A Week In The Life Of Jasmin St. Claire



A Week In The Life Of Jasmin St. Claire


85 Mins.

Extreme Associates


DIRECTOR: Lizzy Borden

THEMES: Jasmin, Anal Sex




STARS: Jasmin St. Claire, Luciano, Evan Stone, Brick Majors, Mark Wood, Backey J, Kyle Phillips


You know, there is just something about Jasmin St. Claire that makes her fun to watch on screen. She has this slightly stuck up, ‘way too good for you’ quality that makes it all the more fun to watch porn guys stuff her full of hard cock. Unlike so many porn queens, Jasmin didn’t play the primadonna in front of the camera. (What she did off camera is another story I’m sure.) From the time she entered porn, Jasmin did anal, DP and gang bangs. This sort of up for anything attitude made her a perfect fit with Extreme Associates. A number of her movies at Extreme have Jasmin in a couple of scenes, but this one is wall to wall Jasmin in every scene. Even better, it’s directed by Lizzy Borden so you know that there will be no holding back. Jasmin is in for a very long week and we all get to enjoy watching her get the living shit fucked out of every hole.

We start on Monday with Jasmin getting ready to do a scene with Brick Majors. She is in rare form on this day, laying into Brick about wearing make up and gives us all a healthy dose of the notorious St. Claire bitch act. Once they both finish in make up, Jasmin starts sucking on his cock. They make a big production out of her licking his asshole. (Like Brick has never assumed the position before.) They pick up the pace a little bit when she’s riding his cock, but every once in a while you see Jasmin roll her eyes in that bored way that she does. He sticks his cock into her ass, makes her taste it when she dismounts and then shoots a big load right into her waiting mouth where it stays until we fade out.

The next day Luciano gets his shot at Jasmin’s holes. He is joined by a second guy to work over her white lace clad body. They paw at her tits, but she just really wants to get some dick into her mouth. Jasmin sucks with a lot of great energy and gets them wet enough to cram into her holes. As they move from her pussy to her ass, you see just how appealing it can be to watch a chick with this kind of attitude get royally drilled in every orifice. They double up on her, letting Jasmin do what made her famous. While taking the loads on her face, Jasmin manages a smile and even thanks the first guy. Of course, she calls Looch a bitch when he can’t cum fast enough to satisfy her.

The next victim is Mark Wood. In this case who can blame Jasmin for rolling her eyes at the prospect of banging this Baby Huey looking dude? At least we know that he isn’t popping V because his cock comes out of his pants limp as can be. It doesn’t take long for her to make his hard with her mouth during this hot looking blowjob. Jasmin rolls him onto his back so she can ride his dick with her pussy. It’s time for anal when Mark takes charge, putting her on her side and slipping his prick between her cheeks. After he pounds that ass for a while, Wood puts his cum where Jasmin takes it best, right on her face.

Evan Stone is up next and he is sent right between Jasmin’s legs for some fur pie. He turns it around and tries fucking her face, but can’t quite seem to get his dick hard no matter how much sucking she does. When he does finally get stiff, she gets on her hands and knees to take it from behind. Evan slaps his balls against her ass when he’s fucking that little butt. We watch him stand around jerking his dick while Jasmin talks about the guys she likes. After what seems like minutes, he manages to shoot into her open mouth. I think Jasmin was a bit too much for Evan to handle.

Slain Wayne takes over for a scene with Backey. Jasmin has a whole story about how she stood him up a year ago. Now they are going to fuck. She has on a really hot little white outfit that doesn’t stay on for very long once he hits the set. Jasmin opens her mouth and starts sucking on his like she’s actually having a good time. When she really gets into a blowjob, it’s quite hot. She slaps his cock against her mouth, strokes him hard and takes it deep. Backey skips the pussy eating and just jams his cock into her cunt. He keeps pulling out and letting her taste her pussy on his cock. There is great energy in this scene as he fucks her ass hard. Pulling out of the butt, Backey shoots a big load all over her face, but the scene doesn’t stop there. He goes back into her ass and just destroys her bitchy backside until he pops for a second time on her face.

If you like Jasmin St. Claire, this is a chance to see her in every scene doing what she does best. If you haven’t seen what she can do, this is a good way to find out what makes Jasmin special on screen. Her work at Extreme was her best and this movie shows us just how much abuse her ass and pussy can take. She’s got the prissy bitch act turned up high in the movie and that makes it even more fun to see her get pounded and sprayed with hot cum. A must have for any fan of Jasmin; this disc will make you want to spend a few hours giving Jasmin what she really deserves.


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