Carmen Luvuna Exposed



Carmen Luvana Exposed

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

150 Mins.

New Machine

DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Carmen, New Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Carmen Luvana, Luna, April Flowers, Papillion, Vanessa,


New Machine has really found a gold mine with these Exposed titles. They are cranking out comps with some of the hottest girls in porn. Jenna, Tera, Sunrise, Jenna Haze and sexy Latina Carmen Luvana to name just a few. The action is pulled from Randy West and Ed Powers titles, so the girls are all new and very fresh. In Carmen’s case, she is still new and fresh so this isn’t particularly old footage. What is really nice that each scene is labeled so you can go find it any time you want to? If everyone would do that with their comps, I would be much happier and I’m sure it would help customers out a great deal as well. Enough on that, let’s get to Carmen shall we? This pretty girl is a walking wet dream who I got to interview last year. We didn’t talk for long and I’m hoping to get her again this year and really enjoy all that she has to offer.

Her first scene in this DVD is from Up & Cummers 101. Randy has her strip and show off for a long time while standing up so we can really get a good look at her body. Over to the bed for more tease footage. He poses her for a while, giving us ass shots and some pussy rubbing. Ready for more, Randy gets in front of the camera and feeds her his cock. She starts out standing, but ends up on her knees for a better angle. Carmen has a very pretty face and lovingly milks his dick with her mouth. It’s not the most high energy blowjob in the world, but it sure looks good. She then mounts Randy’s face for several minutes of pussy eating. (Just sit back and stare at those gorgeous tits.) Carmen sticks her ass high in the and lets him take her from behind. From the start she is nice and loud, taking quick strokes that make her tits jiggle about beautifully. From doggy they go into a sort of modified spoon the quickly become missionary. On her back, Carmen bucks her hips up to really get a good grind going. This is a very high energy fuck that is fun to watch. I really like the way she works her hips when she is on top. To finish things off, she jerks and sucks his dick until he dribbles his little load into her tight fist. This is a long scene at over thirty five minutes, but the energy is good and Carmen looks great.

In More Dirty Debs 211 Carmen poses for Ed. If you are smart you will hit mute so you don’t have to listen to him, but can enjoy watching her tease and then work her clit with a vibrator. Eventually Ed gets turned on watching her tosses the toy aside and slides his miniscule member into her waiting slit. (Good to see Ed letting the toys get the girls hot before he slithers in.) He buries he face between her thighs and plays with her tits. Carmen still looks great, but is clearly not as at ease with Ed, so the energy is not nearly as good. She drapes across his lap, sucking his cock and playing with her slit. By the time he takes her from behind she looks almost bored. He gives her everything he’s got, pumping away with short strokes until collapsing onto his back to let the beautiful blonde do all the work. At least in this position the eye candy factor is high because of the way Carmen arches her back and sticks her tits out. Ed getting on top helps to get him off, but it leaves us with only his body in view and that is never a good thing. He pulls out and shoots all over her tits and then helps her out by eating her pussy some more. We finish with a very long solo segment. This is hot because she looks great and seems to really get off more from the toys than from Ed.

Going back a few years we get Papillion with Vanessa from Up & Cummers 54. Neither of these women really did a lot for me, so watching them munch on each other isn’t exactly making this DVD any better as it goes. It’s nice for the variety and a cool addition if you really need some veggie action to stroke to. The girls do have a lot of fun together and by the time they are done I was kind of digging Vanessa a little bit.

Luna chimes in with a solo from Real Female Masturbation 11. She is sitting in the back of a limo playing with her tits. I like this cutie and love the setting for her self love session. She pulls her legs up to her chest and rubs her little box until it’s really wet. OK, this is fucking hot, a chick wanking off in the back of a moving car. Even before the toys come out, I’m making a note to myself to check out more titles from this line. I love a good solo scene and this really is one of the hottest I have seen in a long time. Semi-pubic, great toy play, cute girl and fucking high energy. Bravo.

April Flowers and Mr. Marcus round out the action. This should not be buried at the end of this disc. He slides her out of her jeans and tastes that sweet pussy from behind and then from the front. For the real highlights, just check out the way she sucks that fat black cock. April has a great face and gives really good head, especially when she’s working with a big dick. Once he is nice an wet, April rides his lap, facing the camera and grinding away. There are some great ass shots when she turns around and April fucks like she really loves it. Great energy, hot chick and Marcus is really good in this scene. He dishes out the dick well in this scene, pounding her for a while and playing off April’s energy to bring out the best in her. When he pulls out and dribbles his load towards her face, April just licks it up dutifully.

Carmen is the girl on the cover and in the title so she gets top billing. Her two scenes are both long and show just how hot looking this girl is. She seems a lot more comfortable with Randy so that scene is a lot better than her time with Ed. I did like the solo in that scene and the eye candy factor is very high. The three non-Carmen scenes aren’t bad either. I didn’t care much for the veggie scene, but the other two are very hot. Luna’s solo is nothing short of smoking. It’s one of the best solo scenes I have seen in a long time. April’s finale with Marcus is perhaps the best scene in the movie. So watch it if you love Carment, but remember to stick around for the last two scenes.

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