Anal Intensive 1


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MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall

104 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman

THEMES: Anal Sex, DP, Euro Babes

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Tchilla, Sandra, Adrienn, Lisa, Severine, Barbara


How that he is shooting of Hustler, Pierre Woodman is working on several new lines. They are new in name, but those familiar with his work know that he really didn’t need to change much. He has been making some of the best smut on the planet for a number of years. One of the few directors in the business that can shoot great features as well as outstanding all-sex movies. I know that the title on this is Anal Intensive, but that shouldn’t be anything new. Woodman has been bringing us beautiful Euro-babes who take it up the ass for years. This should be more of the same, with pretty girls from around the world taking it in the pooper.

The first such girl is Tchilla, a 25 year old Czech chick with a pretty face and a decent looking body. With loud metal riffs playing in the background we get a short montage of shots of this girl. Without a word, the scene begins with her suck off some lucky dude. Moving from his lap to another, she gets her lisp around a really big stalk of meat. The guys move her to a couch where they go right for her ass. She bounces on one cock, then the other, changing from RCA to standard cowgirl when the swaps guys. This scene really doesn’t have much heat, though Tchilla is nice to look at and does get her ass just wrecked by the thicker of the two guys. They double up on her for a while, but the best shots are when only one guy is dishing the dick so we can see more of her body. The first guy shoots on her face while guy number two blasts her abused asshole.

Sandra is a 23 year old Romania brunette with a nice body and a bit of mischief in her eyes. After a hot strip tease, she gets down on her knees for three guys, including a black dude with a really big cock. As she works her way around this small circle, it’s clear that her scene already has more heat than the opener. Sandra lines the guys up on the couch and licks their asses, getting them really ready to do some damage on her waiting holes. For some reason the guys are wearing stupid looking masks and goggles, but that is a minor annoyance. She turns to face the camera as the big black guy slides his cock right up her ass. Since there are three guys, they have to work quickly to all get a turn. Eventually they just DP the horny slut, working her over like she’s done something terrible to them. After some more one on one ass fucking, Sandra gets down and works each guy until he explodes all over her face. This is a very intense scene with a hot facial finish.

From the Ukraine, Adrienn is a twenty year old blonde who is the best looking girl so far in the movie. She strips and gets into the bathtub where she gets all fresh and clean. After some finger testing from behind the camera, two guys com in to help her finish her bath. Adrienn quietly takes their cocks into her mouth, giving them slow head. She picks up the pace a bit when one guy moves behind her and sticks his dick in her butt. She looks really good standing up and taking one from behind, but perhaps the best footage comes in reverse cowgirl. Adrienn is firm, natural and not covered in tats so we have plenty of eye candy. They DP her for a brief moment, but as in other scenes this quickly gives way to some one at a time action. Adrienn jerks them both off onto her face, saving her best energy for the finish as she lovingly cleans them up.

We keep getting younger as we move to Lisa, a nineteen year old Hungarian girl with big nasty tats on her stomach. She also looks like a complete cock hound who needs a lot of attention. In order to keep this freak happy, there are four guys who surround her. She has on some tinted glasses as she sucks her way around this circle of dick. Before this can get really hot, the guys decide that what she really needs is a cock in her pussy and another in her ass. The big black dude is back and he opens her butt with some initial drilling that leaves her ready to take on the others. After letting each guy sport fuck her ass, teen aged Lisa helps them to jerk off onto her pretty face. She is a bit cool in that Euro-slut way, but the action is fast and furious with a lot of colon pounding and a very sticky four load end.

Another Hungarian, eighteen year old Severine is the prettiest girl of the bunch, with a cover girl face and very nice little body. This is the kind of girl that you just can’t believe would be an anal whore, but somehow manages to show up in a Woodman movie. She plays with her pussy and uses a good sized red dildo on her ass as warm up. Two guys are on hand to help and eventually feed her their meat. Severine is really pretty and gives decent head. In fact, other than needing a bit of a trim down south, she is just about perfect. She straddles one guy, facing the camera and lets him pump up into her ass. Her moans are quite loud, but that is understandable given the fact that a thick prick is assaulting her anal cavity. The guys double up for the mandatory DP. Unlike the other such twin stuffings in this movie, the final double is rather lengthy. Severine takes it well but gives us an even bigger treat when she holds her mouth open for two hot loads of cream on that gorgeous face.

Barbara is introduced without an age of nation of origin, but all we need to know is that she is nearly as pretty as Severine and already good to go. She rubs her body in the bathtub, letting enjoy her lovely all over tan, but stops short of taking any dick. In fact, as she rubs her pussy, the movie ends. Maybe she will fuck in a later edition of this series.

There is nothing remotely subtle about this movie. It’s all about Euro-babes getting their asses totally wrecked. A couple of them are really pretty and even these would-be cover girls are willing ass whores. This is for fans of power fucking, anal, DP and no nonsense action. Woodman has found a solid cast to handle whatever these guys can dish out. Personally, I kind of like a little vaginal action thrown into the mix, but for pure anal filth, this one if full throttle, sphincter stretching smut.

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