Shusaku Volume 3


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25 Mins.

Nu Tech Digital


THEMES: Anime, Schoolgirls, Forced Sex




STARS: Asia Carrera, Raveness


This is the only line of anime movies I have reviewed so far and as we get to the third volume, I’m still not sure about it. It’s totally different from all the other movies I review and brings a lot of different elements to the table. I’m sure that hard-core fans found ways to find anime porn on video, but the introduction of DVD players have made it much more readily available to American porn hounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Shusaku line, it’s a totally uncensored and very edgy series of movies that take place in a prestigious girls academy. The caretaker is a creepy pedo who has cameras watching the girls and finding ways to use them as his private playthings. Just a warning for everyone, this is not always easy to watch. The girls are supposed to be very young, (though they all have hooters bigger than most Vivid Girls) and the sex is forced. With that warning, we press on.

After the credits (what comes before the credit is too strange to describe) the movie starts out with some cute play between two friends in the Laundromat. All seems well as one of the girls (voiced by Raveness) tries really hard to be playful with her rather prudish blonde friend. Things are not so sweet and happy for the poor teacher voiced by Asia Carrera. She is being fucked by the caretaker while she has to watch tapes of her abused students.

Moeku (Raveness) is about to learn who is really in charge of the school. The caretaker uses some photos of her doing terrible things to gain control of her body and mind. He cuts her skirt very short and then forces her to her knees. She has to give him head while he brutally fucks her face. After her shoots a load in her mouth and forces her to swallow, he continues the rape. Throwing her down onto the floor, he takes her virgin ass in spite her screaming objections. Right in the middle of the attack, the blonde girl comes in and tries to stop it. Since he even has pictures of this Princess doing bad things, the caretaker forces her to sit by and masturbate while he rapes her friend. Showing great tenderness, she even offers to take her friend’s place.

After being shaved and prepared, she tries to change her mind, but it’s too late. He takes her from behind, slapping her ass as he takes her. To make it even more interesting, Moeku is tied to a chair nearby and forced to watch. Eventually he takes her ass and makes her scream in pain.

Having finished with those girls, he nearly meets his match. One of the girls catches him in the act and tries to turn the tables. It looks like he’s nailed so he gives up the blackmail angle and moves right to the brute force. The threat of the police scares him off and our story comes to a thrilling conclusion.

This final episode in the trilogy brings the story to a close nicely. It’s still a story with a lot of edge to it. The sex is rather rough and there is a lot of squealing going on as the poor schoolgirls are put through their paces. Jumpy at times, the story makes sense when you look at it as a hole. I know that there is a huge fan base for this kind of uncensored hard core and this one gets away with things that live action porn wouldn’t touch.

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