Virtual Reality 69


83 Mins.
Wicked Pictures
DIRECTOR: Jim Enright
THEMES: Virtual Reality
STARS: Jenna Jameson, Nikki Tyler, Rebecca Lord, Kirsty Waay, China Lee, Stephen St. Croix Peter North, Alex Sanders
Watching all these old Jenna movies on DVD is pretty interesting for me. I was just starting out with adult movie reviews when Jenna was taking the porn world by storm. While I was reviewing my own collection of Anabolic, Evil Angel and Kaitlyn Ashley movies, others were enjoying watching Jenna become the biggest star in all of porn. By the time I made it onto the radar at Wicked, Jenna has retired for the first time and I missed most of her early work. Seeing them now on DVD with the impressive Wicked bonus material is a bit of a treat.
At the start of the movie, Jenna puts on some strange virtual sex gear, but we cut immediately to Peter North getting blown by Kirsty Waay. She works him over until he�s throbbing and wet. Peter gives her nipples and slit a quick lick before entering her from behind. The action is shot with a good mix of long shots and some very tight ones. After a simple, two position fuck, Peter jerks his big load all over her waiting face. Kirsty takes the pop well, but she looks pretty bored with the whole thing.
Apparently what Jenna had done was somehow patch into Peter�s mind through the phone line and her computer. She explains all of this to her friend, Stephen St. Croix who naturally wants to try. He dials the local sorority house and patches them into the machine. Apparently the girls have some interesting fantasies because he ends up in a jail cell attacked by a couple of female guards (Rebecca Lord and China Lee). They shove him down, rip his clothes off and have their way with him, though it�s not like they have to twist his arm. Neither of these women looks like sorority girls, but luckily they don�t suck like your average stuck up Kappa bitch either. He takes turns fucking them on the cot, banging Chins in mish and taking Rebecca from behind so we can check out her little French ass. Stephen tries to his them both with his load, though most of it ends up on China�s tits.
While pondering whether or not to turn her invention into a money making venture, she is visited by a mysterious man. George Kaplan shows up in glow in the dark make up with a cryptic message warning Jenna that her life may be in danger. They open up a chat line that allows people to call in and have incredible virtual sex with others. Kirsty is back, this time having sex with Alex Sanders. Alex comes up behind her and just sort of takes the petite brunette. This scene is rather dark, but has decent energy. He pulls out and shoots all over her mouth.
Jenna finally puts herself into one of the fantasies, showing up in a very sexy little fetish outfit for a scene with Nikki Tyler. Nikki takes charge, shoving Jenna to the bed and teasing her. Not one to tease, Jenna trades places and has Nikki cumming all over her face in no time. They break out the toys and Nikki does a really nice job fucking Jenna in piledriver. (While Ms. J is wearing her thigh high boots.) Veggie sex still isn�t my thing, but this one has some hot moments.
After another visit from the mysterious man in the middle of the night, Jenna and Stephen finally meet in cyber space. They share a passionate kiss before he makes his way down to her big titties. Stephen rolls her over and licks her ass for a while, getting Jenna good and ready to reciprocate. The blowjob is short, but impressive as always. Stephen works her from behind, but the best shots of the scene come when Jenna is grinding away in reverse cowgirl. This leads us to the finale where this load gets splashed all over her rack.
The idea behind this movie is simple. We would all love to be able to plug into a computer system and fuck anyone we want. Naturally this makes for a good porn backdrop and moves us easily from one sex scene to another. The mysterious man in the day glow make up muddies the water a bit and that part of the story really doesn�t go anywhere. Still, the loosely linked scenes have some heat from time to time. Jenna fans may wish she had a little more action in the movie, but her two scenes are the best of the movie. The big Nikki/Jenna pairing will certainly please those fans who really wanted to see the two blonde starts hook up and fuck each other silly.

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