Black Bad Girls 8



78 Mins.
DIRECTOR: David Christopher
THEMES: Black Girls,
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Diana Devoe, Tiffany Mason, Victoria Styles, Mocha, Sierra, Pat Myne, Dave Hardman, Ian Daniels, Kyle Stone
David Christopher doesn�t always make great porno, but one thing is for sure. He always has a really good time and this dude loves pussy. He loves all kinds of pussy and seems to have a special place in his heart (or parts further south) for sweet, dark pussy. Since there aren�t a lot of directors out there who understand that interracial sex can mean white guys with black chicks, it�s nice to see someone who brings that sort of action to the screen. Of course it would be nice to see such hot babes as Tiffany Mason, Mocha and Victoria Styles with a better class of male talent, but maybe that�s a little too much to ask for.
We start with Christopher admiring his own work at poolside. He is about to go meet a new girl when Diana Devoe stops him. She wants to be in charge of the next BBG movie and lets him taste her pussy to cement the deal. With her job secure, Diana has to come up with some hot new talent. Ian Daniels happens to come by and he says he has new models. Diana seems more interested in giving him a try out. She slides out of her bikini and slips her lips over his cock. I�m not sure Diana is going to win any blowjob contests, but he gets hard enough for her to slide up and down on. I like the low angle shots of the action because it allows for the best view of all of her assets. When she turns around this shot gives us a really good look at her ass which is actually even more impressive than her pussy. Diana bends over, takes a good pounding and then lets Ian shoot towards her house. Most of it hits her shoulder, but she is impressed enough to say she�ll give him a call.
Tiffany Mason is the next babe to show her stuff to Pussyman. She wants to be in charge of casting for BBG and is willing to let him taste her snatch to get the gig. When did Christopher start getting blown in his movies? They do each other for a while, but Kyle Stone comes in to finish the job. Tiffany gets her lips around his cock and starts swallowing it while Kyle reaches under to keep her nice and wet. By the time she is done, his dick is good and wet so Tiff can slam her body down on his lap and take it really deep. Watching her face him and ride it is a great sight because of the way this girl moves her hips. (She�s built a lot like Heather Hunter from the waist down.) Kyle ends the scene by jerking a big load onto her waiting lips.
Sierra comes by to introduce Victoria Styles to Pussyman. Instead she finds Pat Myne sitting around. There seems to be some confusion about who is in charge of casting the BBG movies, but that is really secondary to watching Sierra and Victoria play with each other. Pussyman shows up just in time to watch Pat jump in and share Victoria with Sierra. The busty girl shows off her oral skills for a few seconds before Pat tries out the brand new gash. It must be pretty sweet because Sierra keeps pulling it out and sucking her juices off Pat�s prick. When Sierra gets up on his rod, she makes those huge tits bounce. This position isn�t the most flattering for her soft belly, but tit lovers will dig it. After stacking the two girls, Pat shoots his load all over Victoria�s slit and let�s Sierra lick it off.
Dave Hardman is also out looking for girls for the BBG line and he finds a really pretty one in Mocha. She�s pretty skinny, but that face is super fine and her skin is just delicious. Dave starts right out licking her asshole to make sure she really has what it takes. Mocha returns the favor with her lips around his cock. She fucks her own slit while sucking cock. Dave lifts her onto his lap and slides her tight pussy over his prick. Great tight shots of the action, showing off the contract of her dark lips and his pale shaft as she rides. They spin her around into reverse cowgirl and we really get a good look at her tight belly. Speaking of tight, Mocha bends over, lifts one leg high in the air and takes it right up her ass. Hardman dribbles a load onto her mouth and then promises her a part in the movie is she swallows.
This collection of bad black girls is pretty hot. Mocha is super pretty and does a decent little anal with Hardman. Sierra is energetic as always and shares the fun with Victoria who is very pretty. Tiffany Mason may be the best fuck of the bunch and Diana DeVoe earns her spot as the headliner. There is a razor thin plot here that is virtually the same as every other Pussyman movie over the past three years. Don�t look for great plot, but if you like watching white guys plug black chicks, this one will do just fine.

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