Re-enter Johnny Wadd



115 Mins
New Era Entertainment
THEMES: Plot, Asian Women
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Nina Ferrari, Lola, Holly Hollywood, Miko Lee, Starla Fox, Salena Del Ray, Jade Marcella, Miss Kitty Kitty, Evan Stone and Joel Lawrence as Johnny Wadd.
This is a two disc set. Disc two is a 60 minute behind the scenes feature that is really well done and interesting. Joel Lawrence talks about this character and discusses each of the women he gets to work with. There is some hard core footage wrapped around the comments. This is a very nicely done look at this movie and makes a perfect DVD Extra.
A lot of you reading this are too young to have any clue about the original Johnny Wadd movies. Hell, I was in high school when the video revolution killed the adult theater experience. I�ve seen a few of the old Wadd flicks o video and have watched all of the John Holmes documentary footage that always makes mention of this series. (And those of you who saw �Boogie Nights� may remember a line of private dick movies that were patterned after the Holmes character.) The original Johnny Wadd is long gone, but the series lives on with Joel Lawrence carrying the torch. This is the first New Era DVD I have ever seen and I have to say that before the movie even starts, I am quite impressed. The picture quality is outstanding and the additional bonus disc was a lot of fun to watch. If the movie is half as impressive as the DVD, then we�re in for a really fun ride.
Lawrence plays John Wolf, a private detective. As the movie opens, we don�t know it yet, but he�s also Johnny Wadd junior, the son of the character Holmes made famous. Like all private dick movies, this one begins with a sultry new client. Lola comes into his office, offers a lot of money and asks for help finding the man who killed Johnny Wadd. This fits in with some strange dreams he has been having. We take a break from the story long enough to relax with Johnny and his girl, Nina Ferrari. After his nightmare, she slips down and takes his big cock into her mouth. Nina is a pretty blonde who works his cock with her lips and hand. After he licks her pierced slit for a little while, Joel slides into her and starts pumping away. Nina likes what he�s packing ad smiles back at him while he fucks her from behind. When he gets ready to blow his load, Nina takes it on her face with a big smile.
While he keeps working on the case, Johnny�s girl Nina is getting a little on the side. Apparently his dick is all the meat she needs, but a girl needs a little balance in her diet. After her morning beef injection, Nina rushes off for a helping of hot clam care of Holly Hollywood. Nina starts off licking beaver but quickly breaks out a long red vibrator to help things along. Both women are very into the action and do a good job on each other.
The trail leads Joel to Johnny Wadd�s old crash pad. Well, it�s about to lead there when Lola decides she needs a taste of the meat growing in his jeans. This fiery woman has always had a thing for big cocks and really worships Joel�s rod with a hot blowjob. After working hard to swallow nearly every inch, she opens her pussy for some deep penetration. They work up a sweat almost immediately as Joel pounds into her from behind. Great energy in this scene as Lola rides every inch of that rod. He pulls out and shoots right into her open mouth giving her more than sweat on her face when he’s done.
Joel ends up in Johnny Wadd�s old place and finds out that Wadd knew his mother. There are unanswered questions that only mother can answer. Shanna McCullough plays his mom and she spells out the entire story. Young John is actually Johnny Wadd Jr. The dialog in this scene is quite good and handled very well by Lawrence and McCullough. Now the case has become personal. Joel is out to find the people who killed his father.
Following the clues, John ends up being checked out by Miko Lee and Jade Marcella. These two hotties nearly tear his shirt off before working their hungry mouths down to his big cock. Both women have hot mouths, but Miko scores points as the more fuckable babe in this scene. She ends up riding his face while Jade does her best to handle that big stick. Both girls look good getting fucked ad then share a load of cum on their willing faces. Why continue with the case when you can just hang back and fuck these two hot pieces of Asian ass?
Miko tags along to help with the next phase of the investigation. Doing what she does best, she distracts and gathers information. Of course she also gets naked with Evan Stone. He goes right for her pussy, driving her into a loud fit of sexual bliss. Long cock are no problem for this full lipped babe. She opens wide and rams her mouth down until most of his dick disappears. With a condom on his cock, Evan sits back and watches Miko grind and pump with her tight pussy. He bangs her nearly raw before shooting a big load all over her face.
As the plot nears the end, John�s secretary turns out to also be a rug muncher. She gets a late night visit from Selena Del Ray. Selena just happens to have a vibrator with her and isn�t at all shy about using it. This scene doesn�t really add much to the movie, but if you were hoping for another girl/girl scene this one gives you one more chance. Lawrence also has a final scene before winding up the movie with a face to face confrontation with his father�s killers.
There are two things that really stand out in this movie. (Feel free to interject your own fake tit smack here.) First is the story. It�s actually pretty well thought out and nicely acted by all involved, especially Lawrence and McCullough. The second is the DVD package. Great picture quality and a very solid collection of bonus material make this an impressive disc all the way around. Getting back to the movie, Joel does a really nice job as a Johnny Wadd for a new generation of porn fans. He handles his cock well and dishes out a really good scene with Miko and Jade. Lola adds a hot sex scene as well and there is some decent veggie action if you�re into that sort of thing.

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