Ass Worship 2


MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall

140 Mins

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan

THEMES: Anal Sex,

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Aurora Snow, Amber Michaels, Ryan Conner, Shyla, Belladonna, Jules Jordan, Lexington Steele, Jay Ashley, Pat Myne, Frank Fortuna, Erik Everhard

EXTRAS- The behind the scenes footage is pretty hot and we get some bonus sex as well. As always, the Evil Angel DVD package is tight, with great chapter stops, and the always useful fetish menu.


Even before he landed on the Evil Angel, Jules Jordan was impressing the hell out of raincoat porn fans the world over. His simple approach to sex and his eye for the female form made him quite popular and caught the eye of John Stagliano. In the short time he’s been under the Evil Empire banner, he has continued with his straight forward smut flicks. His work has also benefited from the DVD team at Evil Angel. They are easily one of the top companies in all of adult when it comes to producing great looking DVDs with solid bonus materials and picture quality that is second to none. For this second edition of Ass Worship, Jordan has selected some of porn’s most sought after asses. Ryan Conner, Amber Michaels, Shyla and Belladonna are booty favorites. Of course, Aurora Snow is a favorite for all kinds of reasons.

Ryan Conner starts things out and the tease factor is very high. She’s eve wearing those backless ass hose to really show off her buns. Always known for having a shapely ass, Ryan is taking that to the extreme and getting into “big ass” territory. Jules plays with ass for a while, using a clear buttplug to show just how snug that backdoor really is. He takes her inside where we get some more great tease footage before Ryan gets down, opens her mouth and starts sucking dick. When she’s got it hard, Jules pulls the plug out of her ass and has Ryan suck it while he fucks her big butt. She holds her ass open while he pounds and takes A2M on the stairs. They move into another room so he can take her from behind. Now Ryan starts getting vocal, actually asking to taste his dick. Before the big finish, he rolls her over into piledriver to finish her off. Ryan opens her mouth wide and gets a big splash right in her mouth. She’s put on a lot of weight recently, but this girl still knows how to fuck.

Amber Michaels struts about in fishnet booty stockings as she shows off outside. She goes inside and finds a friendly face to sit on. Amber looks great in her outfit, but even better when she’s on her hands and knees with a dick in her mouth. When she’s done sucking, Amber mounts her man, with the clear buttplug filling her ass. She gets really vocal while she’s stroking his cock with her pussy. After sucking the plug and getting double dicked by a two pronged dong, Amber takes real meat in her ass. The best footage comes with Amber on her back, holding her legs high in the air as the guy just pounds away on her tight ass. Maybe I spoke too soon because the piledriver is equally rod stiffening. He pulls out and shoots all over her asshole. The cum drips down her pussy and onto her tits. Jules, this was a hot pop, but did you have to leave the camera rolling while she blows little cum bubbles with her butt?

Jules finds Aurora Snow out in the park reading a teen magazine. At least that what it looks like until you see what’s really on her reading list. Aurora likes what she sees in the porno magazines and wants to try all those nasty things at home. Hell, any girl looking this good shouldn’t have any trouble finding guys who want to take her home and play. Before Jules takes her home, they do a little playing in the park that is pretty damn hot. AT home, Aurora finds his toys all out and ready. Jules uses a two headed dildo to stuff both of her holes at once while Aurora adoringly sucks on his cock. (Sometimes it’s very good to be the director.) He breaks out some anal beads and really has fun with them. This is great footage, especially if you like watching assholes get stretched. After all that fun, she settles in for some serious cock sucking. Using both fists to stroke his cock, she really works him. Now it’s time to work her pretty ass and when she pulls her knees to her shoulders we get a fantastic view of the action. Since Aurora said she wanted to gape and do A2M, that’s exactly what he helps her do. For such a tight little thing, her ass gapes like crazy. Aurora gets her ass fucked from every angle before Jules shoots his load into her gaping hole. Taking a perfectly hot scene and pushing it into the freak show category, he has her push the load into a glass and drink it. OK Jules, we’ve seen you do this twice now, it’s time to stop. Hot sex is good, gross out porn belongs elsewhere.

Shyla is a fine assed blonde who shows off her curves before finding a nice cock to suck on. Erik Everhard seems half asleep at first, but her mouth makes his cock rise to full attention rather quickly. While she is in the middle of some hot 69 with Everhard, Shyla sees Lexington Steele at the window. She gets him in on the action, offering her ass for his admiration and then fishing that big cock out of his jeans. A very hot double blowjob last not quite long enough before they stand her up for a dick in each end. The fucking is very high energy and Shyla can take Lex all the way to the balls in her tight little pussy. They give her two dicks in the pussy for a short time before Lex starts tearing up her little ass. Her butt takes cock with remarkable ease, but that’s nothing compared to the sight of this young woman being DP’d by these guys at full speed. They give her everything they have and she matches them stroke for stroke. After holding out as long as he can, Lex explodes all over her face followed shortly by Erik who adds his load to the mix.

Finally we get Belladonna who has become quite well known for her lovely ass. She’s got that huge tattoo on her tits, some other unfortunate body ink and a big gap in front of her teeth, but the tush is to die for. There are several minutes of great tease footage as Bella shows off her fine backside before sticking a pair of plugs into her ass. It takes a lot of dick to keep this woman happy, so she gets Jay Ashley in the mouth and Everhard in the pussy. Nice eye contact as she works on Ashley, flicking her pierced tongue over the head of his dick. A third cock comes in and still she looks like she could take more. As she is being pounded and sucking two cocks I can’t help but think that this is what Fran Drescher might look like if she has spent money on tats instead of her teeth. There is some very hot standing DP before they move into position to fill all three of her holes at once. When that isn’t enough, she does double A for a very long time. If you’re looking for the next true super slut in porn, you wouldn’t be making a bad bet by putting your money on this young woman. The guys all shoot into her ass, leaving her quite stretched and messy.

Jules Jordan has brought us another great ass-worship movie. If you’re a fan of the female ass, then you’re going to get your fill of tease footage mixed in with some great sex. Before I get to all the good things I have to say about this movie, let’s get to the stuff I don’t like. I know directors like to push things to the edge, but I really hope that Jordan moves beyond his gross out phase quickly. Yes, you can get girls to drink cum from a shot glass after shooting it out of her ass. Now that we’ve seen it, can we please file that trick and others like it, away forever? That really puts a damper on the end of an otherwise brilliant scene with Aurora Snow. Other than Aurora, the women in this movie are much thicker in the backside. Ryan Conner, always known for a shapely ass is now sporting a really big one. Amber Michaels is looking good these days and gives us a great scene. Belladonna continues to turn in hot scenes even if she isn’t the prettiest girl in the world. (And she happens to have the best ass of the bunch.) Shyla provides a really good three
way to give us solid scenes from start to finish. Excellent tease footage, a good looking cast, tons of hot anal action and a terrific DVD package gives us another JJ movie that deserves a place in any raincoater’s smut collection.

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