The Boss


95 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Christian Night
Sin City
THEMES: Office Sex,
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: jessica drake, Lezley Zen, Summer Haze, LA LaMann, Nina Ferrari, Taylor St. Claire, Evan Stone, Erick Masterson, Lee Stone, Cheyne Collins

I have to admit that I have developed a bit of a thing for jessica drake over the years. She is a very good looking woman who turns in some very hot scenes. Very quietly, she has become one of the most consistent performers in all of porn. I’m not familiar with Christian Night’s work, but lately most Sin City movies have a similar look to them. If the box text is to be believed, jessica plays a sexy secretary so we may get to see her in some nice conservative outfits before the breaks out and pro-fucks the lucky boss. High powered corporate sex is always such a turn on when it’s done right. The question is did Mr. Night do it right?

Evan Stone plays the big boss and he’s about as corporate looking as Kid Vegas. I know he’s good with dialog, but how can we take him seriously with the open shirt and the long hair. A pirate maybe, but a big biz big wig? Me thinks not matey. jessica is his dedicated secretary who stays late and daydreams of romantic interludes with the boss even as he has after hours meetings with Taylor St. Claire. (Who looks as corporate in that skirt as Evan does with his mane.) He goes right after her tits and demands that she suck his cock. Responding nicely, Taylor slobbers all over his knob and gives it a good stroking with her mouth and tight fist. Focusing all of her energy on his cock, Taylor works hard to get a nice load of cream in her waiting mouth. It’s nice to see an all oral scene in a feature like this.

Nina Ferrari also works in the office, but she goes home at a decent hour so she can bed boy toy Lee Stone. This moves us quickly into the second sex scene. They kiss and Lee finds his way to her shaved little cookie. Nina happily returns the favor and looks really good working that big dick in and out of her mouth. (Nice long shot as well, with Nina on all fours and one of knees bent. Don’t ask me why, but this shot really turned me on.) Spreading her legs and squatting over his shaft, Nina lets Lee do the work. After he pumps her from below, Lee rolls the curvy blonde over and gives her every inch of his throbbing meat missile. The two position fuck ends with a big load dribbled onto her chin.

Working late is causing jessica some problems. When she gets home, her boyfriend has already gone out with the guys. This leaves the pretty blonde alone in the shower with her fantasies. While she starts masturbating, we see her man, Cheyne Collins out having fun with the boys. They give him a hard time about not being willing to make a move on the blonde bartender, Summer Haze. To prove his manhood, Cheyne does make a move and before you know it she has his cock down her throat. He likes that so much that he gets down on his knees to give her a turn. Summer isn’t bad looking at all, though the standing doggy isn’t very flattering to her pumped up tits. She looks better facing him with his cock pounding in and out of her. He pulls out and shoots his load all over her big tits.

Realizing that her relationship is hurting, jessica plans a special night with Cheyne that includes candles, piano music and of course hot sex. We first cut away to Stone doing more late night carousing with L.A. LaMann and Lezley Zen in a gym. LA is a hard looking blonde and Lezley is a better looking brunette with a pronounced nose. The three way action is broken up with some table shots as jessica can’t seem to get Evan out of her mind. Back in the gym, Evan has four fingers inside of L.A. while Lezley gives him a pretty damn hot looking blowjob. L.A. has a nice lower body that she shows off when being pumped from behind. I like Lezley’s energy, but I can’t wait for them to finish sucking his cock dry so we can get on to jessica’s scene.

Cheyne and jessica take full advantage of the romantic setting, kissing and clawing at each other before getting down to the sex. This almost looks like a pure cable scene until we finally pull back to see jessica working her mouth on his hard cock. He pushes her back and works his dick into her pussy. After some good looking mish, she gets on top and lets him pump up into her from below. (What a nice looking ass on this babe.) They do some really hot looking doggy that ends with Cheyne shooting a load onto her outstanding looking ass.

The big finale is the expected boff between jessica and Evan. Her true feelings finally come out and he returns her affection. (Or at least wants to bone her.) He gets down and drives her crazy with his tongue. When jessica returns the favor, we get the best looking footage since Taylor had center stage. She really works his long shaft and flashes us some great eye contact. After a long, slow blowjob that really looks great, jessica spreads her legs and lets him tease her pussy with a few inches. Her body is nicely on display in mish, but that great butt comes back into play as he takes her from behind. To show her love, she holds her mouth wide open as he shoot a big load right onto her tongue. This is easily the best scene of the movie so if you stick around, you’ll get the reward.

This light feature is very couples friendly with a mostly good looking cast and well shot sex. jessica drake turns in the best looking scenes, so wait around for her to light things up. I really liked the Taylor blowjob and having her come back later would have been a very good idea. Nina turns in a good scene as well, giving us plenty to look at. The story is very simple and more of a fantasy than a full blown feature and it will certainly play well with those who like cable friendly movies.

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