Puritan 36- Nymph Twin Schoolgirls





85 Mins.




CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Misha, Sasha, Scarlet, Melissa, Bailey, Jessica, James, Johnny Slovak, Bob Dirty, Dog, Ice, Desert Rose, Slim Shady XXX


I don’t know what this movie is going to look like in its final form. I know that it was originally a feature directed by Alex Ladd with a script penned by yours truly. It was a simple story about identical twins, a stripper and a law student, who discover that two can do the job of one and make things easier on both of them. Yeah OK, it’s not the greatest story ever written, but it gave us a chance to watch Misha and Sasha in a number of different situations. I’ve heard that Puritan decided to scrap the feature idea and just deliver the sex scenes as a wall to wall movie. If this is the case, then they were lucky to have Alex Ladd behind the camera. He shoots good features, but never forgets that the sex scenes are the key to any porn movie. Since I don’t get stuff from Puritan, I had to wait until I could find one on line to pick up.

Since the scenes are just cut together in random order, we begin with a blonde chick in a white blouse and plaid skirt. She sits on his lap, he peels off her top, sucks her nipples for a bit and then loses his own shirt. This chick is a little skinny, not bad looking and a pretty skilled little cock sucker. Since there is no plot here, I think that opening the movie with the twins might have been a pretty good idea, but instead we start with this rather average chick in a fairly energetic pairing. She does some nice looking reverse cowgirl with just her white knee high socks on. He pulls out in time to shoot his load all over her face.

One of the twins is tending bar while another blonde chick (Melissa) takes two guys downstairs for some private fun. She gets down on her knees and frees both cocks from their jeans. Bent over one guy, she gets licked and fucked while standing. They move the whole operation over to the couch and keep her filled at both ends. They stuff a cock in her ass for some rather unremarkable anal action as well. After a quick DP, they shoot on her inflated rack.

We finally get a scene with a twin and it’s a pretty damn good one. They come out from under the covers going at it like mad. She is sucking on his cock as hard as she can, desperately trying to make it rise. He quickly rolls her over, spreads her long legs and pumps that pussy hard. Check out the way they kiss during this scene. You would almost think that she actually liked pulling her feet back behind her heard to give him better access. About half way through this high energy fuck fest, we pan across the room to find her twin in the doorway. She is in her plaid skirt outfit and has her hand working on her pretty pussy. (In the script there was a reason for all of this.) For some reason, they don’t notice her, but maybe that’s just because they are fucking so damn hard. The sister runs into the shower and finishes herself off under the water. We come back just in time for the guy to shoot a big load all over the first girl’s tit.

We move outside for another scene with a twin and a lucky guy. They have a blanket laid out for a picnic, but the only thing on the menu is hot female flesh. She swings her leg over his head for some 69 that has her swallowing his cock nearly to the root. He lifts her up onto her knees for a very quick doggy fuck before lying back on the ground so she can ride. Great tight shots of her pussy working his cock, but as we pull back, it’s her whole body that really makes for an impressive sight. I love the way her leg looks in spoon, sticking up in the air as he pounds her hard. This guy has a lot of cum built up in his balls and it al winds up on her perfect tits.

They actually leave the dialog in for the next scene. In the feature version, this is where both girls end up in their professor’s office at the same time. (They are running a scam at school.) In order to keep him from reporting their indiscretion they get down and give him quite the attractive double BJ. This has to be the fantasy of just about every guy in the world. Two good looking, identical twins, passing your cock back and forth, what could be better than that? Well, one of them fucking you while the other sits on your face is pretty damn hot as well. This should have been the climax of a feature, but instead it’s the single sex scene that we’ve been waiting for. The guy is up to the task, fucking the twins in their tight pussies and really enjoying their young bodies. The action is really well captured and ends with a big shot across the tits of one twin.

Now we get a scene that is totally unrelated to the others. It stars Desert Rose, a total cutie and Slim Shady XXX (Known for having a stupid fucking porn name and for being the ex-boyfriend of Jenna Haze.) I guess her parents are away, so he wants to get down to some serious pussy eating. Desert gives pretty good looking head and has a mischievous look about her. She’s like a barely legal bad girl who still looks innocent enough to shock the shit out of some guy when she goes down on him. They rush through a couple of very eye pleasing positions before Slim pulls out and shoots all over her pretty face.

This is a collection of unrelated sex scenes with the twins taking the lead in three of the six. These scenes are the best because the girls look fantastic and bring good energy to the table. Watching them double up on a guy is a great fantasy and it turns into one super hot fuck scene. The other girls are not as good looking as the twins, but the action is always well shot. It’s kind of funny to listen to one scene with voice over dialog when the rest of the movie was chopped to shit, but all that you really need to do is plug this DVD in, skip to the twins scenes, watch those three and then find a wet nap to clean up the mess.


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