Whoritental Sex Academy 4


Whoriental Sex Academy #4


90 Mins

Sin City



THEMES: Asian Girls,

CONDOMS: Non Noted



STARS: Mika Tan, Alyara Eden, Nyomi Arman, Kamiko, Daisy, Alex Sanders, Sledge Hammer, Jay Ashley, John West, Tyce Bune


This is a great series of Asian themed light features. I have really enjoyed the first three volumes and number four has a good looking cast. They have changed directors for this one, handing the reigns to Bud Lee. Alex Ladd usually handles these movies and he makes sure that the sex is always good. We know that Bud will take care of the feature angle, but it’s always up in the air as to what he will bring to the table sexually. As long as he makes good use of cute little Kamiko, I’ll be happy.

The sexy girls for the all-Asian sorority have moved beyond campus and have started their own restaurant. The first two customers are Alex Sanders and Sledge Hammer. Sledge has been here before and he laughs at his naïve friend. I may not like Alex as a performer, but watching these two do dialog is painful. Sledge just doesn’t have clue what he’s doing. Thankfully the dialog ends when a pair of girls make their way to the table to serve the appetizer. I’m guessing that we’ve got Nyomi and Alyra doing their best. At first the action is all hidden by hair and then it’s just low energy. Alex gets to play with Nyomi and I’ve never seen her look so bored. The camera work and dubbing are just as bad though. Someone needs to explain to me what the plan was when they chopped this together and had the sound so off it’s laughable. There might be some eye candy here, but the low key performances, horrible sound and inexplicable angles and cuts make me afraid to see how badly they fuck up the Kamiko scene. It gets a little better near the end as Nyomi does a good reverse cowgirl and takes his load on her tits, but it’s too little too late.

Sledge takes his girl into another room. Alyra looks about as Asian as Sledge does, but at least she gives a better looking blowjob while she has a chance. He spreads her out on the bed and gets her pussy wet with his tongue before driving that thick black pole all the way into her. She looks a little less than thrilled when she is on top, but manages to come back for some strong doggy. Well, it’s good energy wise, but we’ve actually got one of the cameras totally out of focus. Other than this huge problem, she looks great in this position and shows a bit of life. Sledge pulls out and shoots a big load all over her face. Thankfully they manage not to totally fuck up the finish to this scene.

Jay Ashley paid a little extra to get a sexy little virgin and really hit the jackpot with Kamiko. She still looks super cute, but has plumped up a bit. Actually on a frame this petite, ten pounds would make her look chunky. Jay spreads her thighs and enjoys her great flexibility. This girl has one of the tightest looking pussies in all of porn and Jay really enjoys every square inch of it. Getting down on her knees, she super cute babe does her best to make all that meat vanish. We could use some more eye contact from Kamiko, but this is still the best looking footage of the movie so far. Moving onto the bed, she gets into doggy and looks back over her shoulder as Jay takes long strokes into her from behind. The editing and angle choices are a little suspect, but at this point it’s hard to notice anything but how hot she looks and sounds. They move into a spoon and that flexibility comes into play once again. Jay wears her little pussy out. The only thing hotter than the awesome flexibility is the way she takes a huge load all over that beautiful face. This scene should be pulled out for later use in a comp because it’s so much better than the others.

Tyce Bune has been hanging around trying to figure out what is going on at the establishment. Inside, John Strong is looking for something extreme. He is taken into a cell where a pair of Asian girls crawl all over him. Tatted up Daisy would be cute without all that ink. She is on his face while the other girl (No idea who since we can’t see her in any of the angles) sucks his cock. The other girl is Mika, but it takes over ever to get a good look at her. For the first part of the scene she ends up watching as John pounds Daisy’s pussy. She gets bent over near the end of the scene. There are a number of technical problems with this scene, including some more out of focus footage. It’s too bad because there is some decent sexual energy going on. The facial is really hot with the girls sharing a massive load.

Tyce finally makes his way into the restaurant and wants to do an health inspection. He thinks that they are serving cat instead of pussy and has to be shown the error of her way. Mika Tan talks him into an innocent massage. She strips down and rubs those big tits up and down his back. When Tyce rolls over, Mika swallows his cock in one easy shot. Slobbering all over that rod and driving it all the way to the back of her throat, she gives the most enthusiastic head in the movie. When she swings her full but cheeks into his face, Tyce fingers her asshole perhaps preparing it for later exploration. This girl is a real fuck machine and looks like she’s trying to pound him through the table. Mika is soft in the middle and some positions aren’t overly flattering to her. She takes it in the ass really well though, letting him split those full cheeks until he shoots a load all over her pussy. Great sex here, but will he be horny again in two hours.

There are some sexy girls in this movie and a cute little almost story going on. What I can’t figure out is how a movie like this gets finished with such poorly shot scenes, out of focus footage and sub-standard scenes. Overall there is a lot to enjoy. I liked Mika’s scenes and Kamiko is just so totally cute I can hardly stand it. That there is such good stuff here only makes the technical weakness all the more frustrating. What could have been a very hot movie is a mediocre effort that happens to have some very strokeable girls to save it. I expected more from this Bud Lee and a lot more from a series of movies I’ve enjoyed in the past.

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