Private- 18th Birthday Presents


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Private- 18th Birthday Presents


111 Mins.



THEMES: Gang Bangs, Toys, DP, Anal Sex, Euro-babes




STARS: Patricia Diamond, Natalie, Kate, Kelly White, Daniella,


There are a few things I always look for from a Private movie. First of all, I expect the women to be smoking hot and the sex to be well shot. I also totally expect the bad dubbing to be so damn funny that we just can’t help but laugh. There is a little bit of a story here, but I wouldn’t call this a very plot driven movie. Lenka (Natalie) is just about to turn eighteen and her friends decide that she needs to experience some of the wilder things in life. The four friends decide that when their young friend arrives, they will have some real adventures to show her. That’s the basic set up and it’s really all that we need to know.

Lenka arrives at her friend’s (Patricia Diamond) house with her teddy bear in tow and looking much more innocent than the four sluts she hangs out with. As three of the girls leave, Mr. Marcus shows up. Lenka’s pretty brunette friend decides to fuck him right in front of the pretty young thing. There is a lot of teaching going on as the girls pass his cock back and forth. Lenka looks a little scared of that big black thing, but her friend is only too happy to take a wild ride. Marcus is in her pussy for a few minutes, but spends most of his time up her hot little ass. After a great looking RCA, he bends her over and blasts the butt until it gapes. The picture quality on this disc is outstanding and the action is absolutely white hot. He has big load for Patricia’s waiting mouth and this pretty thing gobbles it all up, only to share some with her young friend.

Two of the other (Daniella and Kelly White) girls are on the bed thinking about the toys they picked up for the party. Lenka comes in and is curious about the dildos and vibrators on the bed. The girls offer to demonstrate on each other while their young friend watches. Both women are pretty nice looking and the toy play is rather intense, including some hot DP footage. Lenka gets a toy in each hand and fills her friends’ asses before helping them do more anal on opposite ends of a double header. Her lessons are progressing quite nicely and I’m sure Lenka will be a perfect slut in no time.

One of the girls (Kate) goes to a warehouse late at night looking for enough guys to make the party work. She has to try out a few of the guys and they are more than happy to hand out some free samples. Four of them strip her down and can’t keep their hands of her hot young body. They start whipping out their cocks and she goes right down, nearly gagging on them. The pretty brunette has her head bobbing around a circle of dick and is ready for more. They put Kate on her knees on a chair so one dude can pump her from behind while the other takes their turns at her face. Since her ass is so readily available, the next guy stuffs his prick right into her pooper. They get it gaping and ready for even more dick before double stuffing her holes. Before they are finished, the guys slam fuck the shit out of her pussy and her ass on their way to decorating her pretty face with four sticky loads of hot cum.

The party is all set and Lenka is now dressed like a big time party girl. She is blindfolded and let into a room where nearly two dozen guys wait to present her with a birthday cake. Her real surprise is that all of the guys are ready to fuck her pretty young body. She gets some help from her pretty brunette friend, but the guys really want to get a taste of the fresh eighteen year old. Surrounding both girls, the guys find wet mouths, shaved pussies and plenty of young willing flesh to enjoy. I don’t like the flashing disco lights, but you can’t fault the awesome action. Lenka isn’t as cute or tight as her friend, but she’s all natural, tat free and has learned her lessons very quickly. This is a giant two girl gang bang that has both girls stuffed in every hole. There is great anal by both girls and some very messy pop shots. Tons of facials here and a very nice finish to a hot movie.

The cast for this movie is pretty damn hot. All five women are nice looking and they certainly pass every sexual test put before them. Natalie plays the lead, but Patricia Diamond is the real hottie I this cast. She works Marcus over in one of the best anal scenes I have seen all year. Kate’s four on one is even better than the final gang bang, but there isn’t a weak scene in the movie. Even the veggie three-way is a whole lot of fun. Chalk this one as a super high quality DVD with great sex and a fun, coming of age birthday storyline.

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