Weekly List #70- October 6th, 200


1. Learn a foreign language- Spanish would be most useful, but there are others I’d like to learn.
2. Write a screenplay- I’ve got so many half written or completed in my head. One day I’ll finish.
3. See a baseball game in every stadium in the big leagues.
4. Put all of my family photos together into a series of albums.
5. Learn Video Editing on the Computer to put together all of my home movies.
6. Learn to Play an Instrument- Guitar would be cool
7. See London with someone who knows it and can show me special places.
8. Work full time on a political campaign.
9. Publish a book. Either on this topic or some other.
10. Learn to use chopsticks well enough to enjoy a romantic dinner in Japan.

And if I have time, cure cancer, create fat free ice cream that tastes good, end poverty, drive a Ferarri and learn to surf.

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