Try-A-Teen #4




MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall

110 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Brandon Iron & Mark Wood

THEMES: Natural Girls, Facials




STARS: Taren, Kaylee, Violet Blue, Victoria, Piper. Mark Wood & Brandon Iron.


Brandon Iron and Mark Wood make quite a team as they sit on the couch and grade the teens who show up for their movies. It’s kind of like watching Beavis and Butthead judge chicks. They don’t take it easy on the new girls like some of the other newbie lines. Taking Brandon when he’s on full dose is never easy for a tight little teen, but thy guys make sure that no one leaves without being well fucked. And if the girls don’t like it, tough shit. They have even been known to keep the cameras rolling to show us how testy the teens can get sometimes.

First up is Taren Hayes who does cartwheels in her backyard. Wood shows up to tell her she made the squad and to help her practice her cock sucking. From the looks of things, she doesn’t really need any work in this area. Taren handles rod with her mouth just fine and looks great swallowing sword. Mark slowly strips her down, bends her over and slips it right between her lower lips. Taren has a fleshy ass that gets moving pretty good when she’s on top riding as hard as she can. With no fanfare at all, he rolls her over and slides his cock right up her ass. Taren doesn’t seem to mind no matter how hard he pounds away on her butthole. After repeated A2M shots, she finally takes a big load from Wood on her smiling face. As a bonus, Brandon also leaves a thick wad on that mug. Taren is a trooper who loves it in the pooper. (Someone shoot Rog for that, please.)

Violet Blue is a super cute girl, so the guys are very excited to have her in their movie. Steve Taylor takes over the meat delivery job and he has no problem getting excited about boning the precious little blonde. After eating her pussy, Steve drops his pants and lets the teen Princess work his knob into her mouth. The blowjob could certainly be longer, but Steve is anxious to pound away between Violet’s legs. There are some great close up shots of the action and this babe is a super vocal little fuck doll. He takes off all of her clothes except for the panties which get pulled aside to keep slamming away from behind. Steve jams a finger into her ass during the cowgirl, but in RC we get the pleasure of seeing this babe from perhaps her best angle. Spoon also looks good and I like Violet face down with her cute little butt upturned for some hard reverse mish and a bit load fired all over her you tight young pussy lips.

Kaylee is a blonde with a big ass that takes up the whole screen as she crawls over to Mark. She immediately starts sucking his cock and works hard to make sure that he’s good and ready to fuck her. When that starts, her ass once again fills the screen as she drops down onto his cock. Kaylee has a bit too much ink and cottage cheese on the ass from this angle, but she has a cute face and seems to like fucking. That goes a long way towards making a good scene. I like mish better because we can check out her face and natural tits. Reverse cowgirl is not very flattering to her tummy, but Kaylee has a nice little pussy that is well shown in this position. During the long doggy, she seems to tune out a bit so the footage becomes somewhat tiresome, but a good facial makes up for most of this.

Brandon takes over for Piper McCormick. She doesn’t seem to have much of a personality, so he just throws her legs back and starts shoving things up her asshole. When Brandon has her sucking cock, we see that this teen has got some serious acne problems. He trash talks her a little bit, but let’s face it this girl isn’t much of a cock sucker. To add some fun to a slow starting fuck, Brandon puts a cowboy hat on the young brunette and pounds away from behind. Her energy picks up a little and Piper starts to win me over just a bit. Keeping with the anal whore theme, she takes it right up the ass and shows no signs of slowing down. Brandon isn’t thrilled with her attitude, so he makes her to A2M and then blasts her face with good. Mark adds his wad and they send Piper back to whatever minimum wage job she had before trying to be a teen porn bimbo.

Victoria Woods is the final girl in this flick and she’s another all-natural babe who looks good on her knees at poolside. She’s got a big tat on her hips, but has lovely skin, firm little tits and great nipples. Since most of his cock won’t fit into her mouth, the young babe just bobs her mouth over the head to get it ready. Victoria spreads her legs and verbally encourages Mark to slam her even harder. She looks good in this position, but shows off her ass better when she’s riding. The doggy is maybe her best position because her energy is high and her thighs look great. They finish in a modified piledriver and Victoria takes a big load in her mouth. With a lot of coaxing, she downs the jizz, but isn’t all that happy about it.

This is a pretty solid volume from Wood and Iron. Victoria and Violet are the best girls by far. They are both cute, natural and ready to fuck. Taren and Kaylee are great if you like natural girls with big asses. Piper isn’t bad, but comes in fifth in this bunch. The sex is pretty well shot and there isn’t a whole lot of rough stuff to get in the way. All natural girls, some anal, some great facials and the two V girls make this one a good view for those looking for teens being bad.

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