Assy 3


MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

80 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Anal Sex, Brides

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Lexi Leigh, Brooke Ashley, Caressa Savage, Chandler, Delphi, Jeremy Iron, Weed, Christian Steele, Billy Glide, Jonathan Morgan


The universal lure of hot young girls is well documented by the massive number of teen lines on the porn market today. Looking back, you have to wonder why it took them so long to cash in on such an apparent gold mine. When doing so, it’s impossible to miss the contributions of someone like Max Hardcore, but of equal importance is Jim Powers. When he launched Assy and YA, using popular teen magazine cover graphics for his boxes, they were impossible to miss. Looking back, this has to be seen as a pretty brilliant marketing move and helped these movies stand out on the shelves. For DVD fans, this is a bit of a trip into the past to see what Chandler looked like at the start of her career and to see what hot little anal bitches like Brooke Ashley and Lexi Leigh could do in their prime.

Chandler is the first girl and she’s looking for a raise from her boss Jonathan Morgan. Apparently she’s just not very good at her job, but company policy is to give raises to employees who suck dick. With the help of one of his underlings, Morgan gives the ambitious little tramp something to do with her mouth. She is a much better cock sucker than is a salesman and wisely uses whatever she needs to get ahead in the work place. Moving quickly from oral to vaginal, they pump her for a while. There are a few second of DP footage, but that gives way quickly to good old fashioned ass fucking and cock sucking. Young Chandler can handle a dick in her ass just fine and lets both guys shoot all over her face. You really have come a long way baby.

Brooke Ashley, looking super cute as always, is looking for some help with her workout. Billy Glide shows up to be her personal trainer for the day. They don’t really get much work done before she decides to check out his love muscle. He holds her thighs wide apart to help her stretch and juice up her tight little hole. Tiny Brooke can barely get her hand around his cock, but she likes it anyway. Billy struggles with wood, but Brooke does whatever it takes, including rubbing his cock all over her pretty face, in order to get him hard enough to split her little slit. You have to love the way she can stick her legs out to take him deeper. Somehow he wedges that big thing into her asshole and pounds away. As always, Brooke takes it hard and deep. We get some very tight shots of the action as Billy does his best to get her heart rate way up. They don’t quite work up a sweat, but Brooke does get her face covered in hot sticky liquid when Billy blasts her pretty face.

Poor Caressa is married to a guy who won’t give her any attention. So she sits in the bathtub playing with herself and hitting on her friend Delphi. It works and the brunette lets Caressa play with her tits. They share the bath and soap each other up. These are not the most attractive girls in the movie, but if you like toy play, you’re in for a treat. You see Caressa is a size freak and takes a super fat red dildo in her pussy. They do some anal play as well, but this is the weakest scene of the movie.

On her wedding day, blonde trailer queen Lexi Leigh just can’t decide if she’s had enough cock. When Weed comes in to check on her, she confesses that she really wonders about sucking more cock. He resists for a few seconds, but once she gets her lips around his cock, he’s not about to stop her. Just about the time she gets him good and hard, Lexi’s husband comes in. He’s upset, but wants her suck him off as well. Not wanting to ruin her dress, they take it off. She still looks very bridal in her white stockings and lace panties. Weed decides that the nasty bride needs some black cock in her pussy so he pounds away while Lexi moans around her future husband’s dick. He even helps his friend to fuck Lexi right up the ass. Eventually they switch places and then DP her big pale backside. I don’t know how good it is for her make up, but the guys shoot big loads all over her waiting face.

Of the four scenes in this movie, only the veggie pairing is a waste of time. Lexi really does a hot scene as a bride who just really needs some cock up her ass before she walks down the aisle. Brooke Ashley does a pretty good scene and Chandler shows some early heat as well. Not the best volume of this series, but it’s worth it to see Lexi and Brooke do their best to prove what ass sluts they are.

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