Extreme Teen 6



MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall

120 Mins
Extreme Associates

DIRECTOR: Chuck Palumbo
THEMES: Young Girls, Anal Sex
STARS: Vivi Anne, Alexxis Tyler, Layla Jade, Melody Love, Diamond
There have been so many directors on this line that I can?t even begin to name them all. As is true with almost any all sex line, the key has always bee the girls and not the directors, but the tone of ET changes with each new man behind the camera. Sometimes the scenarios lean toward the P4P crowd and sometimes they don?t. Sometimes there are some mild force themes and sometimes there aren?t. How much of these themes we will see, I can?t say, but we do know that there are some cuties in this volume. Vivi Anne, Layla Jade and Melody Love give us a hot trio to work with so anything the other two give us will be a bit of a bonus.
Luciano is just looking to get in a good workout, but he is unaware that Diamond is hiding in his closet. He hears her in there and wants to know why she isn?t in school. She must like what she sees because she dives right in to taste his cock. Diamond isn?t a bad looking girl and she sucks dick with enough enthusiasm to make us think she?s skipped class a few times before. She?s a little soft in the middle and could use a trim, but I?m sure Looch could help her in the gym and there has to be someone who would teach the poor girl about clippers. (And I don?t mean Sven Nader or Freeman Williams) (5 Rog points to anyone who actually got that joke.) He fucks that furry bush and drops his load on her face.
Vivi Anne is a very cute girl with a totally sexy accent. She stops by to see JJ Michaels and really give him a piece of her mind. Apparently JJ fucked over Viv?s best friend and broke her heart. He?s the sort of guy who just likes to fuck chicks and dump them and somehow that turns her on in some deep place she doesn?t want to admit exists. (The Tom Leykis school of total denial lives in porn.) She goes into the house with him and puts her pretty mouth around his cock. JJ strips the beautiful redhead and we get to enjoy the site of her smooth, pale skin as she does her best to swallow his pole. Smooth as a silk pillowcase, JJ sits back and lets Viv provide him with all her little mouth can dish out. Once he?s had his fill of that hole, JJ pokes his prick into her smooth little beaver and power fucks the Aussie import. Really nice shots of the reverse cowgirl here as she squats, stroking him up and down with her pussy. He finishes her off with some hard doggy before cumming all over that gorgeous face.
Melody Love is pretty cute, but her hair has to be a bad wig here. She comes bouncing into the room to celebrate her birthday and starts making out with Luciano. Look, they?re kissing, isn?t it cute? After that she gets down for a serious blowjob. Great eye contact from Melody who gets his dick nice and wet to make it slide into her slit easily. She looks really good bouncing up and down on his dick, her little pussy stretching to take it all. Looch lets her off just long enough to shoot his load all over her open mouth.
Little Layla Jade sneaks in through her bedroom window, bringing Luciano with her. She?s got this cute little dress on and her hair in pigtails. Just about the time she is ready to get down to business, Dick Nasty comes in. He?s a friend of the family watching after things while her parents are away. She doesn?t care at all that he?s there and starts sucking off her boyfriend anyway. Deciding that her pretty mouth is too good to pass up, Dick steps up and adds his prick to the mix. Young Ms. Jade handles both dicks, taking them deep and giving us plenty to look at as she pro-sucks both guys to full mast. They put her on her hands and knees and take turns with her tight little twat. Stripped down to just her tennis shoes, she squat fucks Dick while Looch slaps her face with his cock. They even give her tight teen ass some dick and Layla loves every pulsing inch. After the brief anal, the guys cum all over face. Layla learns her lessons and finds out what happens to disobedient little sex brats.
Alexxis Tyler is the next teen to get the extreme treatment. She shows up late for a meeting with Claudio who is not very understanding. Apparently she is working her way through school by dancing. Claudio is her driver. Before she can leave to start working, Mark Wood shows up. He?s a classmate of the pretty girl and just wants to drop off his homework. They spend way too much time talking at the door with Mark babbling on and on. When he finally shuts up, Alexxis decides to do them both. While she is busy sucking on Mark?s cock, Claudio gets behind her and starts driving his dick deep into her young snatch. They all move to the couch where she can more comfortable lie back and take it deep. Alexxis is pretty cute, with a natural body and a face that looks pretty good with a couple of sticky dripping from it.
Ice is a blonde with nice legs and huge evangelist hair. She shows up looking for a job as a secretary and Luciano can?t help but notice her obvious charms. He reaches under her skirt and then frees her massive tits from her little top. I don?t know if I buy the whole concept of a virgin with double F fake boobs, but hey, she?s willing to suck cock for a minimum wage job, so she can?t be all bad. Lifting her skirt, Looch drops her in his lap and bounces the blonde up and down. When he rolls her over onto her back, we get a good look at just how overpumped those tits really are. Fear not smut fans, he bends her over his couch and tears that ass up before frosting her face with a big load of cum.
There is another bonus scene with Ice as well as a Kristi Myst bonus blowjob scene added to this movie. The best scenes of the movie come in the middle. After a slow start, we get Vivi, Mel and Layla all giving great scenes. Layla?s anal and double facial is highlight reel material, butt here is plenty of good stuff in this movie. Some of the scenarios are pretty good and everything is well shot in this volume. It?s not the best Extreme Teen ever done, but it?s a hot little jerk off movie all the same.


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