Virgin Stories 16



MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall

100 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Don Marque

THEMES: Young Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Phoenix, Ayla, Hailey, Alexia Riley, Nicole,


This is my first look at a DVD from Dane. I’ve seen some of their videos before and they tend to do some pretty good work. This line is pretty easy to figure out. They take newish porn chicks and have them relate their first sexual experiences. While we all know that their real cherry popping adventures probably took place in the back seat of a car or at home while mommy was busy working, the folks at Dane spice things up a bit and give us porn versions of the de-virginization process. The stories start out with short interviews with montage shots of the girls as they show off their bodies. I rather like this in porn because it sort of teases us before we get to the action.

The first girl is Ayla, an Orange County girl with tiny tits and a very petite body. She wants to be a writer and like so many girls, got into porn after reading an ad in the newspaper. Her entrance into womanhood takes us to the classroom. She had this huge crush on one of her professors. We watch her standing in front of a mirror in her panties, checking out her firm flesh and letting her fingers drift down between her legs. After a short solo tease, she gets up the courage to head over to the professor’s house to finally make her fantasy come true. To get into his house, she tells him that she is being abused at home. Yeah, nothing is quite as sexy as a young girl victimized by some sick freak pedo. He tries to comfort her, but she comes on strong and lets him know what she really wants. Sliding off the couch, she gets her young mouth to work on his cock while the prof forgets his vows and helps the pretty student right out of her skirt. After the short exchange of oral, he mounds her and drives that dick home. For a virgin, she takes it quite easily and lets him pound away from behind. Her petite frame looks good from every angle, but the best shots come when she’s riding and sticking that little ass out for the camera. They stand up quickly so he can dribble his cum all over her chin. I don’t know what her grades are going to be like, but Ayla passes virgin screwing 101 with flying colors.

Phoenix is a cute blonde with outstanding natural tits. I had the chance to interview this babe in Vegas a few months ago and she is even cuter in person than she is here in her short skirt. Again we get the background interview while watching her strip down and tease. Her virgin story involves a pushy young boyfriend and an older man who is given the envious assignment of popping her cherry. Wanting to be well prepared for her jock boyfriend, Phoenix decides to seduce her neighbor so he will teach her the ropes. We watch her in the shower as she soaps up and gets herself off. Later that day she shows up at Chuck Martino’s place to talk to him about sex. She looks hot and one look at those tits is all it takes to make Chuck agree. First he has her use that mouth to wet his already stiff cock. A longer blowjob would be nice because Phoenix has a really cute face and looks good with a dick in her mouth. Chuck slides right between those long legs and starts power fucking her so that her tits shake like a holiday Jell-O mold. He bends her over, giving us a nice shot of her butt as his cock breaks that pussy in properly. The final lesson she learns is how to spin around and take a great big load on her pretty face.

Nicole has long, blonde, curly hair and is from the Czech Republic. Her English is pretty good, certainly good enough to give us a short interview. When her clothes come off, we get an eyeful of natural rack and nice ass. Nicole’s first time happens on a photo shoot with a female photographer, Hailey. After a steamy still shoot, the girls come together for a slow and passionate kiss. In no time at all, our young model has stripped down the photographer and seems to be taking charge. They both look pretty damn good and break out a toy for Hailey to use on Nicole’s eager beaver. A pocket rocket helps get the busty Hailey all the way home in this veggie scene.

Alexia Riley (Alex here) is a sexy teen girl who is cute but gets most of her points for being a very hot little fuck bunny. Just listening to her interview you get the sense that however this girl really lost her virginity, it was just the start of a very active sex life. For our viewing purposes, her cherry was given up as part of a trade. Young Alexia was tired of bumming rides and turns to mom’s boyfriend for help. He owns a car dealership and wants to help the young brunette. Pat Myne plays the car salesman who puts up a bit of a fight at first. Eventually he comes to his senses and gets a taste of the tender titties and tight twat. Alexia gives nice, deep head and sucks her cheeks in hard as she pumps her mouth. As usual, the blowjob is too short, but when she’s spread out and waiting I guess it’s hard not to just slide it right up into her body. Nice mish shots of Pat screwing her while rubbing her clit to get her off. She looks great riding in reverse cowgirl, pumping with her thighs and showing all of her charms off for the camera. Since he’s going to give her a car, it’s only fair that the cute young girl take a big load on her face.

This collection of four newbies is a pretty solid lot. Alexia and Phoenix are the best here and they show some good skills to go along with their looks. The little interview segments could use a bit of work or maybe just some more solo action to really spice them up. A cute cast and some decent cherry popping tales highlight this volume and Virgin Stories is a good way to get a look at the new and semi-new girls in the business.

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