Poison Angel



Poison Angel


96 Mins.

Sin City


THEMES: Cheating, Hookers




STARS: Sondra Hall, Monique Alexander, Lezley Zen, T.J Hart, Dillion Day, Lee Stone, Dino Bravo and Bobby Vitale.


I know that the Vivid and Wicked Contract Girls get much of the press in the biz, but when it comes to sheer beauty, I don’t think many of them can hold a candle to some of the Sin City babes. Monique Alexander is one of the most stunning women in all of porn. Granted, she won’t do guys and that really hurts a performer on the overall porn star scale, but few women are as fun to look at as this pretty young blonde. She is one of the stars of this Bud Lee venture, sharing top billing with Sondra Hall and headlining a small cast that combines stunning beauty with all out sexual heat. Lee’s story is a simple one, featuring Sondra as a not-so-innocent young girl who moves into a guest house. From there things progress as they always do in a porn and fantasy mixes with reality to get people panty dropping and bed hopping.

The opening dialog features the whole cast discussing the downfall of male lead Dillion Day. From the sound of things, he’s in for a whole lot of trouble. Sondra shows up at his house and things go downhill. He has a very different version of her arrival. In Dillion’s telling of the tale, Sondra gets out of the cab and pays off a three hundred and forty dollar fare with her mouth. Right there were Dillion can watch, she slides her mouth down over the guy’s unit and makes it all disappear. The scene is rather cramped, but are a couple of shots of her body as she works hard to milk a load out onto her big tits.

Having Sondra around takes a toll on Dillion’s sex life with his wife T.J. Hart. All he can see is Sondra all over the house, teasing him, playing with her pussy and driving him completely insane. T.J. does manage to get a taste of his cock late one night. He puts thoughts of the young guest aside long enough to light up his blonde wife with some generous tongue work. She happily returns the favor, treating his fat cock like a big ice cream cone. He rolls her onto her side and stuffs it into her willing twat. T.J. is a very energetic fuck and gives him loads of verbal encouragement and Dillion drills away. She pulls her legs all the way back and waits for him to rip his rubber off and unload his balls onto her flat stomach.

Sondra has a couple of friends, Lee Stone and Monique Alexander over for a chat. In Dillion’s version, Sondra is all over her friends before he even leaves the room. She starts out by licking between Monique’s pretty things. Lee watches the two girls go at it for quite a while. For eye candy, you can’t get much better than Monique and she really does love having her box munched. I’ve love to see her do more, but when Lee’s cock comes out, only Sondra is willing to play with it. She takes it in her mouth while Monique stays hard at work on her slit. He moves in behind Sondra and slams the shit out of her in this position and again in missionary. Lee finally shoots all over her belly. Dude, just wait until Monique isn’t looking and then slip it into this totally hot babe.

As it turns out, Dillion was also getting some on the side in a sleazy motel from hookers. As he tells it, Sondra’s teasing was driving him to cheap sluts like Lezley Zen. The ravened haired chick is only too happy to devour his rod for some extra cash. She gives very enthusiastic head and gets really loud when he eats her pussy. Even though she is nicely spread for him already, Dillion goes flat on his back and lets Lezley rides him in reverse cowgirl. Her knee high boots and stockings make this a very eye pleasing position. In the middle of some vigorous doggy, he pulls out and makes her taste herself on his cock. For the final run he shoves her thighs back against her chest and blasts a full load towards her chest.

Since Dillion is neglecting his wife, she turns to their lawn boy, Bobby Vitale, for comfort. They hook up outside and T.J. drops right to her knees. She is fully dressed in a nice blue outfit that makes her look very much a bored soccer mom out for some hot new cock. As before, she gives a great looking blowjob with a lot of attention paid to Bobby’s balls. He stands her up against the garage, lifts her skirt and starts fucking her as hard as he can. They have a quick screw that ends with another pop on the stomach.

Sondra knows that T.J. is cheating so she takes pity on Dillion. He goes after her shaved pussy and finally gets to taste what he’s been obsessing over during the whole movie. Sondra goes after his cock a little more slowly than she did Lee’s, but the result is the same. She gives a nice looking blowjob with a little eye contact and plenty of hand action. With one leg high in the air, Sondra takes it in a spoon position to show of her body. Her best position may be doggy with her back arched to show of a nice looking ass and her good sized tits dangling down in front of her. They finish out in mish with yet another pop right on a tummy.

The dialog that strings these scenes together is pretty good. In fact, other than Monique’s sheer beauty, the script is the best thing about this flick. Sondra and T.J. do a nice job in their scenes, but this is pretty tame feature sex. It’s well shot for the most part so it scores points for that, however raincoaters are not going to enjoy it at all. I still want to see Monique doing guys, but who knows, this one might make a veggie lover out of me yet.

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