouble. April is having a confrontation with her gun toting husband. Thankfully it ends quickly and they fall into bed as soon as the desk jockey leaves. He slowly kisses April and plays with her stiff nipples. The scene is paced for couples with that soft-around-the-edges feel and lots of kissing as he works his way down her body. By the time the leggy blonde gets down to return the favor, most sex scenes would have been nearly over. Much of the blowjob is shot with soft core in mind so we lose some heat there. It’s impossible to totally stifle April’s heat though and watching her down his dick to the base is nice to watch. They slip a condom over his cock and wisely the camera lingers on her fine backside while April rides. In missionary the action isn’t as pleasing to the eye because his body pretty much covers hers. He finally pulls out and has a big load for her tight little tummy.

Tyce Bune sits nervously in his room when his qvzzqdateqvzzq for the evening arrives. Ann Marie plays the call girl and damn she looks like a perfect way to spend a few hundred bucks. He wants her to talk dirty so she gives us a little bit of that in between sucks on his unit. Ann gives a very high energy blowjob, using her whole body with every stroke. She keeps the energy nice and high when they start fucking. With no cock in her mouth, she is able to do a bit more talking and this tasty teen passes this oral test as well. As he pumps away from below, Ann even has that slight look of contempt that most hookers must have when their clients are working hard to pretend they are decent lovers. After a long doggy, Tyce pulls out and shoots all over her butt.

Evan Stone calls down for some munchies after a late night smoke session. He and Aurora Snow have been enjoying a bit of the Chronic and are in the mood for some junk food and a late night fuck. Evan tosses the Twinkies aside to munch on her Pinkie. (Hey, her cream filling has to be better for you than that stuff inside the snack foods.) She returns the favor and that’s always a good thing. Personally I think that any director who fucks up an Aurora Snow blowjob should be shot, so it’s a good thing that Robbie just lets her do her thing. After a great two fisted hand job, they slip a condom onto his cock and let her ride. She bucks her hips to take every inch of his long pole deep into her pussy. Taking a rest, Aurora throws one leg up onto his shoulder and lets him drill her hard. When Evan mounts her chest, she strokes him until his cum shoots all over her tongue and pretty face. This is just another great scene starring Aurora Snow.

There are other drugs being used in other rooms. Jay Ashley and Kaylynn are totally paranoid and can’t hardly stand it. When they finally get rid of the clerk, she attacks his cock. Few women suck cock like this sexy brunette and she breaks out her A game on Jay’s dong. It’s really not fair that Jay gets Aurora at home and then comes to the set to have Kaylynn work his unit with her mouth and hands like this. The editing is really choppy here, intentionally so, to bring us into their world. It’s pretty impressive from a film standpoint, but doesn’t’ help the sexual rhythm at all. We still get to watch a great blowjob from Kaylynn as she takes him from start to finish.

Our hero finally gets to have some fun when he wanders into a room and finds Faith Adams naked in the bathtub. She walk right up to him, drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. Well hey, that’s something you don’t see every day. She’s a very pretty girl who looks good working a cock with her hungry mouth. He sheds his clothes and gets down to some serious pussy licking. The fucking starts slowly with Faith guiding his dick into her pussy and holding onto it while she teases her clit. When she lets go he is able to pound away a little harder. Faith gets on top and holds his arms down as she starts riding. We get some really nice shots of her ass as she waxes his rod with her juices. All that hard work earns her a big load across her tiny tits.

This is a really simple feature with barely more ‘plot’ than Robbie brought us at Vivid Raw. Eric Masterson just wanders from room to room for unrelated, but unique sex scenes. That’s the part that I really like about this movie. Each scene has a slightly different feel. The Jay. Kaylynn scene is really well edited, though it ends up being a bit too frantic for it’s own good. I loved the Aurora scene, but that’s a given. She can do anything these days and be totally hot. April and Ann Marie also give very good scenes. This is mostly a movie for couples, but the sex is much better than the average feature fodder. Robbie’s DP debut is impressive and he seems to be a good fit for a company looking for high profile, couples friendly erotica.

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