Daughters Of The Dragon




88 Mins.
New Era
THEMES: Feature, Plot,
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Dee, Autumn Haze, Tina Tyler, Mia Smiles, Mia Starr, Anthony Crane, Kyle Stone, Hershel Savage, Lee Stone
This is the third installment of the Jade Goddess adventure from Bob Chinn. I have reviewed the first two movies in the last couple of days and this is supposed to be the final chapter. It�s a private dick movie, with Lee Stone playing Peter Magnum, a well hung private eye who finds himself in the middle of an international conspiracy to gain control of a mystical Chinese artifact. He�s got people on all sides of him looking to double and triple cross him and each other. Not to give away too much if you haven�t seen the first two movies, but Magnum has already lost his best friend, been knocked out, drugged and fucked by a bevy of beautiful women. Asia Carrera and Ava Vincent are missing from this third installment and that�s not good. On the other hand, Mia Smiles, Dee and Tina Tyler are in the cast, so there should be some good scenes to look forward to.
The Chinese are desperate to get their idol back and the syndicate has decided to send in the Daughters of the Dragon to get it back. Of course they will have their hands full with Magnum and the bumbling duo of Anthony Crane and Kyle Stone. As the movie opens, these two bust out of jail with the help of Autumn Haze. Also reprising his role as the meddlesome cop is Mike Horner. He shows up to tell Peter that the guys who killed his friend have escaped from prison and to let him know that a team of Chinese assassins are out to get him. At least he has his fill in secretary, (Dee) to help ease his stress. She starts out with a massage, but moves quickly to a very hot looking blowjob. Dee always looks great, but when she�s sucking on a big cock, it�s really something special. She gives great eye contact as she takes as much as she can swallow. They slowly undress her as she sucks until just her heels and panties remain. The panties are gone when it�s time for Peter to lick her pussy for a few seconds. Dee lies on the desk and somehow takes every inch of that cock during a rather energetic mish fuck. When he bends her over his desk we get to see those perfect tits dangling invitingly with every stroke. Speaking of tits, that�s where he dribbles his load to finish off the opening scene.
Autumn and Crane have some catching up to do. He wants to bang and she wants to make love. To shut down her complaining, Crane has Stone come in and help them out. Autumn is an up for anything B girl who gives great eye contact as she sucks Stone�s dick. When he�s good and hard, Autumn turns her attention to Crane, working him to full mast while her pussy gets a full finger treatment. They take turns fucking her, letting her keep her boots on and leaving a garment around her middle so it doesn�t shake as much as her soft tits do. Apparently all that was missing from their relationship was a second cock to fuck her in the ass. To thank them for the double boning, Autumn takes both loads on her waiting face.
The Daughters of the Dragon pay a visit to Charlie (Herschel Savage). Tina Tyler hammers out a deal with Charlie in a very well written and acted dialog scene. With business out of the way, she joins her two partners, Mia Starr and Mia Smiles in giving Charlie a reward. While the two Mias work on each other, Herschel gets a hot looking blowjob from Tina. Eventually they rotate so that Tina can play with Asian doll Mia Smiles. That leaves the rather plain looking Ms. Starr to get fucked by Savage. A final swap has Tina back with real cock while Smiles nails Starr with a strap on. Tina takes most of the load on her face with just a little left for the others.
Autumn pays a little visit to Magnum�s home with a request for him. She tells him that she really needs a big dick and has heard that he�s the man who can give her what she needs. Working her mouth down to his crotch, Autumn gets a first hand look at his cock and loves what she sees. If size is what this girl seeks, then she has come to the right place. Her oral attentions keep him hard but her pussy needs some action before she�s ready to ride the big pole. Stone rolls her over and slides the full length of his dong into her dripping hole. (Again, the cummerbund look is used to cover Autumn�s baby markings.) She ends up taking a big load on her face.
In the last movie Crane and Stone were fucked and sucked by Magnum�s secretary. (Ava Vincent) Of course she cuffed them to a pipe and had them arrested. Still they come back, perhaps to get revenge. Dee comes in and gets right to work on them. This lovely woman working cock with her mouth makes the whole scene worth watching. The guys quickly bend her over the desk so Stone can bang her while Crane fucks that pretty face. They roll her over so we can watch her tits shake about naturally as they give her everything they�ve got. The capper on this hot scene is a great double facial.
The bad guys all get what�s coming to them and the story finally wraps up. That just leaves a final scene between Tyler and Stone. They exchange witty dialog, but the really impressive footage comes later when Tina puts her legendary lips around that big cock. Always known as an oral expert, she handles size as well as anyone, milking his rod while bathing the head with the lips and tongue. She swings her pussy over his face for some 69 that gets them both ready for the main event. Cowgirl works quite well for deep penetration, but the spoon that happens later looks better for the camera. Once again Tina�s face is the target for a big semen explosion.
This movie wraps up the Jade Goddess trilogy quite nicely. Sure it�s another semi-corny caper flick, but by now the characters are nice and familiar. Stone manages to get through his dialog scenes and throw around his considerable meat when necessary. Savage, Tyler and Horner are on hand to make sure the dialog is crisply delivered when possible. Sexually, Dee turns in two excellent scenes, proving that she�s one of the more consistent performers in all of porn. Tina Tyler also has a good go round with Stone. More of Mia Smiles would have been nice, but there is more than enough good sex to go along with the story. I�m sure we will be seeing more of Peter Magnum, but he won�t have to worry about that pesky Jade Goddess any more.


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