Weekly List #71- October 14, 2002


List #71- October 14, 2002

Rog’s Porno Birthday Wish list (He turns 35 on Thursday.)

1. An interview with John Leslie- After getting to sit down with John Stagliano, it would be such an honor to do the same with the other “greatest porn director of all time.”

2. Aurora Snow- Hey, it’s my wish list right? One of those two handed blowjobs would be awesome and who knows maybe she can make me love gapes. Aurora in a cheer uniform would be great, though bookish Aurora would also be awesome.

3. A Regular Gig on Internet Radio- It’s been a year and I really miss it. There is something super cool about being able to take calls and banter with a partner about good and bad smut.

4. Katie Morgan- She is just so damn cute. Maybe it’s because she reminds me of Kaitlyn Ashley or maybe it’s just that killer smile, but I could go for a little of that. Katie in some hot shorts and a tank top would be cool, or Katie in a cheer uniform.

5. A Full Service Store for Rog Merchandise- Ah yes, t shirts, hats, bumper stickers. Rog Rules sweeping the nation, one hot young rack at a time. Maybe a late night info-mercial where I get to tell you that if you act now, you will get this all in one potato peeler, nail clipper, condom dispenser with your order.

6. Serenity- Beauty class and you just know that those blowjobs are as good as they look. I like the idea of Serenity, a bikini, some hot oil and those legs….mmmm.

7. A good script writing hook up so I can finally do some good writing. I’ve got one semi-feature in the pipeline now, but there has to be someone out there who wants to try some new projects.

8. Layla Jade- Because she’s just so damn hot. That voice, that accent, that body. I think that the new Buttwoman would look awfully good as Professor Pipe’s naughty exchange student.

9. A whole new crop of new and name stars to pose for some Rog Rules pictures. Some nice shots, some naughty shots, maybe even some whole photo sets for me to share with the wonderful readers of this site.

10. Jenna Haze- Oh yeah, cute little Jenna in pigtails and a cheer uniform. That would be one hell of a birthday present. And who knows, maybe she would bring Haven along. I’ve seen that girl in a cheer uniform and I want a big double scoop of Jenna and Haven, oh yeah baby.

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