Service Animals #10


Service Animals #10


137 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera





STARS: Ann Marie, April May, Joachim, Kelli Tyler, Ashley Blue, Julie Night, Chloe Dior, Lee Stone, Brandon Iron, Sledgehammer,


In a porn world filled with cookie cutter sex scenes, Joey Silvera has always brought something fresh to his movies. I don’t always get it, and I don’t always enjoy everything he does, but it’s impossible not to see the originality in his stuff. Joey likes taking new girls who have maybe made the pro-am rounds, and putting them through their paces. There is something great about watching these fresh cuties fucked by actual porn guys instead of over the hill fat geeks. It’s also good to see them in angles that you just can’t get from a tripod. Girls like Ann Marie and Ashley Blue are the sort the Joey really likes to turn out and we love to watch.

He actually gets a little sample from Ann Marie at the start of the movie. She gives him head and gets a little bossy, slapping him and pushing him back while her hand works double time to wank a sticky load into her fist. Oh yeah, it’s going to be fun to watch this chick later in the flick.

Cute little Ashley Blue is hitchhiking when she is picked up by Joey and Brandon Iron. She looks very hot in her skimpy top and short skirt. The sexy little brat lets Joey check her out right in the back of the car. He chokes her and shoves fingers into her mouth. This footage is a little manic for me and doesn’t really offer much. They get to a garage where Sledgehammer joins the fun. Ashley looks very cute, but Brandon starts the action by spitting on her face. That bores me, but watching her try and get Sledge’s big prick into her little mouth is pretty damn hot. They hold her hands behind her head and she starts to do a great job of deep throating Brandon’s cock when he holds her nose. Whoever orders this, stop it. It’s fucking stupid. If a hot chick is sucking dick, don’t block our view of her face just to get tears running down her face. I’m not sure about the balloons tied around her neck either, that’s just strange. Now that the blowjob footage has been sufficiently ruined, it’s time to watch this babe try and fit Sledge into her tight pussy. That part is great, but Brandon is still exercising his personal demons on her mouth. It’s a lot better when he is out of the way, pounding her pussy as Sledge fucks her face. This way she can really be tested without all the nonsense. There is some nice anal footage with the guys taking turns on Ashley’s bum. The slapping, spitting and choking will certainly be a hit with the he-man-woman-hater’s-club set but it left be me bored and disappointed that Joey let such a cute little thing have her scene marred by this crap.

Kelli Tyler, has a big thick ass and a slightly rough looking face, but looks really good in her maid’s outfit bent over the table. Joey gives us some great tease footage as Kelli shows off her body at the sink. They put a chain around her neck and black stud Joachim leads her into a cage. Kelli sucks his cock through the bars for a while before he joins her inside. She drools a lot and tires her best to make him hard in her mouth. He positions her on her hands and knees so he can power pump her pretty mouth and pull her hair. This is hard and a bit rough, but it just doesn’t come off as pathetic as the last scene. Kelli’s ass gets slapped pink as he abuses that twat, making her taste herself from time to time when he pulls out. She turns around to face the camera in reverse cowgirl. Kelli is a bit soft in the belly, but is giving such a great ride that it’s hard to notice anything but her energy. Joey gets into the action a bit as well, taking one end while Joachim fills the other. He shoots a load on her face while the young African stud drops his wad on her shaved lower lips.

April May is a cute blonde with a thick body and a great smile. She dances a bit and then spreads her pussy wide for us to see. Devlin Weed and Jay Ashley come in to start enjoying her soft, fresh flesh. Jay takes her cheeks in his hands and plays with April’s butt. This is supposedly the first time she’s been with two guys at once, but April handles them both in her mouth at the same time. They go inside where April gives a little bit of dirty talk as Jay challenges her a bit. There is some hard pussy fucking as the guys take turns on April’s wet little slit. They really turn this young babe out, pumping her at both ends and eventually feeding her a couple of big loads of creamy protein.

Ann Marie is back and she’s a very impatient little hottie. Her car is not being fixed quickly enough and she takes out her frustrations on him. This girl has a sexy little body and looks way to sweet to take a big cock like Lee’s. She sucks his cock, but makes sure to keep him in line by pinching his nipples and pushing him back down from time to time. Watching her suck his cock, smacking it against her face and driving her mouth down around him just illustrates what I didn’t like about that first scene. It’s so much hotter this way. He gets her bend over and just starts wrecking that twat. Ann Marie looks great getting fucked and reminds me a lot of Jenna Haze early on in terms of her enthusiasm and tight, natural teen body. After a great fuck, she jerks him off into her hot little hand. Look for good things from Ann Marie, she’s a cutie.

Chloe Dior is more than ready to dom sexy Julie Night. She starts out by telling us how much she’s going to abuse the little blonde schoolgirl. In a short little plaid uniform, Julie’s strong thighs and firm ass are impossible to miss. Chloe has help from Sledge and the pair go right after their new victim. Julie’s protruding pussy lips get a thorough licking from Chloe and when her moaning gets too loud, the demanding bitch shuts her up by having Sledge jam his cock into her mouth. Julie is the perfect submissive, taking that big cock and creaming all over Chloe. For her part, Chloe is pretty good looking even with way too much ink on her back. If you like rougher stuff, this is really well shot and Sledge delivers the goods with that big cock. He bends Chloe over and fucks her super hard while Julie watches. Her own tight pussy needs a slow start, but soon swallows every inch of his long rod. There is some candle wax added to this scene as Julie gets fucked and drenched at the same time. To top things off, she gets fucked right up her little ass and shares a big load with Chloe.

There is some interesting stuff in this movie and some really hot sex scenes. I really like the final three way. Chloe leads Julie through a really hot three way that is one of Joey’s best scenes in a long time. Ann Marie is really cute and becomes Lee Stone’s teen dream. Kelli does a really nice and gives a much more impressive scene that I would have guessed. The Ashley scene is good if you’re into the hyper-macho bullshit. Once again Joey has put together an interesting collection of scenes with cute girls, nice variety and more than just a pinch of the perverse.

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