Un-Natural Sex 7


140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Erik Everhard


THEMES: Anal Sex, Double Anal, A2M, Double Vag
STARS: Shelby, Judy Starr, Jessie J, Belladonna, Jessica, Shyla, Erik Everhard,
If I remember correctly, Jon Dough started the Un-Natural Sex line and he did a fine job with it. Those days are over now and Erik Everhard is the man in charge. The title has always puzzled me a bit. In today’s porn world where gang bangs, A2M and bukkake vids are everywhere, what exactly IS an Un-Natural sex act? (Insert Ron Jeremy or Chessie Moore reset here.) Erik is part of the team at Anabolic and Diabolic who have helped to make some of the most unnatural acts quite ordinary. You can be sure that cuties like Jessie J, Shyla and Judy Starr will be sucking plenty of dicks freshly out of their colon. Not so cute chicks like Jessica and Belladonna will be doing the same, but somehow it’s just not so shocking when girls who look like this do it.
Saving money on location fees, Erik shoots Jessica right in the warehouse. This Euro-babe has a nice body, but a thoroughly average face. I guess it really doesn’t matter when you can get her to do A2M with her own finger during the pre-scene warm up. When that’s over, they give her two dicks to play with and she likes that just fine. With a dick in each hand, she beats them against her tits and sucks them as hard as she can. Erik goes right for her ass, filling it with cock while her mouth is still stuffed. After both guys get her ass one at a time, they double up in that stretched hole. For the best footage of the scene, they hold her in the air for some traditional DP. They double up some more and finally shoot cum onto her face. If you like a lot of double anal and find Jessica more appealing than I do, you’ll like this scene.
Things take a huge step in the right direction as Jessie J takes center stage for the next scene. She’s got a great, natural body, girl next door face and yet she is very bit the nasty whore that the not so cute girls are. Mark Davis goes right for her ass, sliding his dick deep into Jessie’s bowels and letting her know exactly what to expect from this scene. There is some great doggy footage with her cute little butt slam fucked and left gapping by Davis’ dick. They keep her in this position for the A2M merry go round that gives us some very good blowjob footage. Both guys go into her pussy at once to see how much dick she can take in that snug slit. After a bit of normal DP, they both pump her ass. Jessie looks a little less than thrilled about having her ass drilled by two cocks at once, but opens up to take their cum right on her pretty face. This scene has all the filthy action and a hot looking babe to boot.
Shelby is up next and she looks ready to be violated. She comes into the room, pulls down her pants and starts playing with her pussy. Shelby’s face isn’t too bad. She even looks a little bit like Judy Star. Her body is pretty good as well with just a tat across her belly to scar the otherwise natural look. After giving a rather lackluster blowjob, she leans back and gets fucked in the ass. I like the POV style here, but this girl just seems to be going through the motions. This scene actually looks like it belongs in one of the Perverted Point of View movies so it looks great, but she just doesn’t bring much heat to the table. I guess this is hard core eye candy with a major pillow queen at the center of the action. She takes an internal anal cream pie and then is finger fed the load.

Judy is up next and she begins her scene by fingering ass while sitting at the piano. Since anal play makes her so hot, Erik comes right in to fuck her butt. She has a second cock in her mouth, but Everhard sets the pace. He picks her up in his arm and lets her body drop down on his shaft. They sit back down and he really jack rabbits her anal cavity. Judy gets really loud as he nails her. I really like the way Judy’s body looks when she’s in RCA. Erik pulls his cock out to show us how she gapes. She has no problem dong DP or rolling off the couch to do A2M whenever there is a pause in the action. Judy’s ass takes some serious abuse, but she sill has a smile on her face when Erik dumps a big load on her face.

Shyla is the first of the Anabolic Canadians to have signed a contract with a feature company. It’s never good to lose a slut to those slo-mo companies, but at least it was Shyla instead of Judy. The trampy blonde stuffs a dildo up her ass to wait for the real thing. On her hands and knees she can swallow one sword while another replaces the rubber dong in her bum. They start the double dick action in her pussy and it stretched to accommodate them quite nicely. This may be the last time we get to see Shyla fucked this hard in both holes at once. Enjoy it while you can and take special note of the A2M. I don’t think you’ll get much of that in her new stuff. The hottest footage comes when they stand and hold her between them, but there is some serious double anal to follow. Shyla holds her mouth wide open as both guys shoot right into her waiting mouth.
That leaves only Belladonna who opens the scene by putting her best asset forward, bending over as she dusts. This really is one of the best asses in all of porn even with that tat right across the top. After some tease, that fine looking ass gets stuffed with cock. Doing A2M is no problem for Bella who seems to have no sexual limits. Everhard and Jay Ashley do the double stuffing of her holes and both are willing to really abuse those orifices. Bella’s massively overdone body ink and less than beautiful face aside, she’s got a smoking body and never comes up short of 100% on the enthusiasm scale. Oddly enough with all the double stuffing going on, the best shot comes after the first load hits her face and Bella’s legs are pinned back during some hot one on one fucking.
If you don’t enjoy double anal, double vag and A2M then you have no business even looking at this movie. Every scene is packed with just this sort of action. Every girl, from the really pretty ones like Jessie and Judy to Jessica and Bella, gets double stuffed and feasts on their own ass juice. The sex is very well shot and there are some nicely edited pieces in between the scenes that feature highlights of the double A, gaping and other such activities. The dick to hole ratio is a little high for me through much of this movie, but if you can’t get enough of this stuff, then this is easily the best line you can rent or buy.

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