Naked Angels


85 Mins.
New Era
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Inari Vachs, Asia Carrera, Ava Vincent, Alex Foxxe, Paige Sinclair, Herschel Savage, Mike Horner, Kyle Stone, Anthony Crane, Lee Stone


This is the second movie in Bob Chinn’s Jade Goddess trilogy. He’s got Lee Stone playing the lead character in the private dick adventure. Part one was a pretty interesting feature with a decent script and better than average feature sex. In part one, Peter Magnum came into possession of the Jade Goddess and now must fact three rival factions that all want to get their hands on the precious idol. There are some great looking women in the cast of this one, including return engagements from Asia Carrera and Ava Vincent. Inari and Paige Sinclair are also along for the ride.

We join Lotus (Asia Carrera) as she meets with Charlie. (Herschel Savage) He has a plan get the idol back by setting his team of special agents, the Devils, onto Magnum. That leaves Lotus with nothing to do but show her appreciation for his help. After getting through the first movie with just a veggie scene, it’s nice to see Asia kick things off by putting that pretty mouth around a hard cock. We get some great looking close ups as she gently sucks him off and flashes those gorgeous eyes to the camera. He looks pretty happy with the action but moves her to the bed to get a taste of that snug little pookie. Two fingers barely fit into her, but she goes nuts from the action. He slips it in for a brief missionary boning before rolling over to let Asia ride. They spend the last part of the scene going at it in doggy until she spins around to lick the load from the tip of his cock. Any time Asia gets a blast on the face, it’s a good thing, but the camera could stand to linger for a while longer.

The Devils, Alex Foxxe, Inari and Paige Sinclair get their marching orders and set out to get their hands on the Jade Goddess. At the same time, the local cop, (Mike Horner) comes in to see Stone and demands to know all there is to know about the story so far. As luck would have it, Stone splits, leaving Horner in his office. Paige comes in, posing as a woman in need of help. Before he can explain that he’s not Peter Magnum, she has her mouth around his cock and is working it deep. Paige has a really cute face and gives great on camera head so it’s nice to see a good mix of tight shots and some longer ones. More blowjob footage would have been good, but feature sex is always cut a bit shorter than gonzo. He enjoys working her pussy with his fingers, getting it ready for his cock. The sex is hot, but there is less fucking than there was pussy eating. Still, Paige bent over the desk is a good thing and watching her jerk a big load onto her tits is even better. After she fucks him, Paige slips a mickey into his coffee and then searches the office.
Back at headquarters, Paige reports to Alex. She admits to being a little disappointed in Peter because he just wasn’t as huge as she had heard. (She doesn’t know she didn’t actually fuck the real guy.) Alex tells her that men can be disappointing and this naturally leads to a tender, loving lesbian sex scene between the two. Paige still looks good naked and her pussy creams from the finger action she gets, but this is a good time to go get a snack. If you come back in time, you will get to see Paige use a toy on Alex’s pussy, but I wouldn’t worry too much if you miss the whole scene.
Inari shows up on Magnum’s door looking for her friend and needing a place to stay. For a private dick, Peter falls for the ruse pretty easily. I’m sure there is a sex scene coming, but not quite yet. Instead we check in with Nikita Denise, Kyle Stone and Anthony Crane. They turn the original double cross into a triple cross while Inari is busy rifling through Magnum’s drawers. She comes out and shares a smoke with Peter that soon leads to an exchange of bodily fluids. Turning Inari loose on his big cock is a great idea since she is well known for her outstanding head. She can’t take it all down her throat, but gets super high marks for effort. When Inari has done her best to swallow that sword, she mounts him and pumps up and down until that beast is buried in her tight hole. Lee gets on top and goes even deeper, making Inari squeal and sweat until it’s time to hold her mouth open for a dribbled load of ball batter.
When Crane and Stone show up at Magnum’s office to give it the once over, they get caught by his secretary. (Ava Vincent) she wants to keep them there and does so the best way she knows how. The guys don’t think twice once the pretty blonde starts sliding her lips around their cocks. It’s pretty easy to see why Magnum hired her. Any girl willing to drop so quickly is bound to come in handy around the office. Crane slaps on a condom and starts pumping away. The best footage of this scene comes with Ava riding on Stone, shaking her tits for the camera while sucking Crane’s dick. They even manage a little anal before blasting her in the face with jizz.
Thanks to Ava’s help, the murder from the first movie is solved. That still leaves the Devil’s searching for the Jade Goddess. Alex and Inari are waiting for Peter when he gets home. He whips out his cock and lets Inari do some more of her mouth magic. Alex isn’t bad looking, but she takes a back seat I this scene big time. At least this allows her to ride Stone’s face and let someone else do the cocksucking for a while. He bends her over and rams that cock deep into her from behind. Not wanting to be left out, Alex rides his rod, barely managing to take it all, but managing to coax a load from him that ends up all over their faces. (Really bad cut away here.)
This second movie of the trilogy is probably a step better than the first. There is better sex in this one thanks to Asia, Inari and Paige. There is still a good story here with some humor and some well acted dialog scenes. Stone handles his actual dialog scenes a lot better than the voice overs, but there is a good supporting cast to help pick him up. There is enough of a plot to make us want to see what happens next and some better than average feature sex. Ava Vincent does a very nice three way. Paige shows us all of her charms in a couple of scenes. After being wasted in a veggie scene in the last movie, Asia puts that pretty face right into the center of the action, kicking the movie off in fine fashion. Another solid feature in this trilogy, Naked Angels leads us right to the final adventure in fine style.

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