Blonde Buster


Blonde Buster


113 Mins.

Video Team

DIRECTOR: Richard Mailer

THEMES: Interracial Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Sandra, Silvia Lancome, Jessica May, Anastasia, Maria, Nicky Reed, Julian St. Jox and Franco Roccaforte


For a long time, European babes have had to come to the US to get fucked by black dick on film. Either that or they had to wait for Anabolic to bring the dark meat to them. Video Team is changing that with this light feature. Franco Roccaforte is the title character and he is on some tour of Europe where he fucks blonde girls. The event is apparently a big deal, but there is a fly in ointment. Julian St. Jox is sitting at home when he gets a call from his agent. The plan is to steal the Blonde Buster’s itinerary and get to the girls first. Simple enough I suppose.

They can’t stop him from making his first stop though. Walking in like he’s just too cool for the room Franco makes the moves on Anastasia, a cute, busty blonde as she sits at a bar. He starts kissing her, but is kind enough to face her towards the camera so we get a good look at her tits while he mauls them. Bending her over, he gives those hot holes a lot of attention. The girl is nice looking but seems a tad bored by the action. It picks up a bit when she starts blowing him, but mostly because she looks good with a dick in her mouth. They stand and fuck for a while, giving us a nice low angle look at Anastasia’s ass. I have to say that these are some very inviting cheeks and they stay the center of attention throughout most of the three position fuck. Anastasia never goes give much energy, but looks really good wearing his big load on her pretty face.

Two hours earlier, a film crew bursts in another blonde chick, Silvia. (She’s wearing a pretty horrible wig.) They pull off her wig, but do not refuse to let her participate in the action. Julian comes in and the girl has no clue that he’s not the real blonde buster. (You would think that one look at Julian’s cock would tell her that this is not the tear-em up sort of rod.) He gets into the Jacuzzi with her and the dark haired cutie goes right to work sucking his dick. The long shots of Julian pinching his nipples while she bobs her head are a little odd, but he quickly bends Silvia over and starts fucking that tender young twat. They get the water really splashing during the doggy and move outside where she can ride. This girl is a lot more enthusiastic about fucking and looks great facing the camera while pumping his prick. I like the mixture of tight and long shots in this scene and the energy is much better. Silvia rides him for a very long time before he puts her on her knees for a nicely captured facial.

When the real Blonde Buster arrives, he finds no one home and decides to move on to the next one. There is a very awkward cut here to a Sharon watching him shower. She is just a fan who really wants to the BB and he decides he has the time to spare. This petite cutie with teacup breasts and shoulder length hair doesn’t hesitate to get down and put her mouth to good use. Sharon’s good looking and sucks with good energy. Franco tosses her frame around easily, moving her up and down on his long cock and then pounding the shit out of her from behind. On her back, the girl throws one leg up on his shoulder and lets him finish by shooting his cream all over her eager face.

Elsewhere the fake buster is still running around fucking the hot chicks. This one, Jessica May, seems to have a big of an attitude and probably needs to be tamed. Instead, she’s going to get Julian. He starts her out with some generous labe licking before whipping out his cock. Jessica licks his chest and then turns her tongue to his stiff prick. She easily fits all of his meat in her mouth and looks very good on her hands and knees. Staying in this position, the blonde is penetrated from behind. After some P2M in doggy, she faces the camera, spreads her legs and drops her ass down on his rod. I like this position, but spoon may be even better because this girl has great legs as well as a delicious looking pussy. Julian pulls right out of her ass and sprays onto her face. For some reason, this pop is brought to us in slow motion which kind of kills it. Jessica’s still a hot little Euro who really should have been reamed by the thick dicked BB.

Julian is worried that fucking chicks one at a time is going to take too long so his agent hooks him with a pair of cuties. The real Blonde Buster has only one to play with, Sandra, but she has enough tit meat for two women. He turns on the charm, dancing with her for a few seconds before stripping off her clothes and sucking on those big tits. She still has her hose on as she slides off the table and onto her knees. There is almost not blowjob to speak of before he pulls her to her feet and fucks her standing up. Sandra girl is a little soft, but seems to enjoy the feel of a big stiff prick inside of her shaved slot. When she gets a chance to ride his dick, she slams down hard enough to really make those tits dance. All of her hard work is rewarded with a big load of low fat-high protein cream that this busty slut gobbles up.

As he finishes up, Julian is just fishing his cock out for Maria and Nicky Reed to take a look. These girls are more petite than Franco’s chick, but work hard to get his cock between their lips. Julian likes them so much that he lifts one onto the bar to taste her while the second girl keeps sucking. Now he gets a little creative, sitting them in chairs facing each other. He reaches into his bag, pulls out a two headed dildo and has the girls work on each other while he fucks their mouths. Since they are now all warmed up, he puts them on a table and takes turns fucking these two willing little cuties. There is decent energy in this scene and some acrobatic fucking as Julian holds one girl in his arms while her friend knees to taste his dick. He goes for some anal, busting that Czech butt really well. They end up sharing his load and licking it from each other’s lips.

There are some hot looking Euro-babes on hand for this little feature. Franco is pretty funny as the Blonde Buster. I’m not sure that he’s funny intentionally a lot of the time. At any rate, he does a nice job of boning the women on his tour. Julian is a bit of a clown as well, but ends up fucking some of the hotter women in the flick. The sex is pretty well shot and with a cast this cute you really can’t go wrong. If watching European blondes get boned by black dicks then you’ll want to check this out and wait for part two.

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