Briana Loves Jenna



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77 Mins
DIRECTOR: Justin Sterling
THEMES: Couples Porn,
STARS: Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks, Shay Sweet, Isabella, Mr. E, Erik Everhard.
This is a great bonus package with a funny out take reel and behind the scenes material. I also like the fetish menu which allows you to pick the kind of action you want to see and go straight for it. The photo gallery feature is divided into five separate slide shows. As a final bonus we get an extra solo scene from Jenna (Cute haircut by the way) and Briana. Huge points for a very solid bonus package.

After years as Wicked?s front woman and one of porn?s most popular performers, Jenna Jameson finally jumped ship last year. She has branched out on her own with and teamed with director Justin Sterling to produce her first post-Wicked movie. Teaming with Vivid Girl Briana Banks, Jenna may be trying to launch her own signature line. Vivid fans probably remember the old ??Loves Rocco? movies that featured big female stars (Including Jenna herself) working with Rocco Siffredi. Maybe Jenna will work her way through the Vivid Girls. Who knows, maybe we?ll get Cheyenne Loves Jenna. On the other hand, with Serenity now also an Ex-Wicked girl, maybe we?ll get a Serenity loves Jenna some day. (I suppose a Rog Loves Jenna movie would be out of the question.)
From Jenna?s shrink we learn that she?s living in a fantasy world, trapped between the roles she plays on film and the reality of her life. Briana is a product of Jenna?s fantasies, manifesting herself as different characters, setting the stage for a number of different possible combinations. The first scene has the two blondes getting together on a couch. In a scene that looks like something Andrew Blake might shoot, they move quickly to some strap on sex. It?s visually interesting and quite beautiful, but I would think that most people would want to watch Jenna fuck Briana in the ass without the slow motion of the chanting monks in the background.
We switch to Jenna I her padded cell. Something has happened to her and her sexual energy is causing power outages. (Maybe that?s why all the action in the movie is blurry and in slow motion.) Briana?s next scene is with Erik Everhard. She?s looking busty and hot in her bra and panties. With the same slo-mo fuzzy focus as before, they get better acquainted. Look, I like watching Briana suck dick as much as the next guy, but the arty thing just doesn?t do it for me. I?ll give the director a ton of credit for a beautifully shot scene. Briana looks great and I?m sure that the romance novel crowd will find this a lot more appealing than I do. Things do speed up near the end and there is a good facial at the end of this scene.
Changing her look a bit, Jenna dons a brunette wig and does a fantasy pose down. It?s very soft-core, but if you?ve always wondered what she would look like with shorter, dark hair, you get the chance here. We don?t see much action until later when Jenna does double duty. As she sits across from her shrink, Jenna watches a manifestation of herself (Dressed as a nurse) suck the doc?s dong. Like the other scenes, this one is hampered somewhat by the slow motion. However, once she gets her mouth on a dick, the action looks pretty damn hot and she doesn?t stop until she?s got a load all over her face.
Jenna?s fantasies include being worshiped and adored by all. I guess that includes having chicks like Isabella share some time on the couch. There are some interesting toys here, including a pistoning cock machine that fucks Jenna?s mouth as well as her pussy. Even with the blurry shots and the slo-mo feel, there is some very hot strap on action as Jenna fucks the shit out of her willing little friend.
The final scene has Jenna fucking a masked man. They work quickly, fucking at the same frantic pace that the editor uses. He plays with her pussy jewelry as she squats over his face. The best footage of the scene comes when Jenna rides him in reverse cowgirl, pumping hard until he?s ready to explode on her face.
There is a lot to like about this movie, but it?s really not the kind of porn I enjoy. I give it very high marks for artistic merit, art direction and editing. Jenna does a pretty nice job with the wrap around dialog, but this isn?t really your typical story driven feature. Instead it?s a stylized movie meant for cable and designed to be eye candy. Raincoaters need not pick up this movie. In fact, run from it, it?s not for you. However, fans who have missed Jenna and the MTV style movies she made with Wicked will be happy to see her back. Personally, I applaud the editing and visual style of the movie, but I think that the all of this stuff just takes away from the sexual heat. Who knows, maybe underneath all that soft focus and slow motion, there is actually some hot sex.

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