Little Lace Panties #2


Little Lace Panties #2

MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall

76 Mins

Digital Sin

DIRECTOR: None Listed

THEMES: Lingerie

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Sky, Lana, August, Aria, Cindy, Lee Stone, Julian,


With so many different wall to wall lines from Digital Sin I don’t know if there is anything different about this one. From the looks of the shots on the box, the women in this movie are properly attired for title integrity. Somehow I doubt that this is a panty fetish movie so we’re going to see some cute chicks getting fucked while wearing some form of lingerie. The big name in this one is Sky. The former or current or formerly current Vivid girl pops up from time to time and reminds us that can be pretty damn hot when she’s working with the right director.

Aria and Julian sit across from each other over a chess set. With cheesy soft music in the background, he gets the best of her and tosses her down on the couch. All you need to know about this scene is that Mrs. Rog asked “Is this a Vivid movie?” just a few seconds in. She has on a black bra and hose set as Julian goes right after her pussy. Aria is a pretty enthusiastic fuck, but she’s not a particularly pretty young thing. He slips his cock into her for a while before she sheds the lingerie. This scene is over after one position and pretty hot looking facial.

Lee Stone is playing pool with August who is dressed in a sexy white lingerie set and looks a lot hotter than the first girl. They play strip pool and move right to sex. The music is still that laughable shit that you only find in “pretty” porn, but August looks pretty good with that big cock in her mouth and it would be nice to see more of this. Instead they move quickly to sex and at least we get a great shot of her ass when she starts riding. There is something I really like about August and it’s more than just her shapely ass. Lee bends her over on the table and drives his cock deep into her pussy and pulls out in time to drip a load onto the side of her face.

Next up is Sky who really does look great in lace. I don’t know why she keeps adding ink, but I guess it works for this scene. Even though she’s dressed in lace, this tatted chick is about to fuck her even more heavily graffitied boyfriend. Discussions of body decoration aside, Sky looks really good with a dick in her mouth. With her hand gripping the base tightly she services him with her pretty mouth. He returns the favor briefly before fucking her twat. Sky still has her garter belt and hose on as she pulls her legs up to her chest and he pounds away. Just when it seems that they might stay in mish all day, he takes her in doggy. Sky spins around for the facial and then smiles as she sucks out the final few drops.

Lana looks good in a long sheer robe and hose. She has something to show Rick Masters and it’s in her bedroom. Don’t you love when attractive women in porn have to use a not-so-clever ruse to get a less-than-stellar looking guy into a sexual situation? She gives him a massage and then grants him access to her body. Lana is a decent looking girl with very pale skin, a soft belly and good sized natural tits. Her oral skills are pretty average, but she gets quite vocal when Rick is pumping away between her parted thighs. The scene is nicely shot and her tits look good throughout the action. Masters delivers a good pop to end a pretty lackluster scene.

Cindy is a pretty brunette who comes into the room in her panties and hose, finds Julian asleep on the couch and has to taste his cock. She looks good bobbing her head on that thick meat. There are some nice shots of her body as well and it looks just as pretty as her face. After doing a fine job with her mouth, she squats over him and pumps her pussy and down on his long rod. Flipping her over, we get an over the shoulder shot of her tight body as Julian drives deep in missionary. We actually get a third position when he bends her over for some doggy. The director must really like Cindy because she does into reverse cowgirl before dismounting and taking a load on her pretty face.

This really is a slightly couples friendly wall to wall disc. The sex scenes are nicely shot and everything is quite pretty. I’m not sure if it really fits well for people who are looking for a panty or lingerie fetish movie, but all the girls do have on hose and some lace. Sky’s scene is pretty damn hot and August just continues to impress. I like other lines from Digital Sin better, but this is still a pretty solid effort.

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