Wicked Wishes




102 Mins.
Wicked Pictures
DIRECTOR: F. J. Lincoln
THEMES: Plot, Fantasy
STARS: Alexa, Lola, Briana Banks, Julie Meadows, Kelsey, T.J. Hart, Devin Wolf, Lee Stone, Evan Stone, Erik Everhard, Marty Romano
Back before Alexa turned her back on her Wicked Contract to go after a mainstream career, they were prepping her for big things. They have her on the cover of this movie, all dolled up an air brushed in an effort to make people think she might actually be the next Jenna. At least in this movie, they have a good supporting to cast to make up for the weak lead. Briana Banks, in her pre-Vivid days, is along for the ride as is Julie Meadows. (Pre-VCA) They�ve also got Lola in the mix and even a rare feature appearance from Erik Everhard. As an added treat we get to watch Lee Stone struggle with his lines playing off an effeminate Evan Stone. (He�s grinning through this whole lispy opening confrontation.)
This opening dialog takes place as Lee arrives with Kelsey to some couples retreat thing run by Alexa. The couples, Lee and Kelsey, Erik Everhard and Lola and Devin Wolf and Julie are all there to list to the doctor (Alexa) give them her advice on how to become more intimate. Devin ends up getting a one on one session with Alexa. For some reason, he hasn�t had sex with Julie for eight months. Her treatment is to stand in and let him fuck her. I can�t decide which is harder to believe, that Alexa is a doctor or that any guy in the world would avoid fucking Julie for eight months and then whip his cock out of Alexa. At any rate, Devin takes his cock out and lets her suck it. She does the best she can with what he brings to the table, slobbering all over it while trying to pretend to be interested. The super tight shots aren�t very flattering because it seems that Alexa�s heavy make up is being used to hide a bad skin day. Of course, her razor bumps around the pussy don�t make for good close ups on this region either. When the camera pulls out we get a decent mish shot with Alexa pulling her leg to her chest to let him have his way with her slit. He shoots a load in the vicinity of her mouth, but ends up hitting her eye and shoulder.
Lee is a complete narcissist who can�t stop looking at his body in the mirror. Maybe he should check out Kelsey�s bod because from the neck down she looks really good in her hot swimsuit. Instead he sends her off to the pool where she runs into Erik Everhard. After some idol chat, she gives him the universal Cali girl signal for sex by asking him to rub lotion on her body. Just about the time she has her mouth wrapped around Erik�s cock, Alexa shows up. Oh great, the two chicks in this movie that I don�t find attractive teaming up with the one guy in the movie who can actually fuck. Who set up this scene, the LA Clippers draft day brain trust? Erik does the best he can with what is given to him. He fucks both women at the side of the pool, letting them eat each other while being worked. Kelsey shows decent energy and even takes it in the ass. I have to say that both of these women have nice looking bodies and many of you will find them more attractive than I do. (Therefore you may not be struck by the burning desire to fast forward that has gripped me.) Erik finally pulls out and shoots a load all over Kelsey�s belly.
Evan is still overdoing his gay thing, but I think I�ve figured it out. He is trying to act swishier than Devin and appear more feminine than Alexa. Neither of these things is particularly easy mind you. Meanwhile, Lola has to write out her sexual fantasies and they include a little car trouble. Well, it�s not the car trouble that makes her juices flow, but the inevitable sexual encounter that follows. TJ Hart and some biker looking guy named Marty fix her car and then set their sights on Lola herself. She doesn�t resist at all, letting both of them use her mouth for their pleasure. I know we need more close ups in features to keep them from being lame soft shit, but the close ups in this scene as with many in the movie just seem random and overdone. There is no real flow to the scene and that takes a way lot of the heat. Lola does get a big blast on the face which is a nice way to end another rather disappointing scene.
Getting to the bottom of Lee�s problem takes a long time and that gives Alexa a chance to do a lot of dialog. At least in this scene, she does a really nice job carrying Lee. To help him, Alexa prescribes a meaningless fuck and who better to use for such an event than Briana Banks. He can have anything he wants from this beautiful blonde and naturally chooses anal sex. (Maybe his problem and his love for his own body are simpler to explain than we think.) Even with her unnecessarily inflated tits, Briana looks great and gets quite busy with his big cock. There is an awful lot of meat here, but she does her best to make it disappear into her pretty mouth. Lee gets is up, slaps a condom on and starts sliding deep into her pussy. Since he wants anal, we get to that rather quickly and it�s pretty fucking hot. Briana has a tight little hole, but with some work, she�s able to take Lee�s size and enjoy the hell out of him. He shoots his load all over her big tits and seems totally cured.
Devin finally comes to his senses and enjoys Julie a little bit. He goes after that pussy he�s been ignoring for too long and makes her wet enough to take a lot more cock than he�s got. Julie finishes the foreplay with a rather enthusiastic blowjob. It could have been longer, but he�s anxious to fuck her from behind. He grabs her hips and starts pounding away, giving us plenty to look at. Missionary is an even more eye pleasing angle thanks to Julie�s long, very sexy legs. Devin pulls out quickly and shoots between her boobs. (Pre-job rack for Julie here.)
The big finale really isn�t a big shock. Evan does a less convincing job of playing gay than Devin does of playing straight. He an Alexa are so close, it only seems natural that they would end up together. To help facilitate the action, Briana comes back and puts her body in the middle of the three way. Alexa licks her ass while Evan sucks on those big fake tits. The girls get down and share his cock, each trying to outdo the other with her oral skills. Alexa does give good head, but Briana�s pretty face and super active tongue are tough to beat. Evan is careful to give both women their share of dick but finishes by pulling out of Briana to shoot all over both women an their outstretched tongues.
After a really slow start this movie picks up. After the shots I�ve taken at Alexa, she really does deserve some credit for a nice acting job in this movie. She holds a few of the scenes together all by herself. Sexually the movie gets a lot better later in the movie. Briana Banks and Julie really raise the stakes and finish things in fine style. Some of the sex isn�t shot all the well though, with too many random close ups that really don�t show us a complete coupling. Thankfully the good scenes outnumber the not so good ones, especially in the second half of this feature.


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