Bang My White Tight Ass


Bang My White Tight Ass


82 Mins

X-Traordinary Pictures

DIRECTOR: Rob Spallone

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Anal Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Ruby, Vanessa Rubec, Autumn Haze, Rebecca Starr, McKala Sky, Tony Eveready, Billy Banks and Leo


This simple wall to wall bang fest from Rob Spallone certainly has an eye catching title. There are plenty of white asses to fit the title and I’m sure a number of them are tight. A couple of the women are cute and Ruby is always good for a hot scene. Don’t go looking for anything beyond white chicks being fucked by black dicks though, because this movie is about as stripped down as it can get.

Autumn Haze is up first. She has her hair in pigtails (and it’s really red) and goes right after the first cock she sees. This girl has a soft body, average face and way too many tats for my taste. None of this bothers the brother down there smacking on her clam. She manages a smile during the lackluster oral performance and then spreads her thighs to let him in. Someone must have been in a hurry to get this scene over because before the tape is seven minutes in (Including credits) they are on the third position and getting ready for anal. He barely manages to get his dick hard enough to keep it in her tight little pooper. When he takes his cock out and straddles her face, Autumn sucks as hard as she can. The problem is that from this angle we see all the stretch marks on her belly, thighs and tits. Things get choppy at the end as the guy struggles to fire off a load at her face. A super quick cut away from the facial really douses any heat this scene might have built up.

Rebecca Starr is a brunette with wire frame glasses and a really unsteady hand. She just can’t get her lipstick on right. Tony Eveready comes in scolds her for not cleaning the kitchen. They exchange some mumbled dialog before he takes her tits from her little white blouse and starts sucking on her stiff pink nipples. Rebecca is only moderately appealing to begin with, and Tony isn’t bringing anything to the table to make her even an average fuck. He hangs her head over the edge of the counter and makes her coke a little on his cock. Her pussy is wet and kind of gapes as he plays with it. When Rebecca gets on top she is careful to cover her belly. On her back, she looks like she’s in a lot of pain as he pounds away. We don’t really see her face during the anal, but it doesn’t sound like she’s having the time of her life here either. There is a nice facial on her glasses after the rather lackluster scene.

Blonde McKala Sky is a rather average looking girl who might look a tad like Kirsten Dunst if you were really drunk. She exchanges some pointless dialog about keeping it a secret and what not before sucking on some black dick. She extends her tongue and licks it like a Popsicle, but doesn’t show much interest. When her clothes come off, McKala is soft on all the wrong places. She also has serious acne all around her pussy and ass. Watching him fuck her in the ass is not a very visually pleasing sight.

Ruby is next and she’s packed on the pounds while working at the Bunny Ranch. She’s still looking pretty sexy in those glasses though and spreads her legs for Tony Eveready right away. As always, Ruby gives a great looking blowjob and has Tony’s cock wet and ready for the more intimate orifices in no time. Ruby mounts his lap and grinds her hips until that big booty is rocking back and forth. Once they get a good rhythm going he slides his cock up her ass. Someone turn on a fucking light because the close ups are impossible to see. It gets better in time to give us some pretty good deep pumping ass action. Tony pulls out and splashes his seed all over her abused anus.

Vanessa Rubec already has her mouth around a stiff prick when the scene beings. This girl is pretty cute in the face and stands out in this cast for her looks and her energy. They 69 for a while before she slides up and down on his dick. Her legs look pretty good in reverse cowgirl and the scene is swell shot. Since this position works for the pussy, the keep it up for the anal. There are some great tight shots of her ass as it gets plowed from below. They finally change positions so that her ass is high in the air and he can drill away. This scene looks good and Vanessa gives decent energy, but there just isn’t anything special here at all. Her rosebud gets watered when he pulls out for the final pop. There is something dirty and hot about Vanessa, so the scene is one of the best of a forgettable lot.

There are a whole lot of problems with this movie. Some of the scenes aren’t very well lit and the cast isn’t exactly going to turn many heads. McKala is a real dud, fucking like she would rather be doing her taxes. Rebecca isn’t a whole lot better. Ruby has some good energy and even if she’s not looking like she used to, is still worth a look. Autumn Haze is one of those girls who turns in filthy performances and this is the sort of movie she usually shines in. There are a few decent moments in this movie, but not enough of them to make it worth the effort.

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