Just Over Eighteen 2




MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall


140 Mins.

Red Light District


DIRECTOR: David Luger

THEMES: Natural Tits, Young Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Jenna Haze, Scarlet, Mariella, Alexia Riley, Marie Mandalay, Brooke Balentine, Cock Boy, Mark Ashley, Darren James, Tony Michaels, Brandon Iron


As part of the team at Red Light District, David Luger is in charge of a couple of different lines. This one features new and newish girls who are just dying for a big break that can make them porn super sluts. Jenna Haze has already made a big splash with the rain coat crowd and recently signed a big contract with Jill Kelly Productions. This is a chance for us to say good bye to her with a final hard-core fuck. (Probably not really final since she’s got to have a dozen scenes in the can.) The only other girl I recognize from the cast is Alexia Riley and she’s another hot young thing. If a few of the other girls are as cute as these babes, then we are in for a treat.

Jenna Haze starts out and she is giddy as ever. She plays with cock while Luger tries to give her a short interview. Finally taking it out, she is amazed at the size, but goes right after him anyway. Nice eye contact as she works her way down his already stiff member. He doesn’t fit all the way in her mouth, but fills that little pussy to the balls. (And what is with Jenna moaning “I miss big cock.” Is that a shot at her current boyfriend?) Turning her sexy little ass high in the air she takes is hard from behind. For someone who wondered how she was going to handle this cock, Jenna sure takes it in her little ass well. With her holes wrecked, all that’s left is for her to take a big load on her pretty face. Contract Girl or not, Jenna Haze is hot.

Alexia Riley has a sexy little voice as she talks about how she likes to tease. This would have been a really nice little set up had it not been cut short. Instead of talking for very long, she gets down between a pair of cocks and starts working. Nice contrast here, one black cock, one white cock, one medically assisted hard on and one that she has to actually touch before it grows. Alexia doesn’t look like much of a tease with her mouth and hands full of cock, but she does look like a hot little prick pleaser. Darren James gets first crack at her twat, pumping into that shaved pouch while the other guy keeps getting blown. She gets on top of the white guy, showing off her ass as she rides in cowgirl. In this position her ass is so exposed I keep expecting Darren to move in and fill it, but he doesn’t. Instead they take turns bat her twat and her mouth until it’s time to rain thick penile paste down on her pretty face.

Marie Mandalay is just barely eighteen and that really has Brandon Iron excited. She’s young, fresh and thoroughly average looking. Marie is very soft around the middle has a bad tit tat, but that doesn’t stop the guys from shoved her head down around their cocks. It looks like she could probably use a trim down south and that comes to the forefront when she starts riding cock. There is a lot of movement in her belly area even with the tube top there to over her. Marie manages to take a hard pounding, but doesn’t really bring much to the table at all. The guys shoot in her mouth and it’s already time to forget her and move to the next girl.

Scarlet is the kind of girl who looks great as the camera pans up her body and then we get to her face. A cross between Olivia and Randi Rage, this redhead had a really great body, but she looks like she has an extra dozen chompers in her mouth. It might be kind of scary to sick your dick in there for fear of having it sheered off. That doesn’t bother Mark Ashley in the slightest. He slides his big dick right into her mouth, past those Chiclets and to the back of her throat. After a short and rather uninspiring blowjob, he starts fucking her pussy. At lease when he’s fucking her we get a good look at her sexy legs and ass. Speaking of the ass, Scarlet gets a big dick right up the back road, looking best in RCA. I don’t think she is going to win any contests for loving butt sex; however she gives it her best effort and takes a big load all over her face.

Mariella is a very pretty blonde girl who is working with a guy known only as Cock Boy. Who cares what his name is, we want to see this young babe get naked. She does get naked and even sucks cock, but the blowjob is a rather short one. Too bad because this babe looks really good with a dick in her mouth. When the sex starts, it is import to keep her tits in full view because this young blonde has an awesome natural rack. They do some very shallow anal before he shoots his load. Mariella is a pretty girl, but this scene isn’t as impressive as it might have been.

Brooke Balentine is a young girl that Luger shoots in a casino. They get kicked out so she has to play peek a boob with him in the elevator. She’s got one of those big smiles that is all gums, but there is something really attractive about this southern brunette. Brandon Iron feeds her some strawberries and then is joined by Mark Ashley for a double dose of Canadian cock. They examine her body, even testing her asshole a bit before taking out their cocks. It looks like these guys have the same doctor. Brandon grabs Brooke by the hair and pushes her mouth from his cock to Mark’s and back again. Eventually Brandon does his stupid fucking nose holding bullshit. I wish directors would just tell him (or realize) that not everyone in their audience hates women or needs to see them gag in order to feel manly. Brooke can take it though and seems to like being slam fucked from behind. She has a couple of artificially assisted hard ons to keep her happy and they do a good job. (Except when Ashley struggles with wood near the end of the vag.) Brandon must have a better prescription because he is able to slide his big dick right into Brooke’s ass and really light her up. They both shoot big loads all over her mouth and make her lick up the extra from the floor. Brooke scores big points for her energy.

This movie starts off with a couple of really strong scenes. Jenna Haze and Alexia Riley are both on their way to porn stardom. After a couple of down scenes, Marie and Brooke pick things up again near the end. Some of these girls are going to go on and really make a splash while others will probably fade away. One thing we know for sure, David Luger will find another batch of new girls for his next movie that will make us forget almost all about these babes.


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