Women in Uniform


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Women in Uniform


100 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong

THEMES: Uniforms, Solo, Lesbian Sex




STARS: Devinn Lane, Asia Carrera, Tanya Danielle, April, Monica Mayhem, Nicole Sheridan, Lezley Zen, Lola, Angelica Sin, Brad Armstrong, Randy Spears, Pat Myne & Voodoo


This is the kind of movie that we are used to from Brad Armstrong. He’s got his theme, chicks in uniforms, he has his assortment of Contract babes and side players and he’s got his style. Armstrong makes two kinds of movies these days, big features and these MTV style vignette flicks. With not dialog to get in the way or plot to follow, these play really well on cable and allow for lots of eye candy, some snazzy editing and plenty of slow motion sex. By choosing the uniform theme, he can hit on a number of different fetishes and do some nice tease if he plays it right. After all, most people who did women (or men) in uniform dig them even more as the garments come off.

Paying tribute to the men and women of the Armed Forces, Armstrong kicks his movie off with Lezley Zen and Devinn Lane in full military attire. (Complete with dog tags. They strip for some tease, with Devinn showing us that wonderful rack and Lezley showing us what she’s got. This is a very mismatched pair in terms of looks, but they both like veggie sex. Devinn has some shiny metal toys that she uses to double penetrate Lezley’s pussy. Devinn takes it in her pussy and even allows a little ass play.

Devinn comes right back, this time as a sexy nurse with the always beautiful Asia Carrera. They wheel in patient Randy Spears and Asia reaches under his gown. She pulls out his cock and starts sucking. If it’s eye candy you’re looking for, it’s hard to beat a blowjob from Asia. When she finishes sucking, Asia mounts Randy’s rod and pumps away while Devinn masturbates on a gurney nearby. I like the reverse cowgirl, but watching Asia get bent over is something very special. Best of all, she takes a big load on her face and lovingly kisses his shrinking cock.

We take a bit of a break from the uniforms as Devinn plays a bellhop. She is about to take a couple up to their room, but gets pushed outside as Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo need some private time. As soon as the doors close they are all over each other. The real life couple always brings great energy to the table and this scene shows that off perfectly. Nicole looks really good all dressed up with her glasses on, but you just can’t stop this chick once she gets a cock in her mouth. She takes off just enough clothes to let him get at her pussy. Always vocal, Nicole talks him through a very high energy fuck. They step out of the elevator and use a baggage cart in a very original way. Adding to the action, Voodoo rolls her into piledriver and slams the hell out of her tight asshole. He pulls out, tears the condom off and shoots cream all over her tits and face.

Devinn comes out in a Judge’s robe and proceeds to show us all just how good she looks in glasses and black lingerie. Across the desk, Pat Myne and Lola leap into each other’s arms and start making out. (Why is it that porn reminds me of musicals where people just break out into sex rather than song?) Sophia Ferrari is the stenographer who tries to keep up with the action as Lola feeds on Devinn’s lovely breasts. Pat is licking and sucking from behind, but really has fun when Lola leans her head back over the desk and start sucking his dick. He slaps on a rubber and goes into her pussy as Devinn rubs Lola’s clit and sits on her face. As usual, Lola turns in a good scene, with nice energy and a lot of eye candy as Devinn helps out and fucks herself watching as Pat sprays all over Lola’s face.

Returning the veggie theme, Armstrong has Devinn, April and Tonya Danielle in sexy band uniforms. Yeah, like any of the band chicks in my school looked like this. At any rate, they all take their time getting out of the clothes and spend a lot of time on Devinn at the start. This is just too much girl on girl action for me, but it’s always fun to watch Devinn show off her titties and April’s ass is especially hot looking as Devinn nails both chicks with vibrators while they are on their hands and knees. There is a bit of anal play as well, closing out the three way munch fest.

Devinn dresses as a meter maid and tickets a car for parking in the wrong zone. As she shakes her ass and moves on, we find out that the couple in the car really don’t give a shit if they have a ticket on their windshield. Inside, Armstrong has his dick inside Monica Mayhem’s mouth and is enjoying a nice blowjob. Her pretty blonde head bobs in his lap as she drools all over his dong. Brad takes her out of the car to lick her pussy, giving us a nice view of her whole body while his tongue is busy on her clit. They use the top of the car to fuck and Monica is a very willing, vocal toy. There is a really nice shot using the reflection in the car hood, but mostly it’s Monica’s wet parts that are the star of the show. He finally pulls out and drops a load on her pretty face.

Finally we get Devinn dressed up and giving new meaning to the phrase “going postal.” She is a sexy letter carrier who stops in the middle of her route to play with herself. In the back of the truck, she whips out a couple of metallic vibes and starts working them all over her pussy. She really likes the taste of her own pussy because she is just shoveling it in from both barrels. Look, all we want is for you to deliver the freaking TV Guide, how about saving the double fisted self fucking for after hours.

Fans of Devinn Lane will probably want to check this one out. She tries on a number of different uniforms and helps move the action along. Her Girls-Only policy limits some of the things Devinn can do. She looks great of course and does some really nice solo work. Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo turn in the best scene of the movie. Asia’s hot nurse scene isn’t far behind though. These MTV, cable friend flicks aren’t my favorite movies, but this one is really nicely edited with some better than average sex scenes and a nice looking cast. Too many veggie scenes for me perhaps, but not bad.

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