Girls’ Night Out With Shane 1


125 Mins.
THEMES: All Girl,
STARS: Shane, Kylie Wilde, Jade, Avy Scott, Phoenix Ray, Cameron Cruise, Trinity
Well look at who made her way back into the porn picture. After quietly slipping away a few years ago, one of porn’s most dynamic and popular female stars has returned. I wouldn’t have had my hopes up too high for a Shane return to boy/girl even if I hadn’t already seen the title. I’m not even sure if she’ll be playing with the girls in this one or she will just be playing ringleader for this veggie sex circus. Even if she isn’t performing, Shane has a way of making people around her get very into their scenes. We don’t have time to go back over Shane’s entire career, but anyone who saw her movies with Seymore Butts knows that Shane brought a genuine heat and sense of fun to her scenes. When she was in charge of the Shane’s World movies. Shane brought that sexy sense of fun to her adventures. Now she’s back with a bunch of hot chicks at her place. How much fun will it be? I guess that’s what we’re here to find out.
The action kicks off right away as Jade and Cameron (I’m pretty sure, the ID’s aren’t that good.) get down to it. They are both brunettes with nice bodies and long legs. Jade has nipple rings and a few tats, but is still pretty cute. They slide into a 69 with Jade on top. After a bit of this, Jade goes over and gets a toy for her friend to use. The lighting and camera coverage for this scene are very gonzo looking so there are some questionable shots. The scene is not as staged as most porn so you have to like the more free flowing style. I like the less staged look, though it doesn’t always allow the camera to get the best angles. Jade does some really good finger work on her really cut friend before they move to the stairs where Jade really gets down to the hard core toy fucking.
The girls hit the town and do a little clubbing. There is some sexy build up before three of the women find a private place to play. Jade is on the action again with a short haired blonde (Trinity) and sexy Phoenix Ray. Trinity strips down first and then the other two girls follow suit. They put Jade up on a bar and stuff a rubber dick into her tight hole. She looks really good on her hands and knees while Phoenix dishes out the dong. When the switch places Jade hits all the magic spots and has Phoenix squirting. That’s hot enough, but Jade’s reaction is just hilarious. She has never seen such a thing. They give Trinity some attention, but Jade seems to be quite taken by Phoenix’s squirting slit. I can’t blame her because Phoenix looks really great in this scene.
Back at home the fun continues as Kylie, Avy and Mona get it on. Kylie is the tiny little blonde with a cute face. Avy is an even hotter blonde with a great body. Mona is a nice looking girl with black hair and some perky boobs. They strap her into a love swing where she is at her mercy of the two horny blondes. Kylie puts on a big black strap-on (that Shane calls OJ) and makes Avy suck it while she plays with Mona. The swing leaves her pussy at the perfect height for Kylie to take her time and really work over her new friend. They bring the toy into play and Kylie fucks like she’s played fake cock jockey with her girlfriends before. Mona’s tight lips grip the thick shaft as Kylie pounds her. There is some genuine heat here even for those of us who don’t usually go nuts over all girl scenes. Kylie takes her turn in the chair and Avy can barely keep her mouth off of that tasty twat long enough to drive a rubber dong between her thighs. Avy doesn’t go for the swing, moving instead to the bed where here two friends can work her over with active tongues and probing fingers. Mona does most of the toy work driving the pretty blonde crazy.
The next morning Avy and Kylie decide to make breakfast. After watching them cook, it’s a damn good thing these girls are hot and easy. They end up rubbing each other down with butter and taking a little milk shower. The food play is nice, but getting to watch these two sexy blondes together is the real treat. Avy gets fucked hard by a red dildo, and gives a great look at her bod. She is moving up the charts as one of the hottest new girls in the biz and I imagine Kylie may make he own run very soon. This scene looks really good because both women are hot and have a lot of fun together.
There is some both sex shower footage with Shane squeezing some hot tushy and Avy taking a leak. This is great tease footage and further accentuates the fact that Avy really does have a great fucking body. Shane is back, at least somewhat. She puts her stamp on this veggie flick, instilling in her young female talent the same sense of fun that she always showed on screen. Avy, Phoenix and Kylie are all very sexy girls who really, really get into each other. If I’m going to sit through an all-girl flick, at least we get to watch cute, natural chicks who really enjoy getting it on with each other. Now if we can just convince Shane to do some boy/girl stuff and maybe get back in front of the camera, we can all have a great time.

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