Star 90


Star 90


75 Mins

Canyon Video






STARS: Christy Canyon, Chantel, Suzie Bartlett, Paulina Downs, Frank James, Joey Silvera, Marc Wallice, Don Fernando and Tony Montana


I was cleaning out some old boxes of smut and happened to find a whole lot of titles from my early collection. Since Christy Canyon was the first porn chick I ever saw and one of the nicest I ever met, I have a whole lot of her early work and this is one of those titles. Actually, this isn’t from Christy’s first run in porn, back when she was working alongside Traci and Ginger. This title comes from Christy’s first comeback phase, when she was doing stuff for Canyon Video and before she signed on as a long time Vivid Girl. She looked great during this period, but be warned, Star 90 comes from the big hair, bad synthesizer music and porn that still felt it needed a plot.

We open with Christy on her back. Frank James is straddling her chest and feeding her his cock. In between sucks, Christy talks to the camera. She’s describing how great it feels to suck cock, but mostly she’s just sucking him like his prick holds the secret of eternal youth. To prove her point about how good cock is, Christy finishes shim off on the side of her face and even licks her fingers clean.

From here Christy introduces scenes, some with her and others with lesser chicks. She and Frank hook up for the first full scene as Christy brings him into the bedroom blindfolded and slowly works her magic on him. In a very sexy black dress, she looks like a late 80’s, club hopping wet dream. Taking his big cock into her mouth, she sucks it deep again, delivering a full dressed blowjob until it’s time to remove the dress and mount her man. With her big tits bouncing in his face and her big ass bouncing up and down on his lap, she’s all over the place. She leaves her heels on as they roll into a spoon. Her tits are nicely displayed and Christy shows more energy than a lot of people may remember. He manages to stroke a load from his half hard cock onto her belly and thighs.

Christy is back, this time telling us that it’s great to be a girl because you always have a pussy to play with. Proving her point, she fingers that meaty pouch for a while. Just about the time the vibrator comes out for a quick taste. We move to a scene between Chantel and Joey Silvera. This chick isn’t bad looking, but after Christy, she’s a step down to be sure. Her face is nice enough and she likes talking to Joey while riding his cock. Basically she would be a nice looking amateur babe surrounded by one of the biggest superstars in all of porn. That doesn’t make her look all that great and Chantel does nothing performance wise to change our view of her.

Christy comes back with a detailed look at why she loves doggy. The hot talk during these segments is very done and this one gives us a good look at her ass during doggy. With the cream drying on her cheeks, we move to the next scene. Christy is out late, closing down a bar and sending out vibes to the bartender, Marc Wallice. She looks like way to much woman for him and just sort of toys with his cock while sucking his balls. After a too short blowjob, he bends her over and fucks her from behind. With her huge tits swaying, Christy exchanges some witty dialog with Joey Silvera who is apparently the bar owners. Since she has new cock to play with, Christy gets back down on her knees and bobs her head on both rods. They toss her up onto the bar and Joey fucks her pussy while Marc dangles his dick into her mouth. Joey shoots all over her pussy and Marc jerks off onto her tits. It’s not well shot if you want to see the cum covered boobs, but we do get a good shot of her rubbing the first load into twat.

After Christy takes it in missionary style, we go to Suzie Bartlett, a bottle blonde with a thick ass, who likes to make her man feel better when he gets home. She’s got caked on make up to hide some skin problems, but is still easier to look at than Don Fernando. Watching these two fuck is like watching ice melt in a paper cup. Even if Christy weren’t the focus of this movie, this scene would be throw away at best. Ten minutes of Christy picking her toenails would have been more fun that this.

The next intro has Christy riding cock and really showing off those famous melons. Paulina Downs (Bridgette Monroe/Hunter Skott) comes on next and goes after Marc Wallice. He owes her some money and she accepts a good fuck as payment. After he eats her pussy, Paulina puts her pretty face around his cock. Damn this girl was so fucking hot looking. (This was before the big implants and tats.) Marc bends her over and slips right into her tight pussy. The rest of the scene is very choppy and ends with a poorly captured pop onto her pussy during some standing mish.

After doing all those guys, Christy finally get to taste some female flesh. As before she is busy talking to the camera as she enjoys the taste of a shaved slit. That gives way to a full on veggie fest with Chantel. This scene is pretty forgettable except for Christy’s fine form. Eventually Tony Montana and Frank James join the fun. The action is so quick that there isn’t really much time to enjoy watching Christy fuck and suck Tony’s cock at all. It’s kind of a waste and that’s a bad way to end a pretty good movie.

This was a very enjoyable trip in the way-back machine. Christy Canyon looks really good in the flick and shows a lot more energy than she did late in her career. Her breasts are still huge and full, her body soft and willing. Her scene intros are very hot, but they get a little frustrating from time to time since they aren’t full scenes. When she does get around to a start to finish fuck, Christy shines. She fucks with great energy and even takes a bit of jizz on her pretty face. The other girls are a complete waste other than Paullina and her scene is poorly shot. This clearly isn’t as well done as a modern day all-sex vid, but it showcases one of the sexiest and most popular porn stars of all time and any Christy fan will want to have this tape in their collection. (Now if I can just find the rest of my CC vids from her pre-Vivid days.)

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