More Dirty Debutantes 2002 211











142 Mins.

New Machine


THEMES: New Girls,




STARS: Carmen Luvana, Kimmy Kann, Fujiko, Kano, Leanna and Ed Powers.


You know what, whether you like Ed Powers or you hate him, you have to give him credit for finding some of the hottest new babes in all of porn. Somehow he manages to bed all the really good ones before just about anyone else. Along for this ride is New Sensations contract girl Carmen Luvana. She’s a very pretty blonde who looks good enough to eat. In addition to this great looking babe, Ed also has Fujiko Kano and this busty Japanese chick is likely to break Ed right in half. These two women and a couple of others get to spend time on Ed’s bed, surviving the Powers interview and porking.

Carmen is first and because she’s so hot, Ed cuts short the interview so he can lick her ass. Nice idea except for one thing. Instead of showing us her beautiful backside, we get to stare mostly at the bald spot on the top of his head. He gets out of the picture so we can watch her get out of her sexy little outfit. Carmen looks very good during the photo session and starts to play with herself. Ed jumps in, but only for a second. This is a nice looking, very low key solo session with a little vibrator action. Eventually Ed spins her around to the edge of the bed and starts eating Carmen’s pussy. She seems appropriately bored, but still looks good from the waist up. He finally plops himself down on the bed, still wearing those dumb ass black socks, keeping his t shirt on and donning a condom on his cock. (For the blowjob no less) Carmen easily sucks him deep before taking Ed from behind. Nice acting by the pretty blonde who makes enough noise to make us actually think she might be having a decent time. (Notice that she takes it doggy, then rides RC so she’s never really looking at Ed.) When they do finally face each other she laughs a little but turns her head away, refusing to kiss him. Instead she makes a lot of noise as Ed shoots his load into his rubber. He dumps the cum out onto her tit and watches as Carmen does another long solo scene. She’s hot looking and I can’t wait to see her do a scene with some real male talent to see what she’s got.

Fujiko looks very hot in a mini skirt, cute top and boots. She says she’s twenty something and is quite playful. This busty Japanese babe is very curvy and a bit older than a lot of the brand new girls Ed gets, but she’s hot anyway. As instructed, she strips out of her clothes and then uses a vibrator on her shaved slit. This solo action is probably the best sex of the movie because she seems to be in it and there is no short bald dude between the camera and Fujiko. Ed eats her for a short while, and then takes his place on the bed. She licks his balls while he slips the condom onto his cock. Fujiko does look might good staring into the camera with a cock in her mouth. I like the way Ed has these blowjobs shot, with the women laid out across the bed. It gives us a chance to check out the sexy female flesh. Close ups are great, but I kind of like the mix. She gets up on her hands and knees, eclipsing Ed behind her frame. There aren’t a lot of close ups in this position, but when she goes riding in RC we get a better look. (Of course we also get a look at her soft belly and big tits.) Fujiko has the fake moan thing down so it’s almost like she’s digging the little dick action she’s getting. I normally like watching a chick get fucked with one leg up on the guy’s shoulder, but Ed is intrusive and this position isn’t really flattering to Fujiko either. Like before, he shoots into his rubber and empties it onto her tit. I can’t imagine even Ed’s fans are digging this kind of finish.

Kimmy is another pretty Asian girl who I’ve seen in other movies so I know she’s capable of some hot shit. After showing off her body and playing with her pussy, she curls up and starts sucking on Ed’s rubber coated rod. There is some good eye contact, but she really doesn’t give much effort during the oral. During the ride, she picks up the pace considerably, but there are some horrible shots ruining the action. First comes a really tight shot on Kimmy’s belly that shows some pretty bad stretch marks. Then comes the hand held stuff that Ed is shooting of her ass. Hey, nothing against Ed here, it’s hard to shoot straight when a chick is bouncing on your dick. Just skip that shot next time. Ed does the mish fuck, pull out, shoot in the condom and drip it on her nipple act. Yeah, three times and I’m ready to say that this is nearly as lame as a freaking cream pie.

Leanna is another Puerto Rican girl with a pretty face and nice tits. She is on hand to do some masturbation for us. Sadly she is rather shy which means that Ed feels the need to make her feel better by rambling through his very tired shtick. It makes her laugh, but it’s pure fast forward material. Since she’s a first timer, Leanna needs a lot of instruction. Nothing kills a good solo scene like Ed trying to be cute. Even the toys wear condoms in this movie and by the time Leanna finishes pleasing herself, I am already looking forward to the next DVD I’m going to review, no matter what it is.

As always, Ed has some really nice looking women in this video, but the sexual heat just isn’t there. I don’t know how fans of the Deb vids feel about Ed’s condom policy and his ridiculous dump it on the tit endings, but I can say that I can’t stand it. (And I’m not even a Condomista) Three of the four women in this movie are pretty hot and it’s a shame to see them get wasted. Carmen is a very pretty girl who is going to please a lot of porn fans now that she is with New Sensations. Fujiko is a full figured Asian girl who can fuck circles around a lot of porn chicks, but doesn’t get a chance to do much in this movie. Kimmy is even hotter, but again can’t get anything going with Ed. I imagine his fans (and yes, I know there are a lot of them) learned long ago to overlook the things I can’t stand about his movie. However, I can’t imagine they are happy with the new developments even when he lands three such hot babes. At the very least, his movies are great previews showing us which babes to look out for.

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