Buttman’s Anal Show 3






133 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: John Stagliano


THEMES: Interactive Sex, POV,




STARS: Candy, Tina Banks, Dora Venter, Mary Cat, Nacho Vidal, Brandon Iron, Christoph Clark


I almost always start out talking about a Buttman movie with comments about how much I enjoy the tease factor. Sure, John Stagliano shoots sex about as well as anyone in the history of adult film, but he has also mastered the art of the tease. There is just something very hot about watching a woman move, watching her dressed, semi dressed and finally undressed. I bring this up now because the box actually boasts that this one has “lots of tease!” as well as “lots of hardcore.” That’s a perfect combination in my book.

Things start out with a perfect example of how hot tease can be. Eighteen year old Candy is super cute and doesn’t speak English. Instead of an interview that wouldn’t work anyway, John follows her around the room, giving us some very hot shots of her in a tiny dress. (This is how we see women out in public and how we first begin to lust after someone, so it works to build anticipation.) Christoph Clark shows up, followed shortly by another young girl named Mary. Most of the tease footage is centered around their firm teen asses, but Stagliano doesn’t leave their natural, equally firm tits out of the game by any stretch of the imagination. Clark plays with Mary while we watch Candy, now wearing only a tight pair of white panties, as she walks back and forth, filling our picture with incredible female flesh. Mary does the same thing and we repeat this action when the girls have gotten totally naked. Even as the sex really starts to take off, we get some visually stunning shots of the girls squatting over Clark’s face. The initial blowjob is a little short, but there are plenty of chances for his cock to slip out of a pussy and into a waiting mouth. Candy gets most of the action early in this scene, but the action flows quite naturally between the two women. When both girls have been fucked, they do a very hot double blowjob. At this point, the foot action comes in. Clark does a bit of foot fucking then has Mary shove her toes in his mouth. Mary gets so much anal attention, that I was starting to wonder if maybe Candy was a no rear entry kind of girl. Before we get to Candy’s ass, I should comment on the anal for Mary. It’s very well shot with some gape footage and Clark alternating between his cock and his fingers up the young blonde’s butt. Candy doesn’t get analed for as long, but she is the hotter of the two babes and has a great ass. For the big finale, Candy strokes Clark’s load all over Mary’s ass and then cleans him up. Sticking with the tease style, the camera lingers a while to let us watch them wind down a bit. This scene is over an hour long, but packed with some amazing shots and great action.

Tina Banks is hanging around with Nacho Vidal as Nacho does some heavy lifting. Tina is a curvy girl with some extra cushion in the back that is barely concealed by her short link dress. Inside, she has switched to a yellow number and takes to teasing poor Nacho. All that teases looks good for us and it certainly makes him amorous. Nacho kisses his way down her body, sucking hard on her nipples and playing with them for a while. After he licks and fingers her ass for a while, he stands up and gives her a quick screw from behind. Tina turns around and sucks her juices off his cock before leading Nacho into another room. They are both quite hot for each other by now and it shows in their energy level. Nacho rolls her onto his cock and starts sliding it right up her ass. He has so much fun with her butt that he shoots a load all over her buns and rubs it in. Tina walks away with her cheeks glistening and jiggling down the hall.

Dora Venter is a very pretty blonde with a super looking ass. She teases Brandon Iron, showing off her curves and peeling her pants down over those luscious cheeks. As he helps her get her clothes off, Brandon takes his time to lick her asshole and admire her firm breasts. When she is down to just her heels, Dora turns around and starts sucking on his big cock. We get to watch her crawl around and really enjoy that thick piece of meat in her pretty mouth. When she mounts his prick, it only fits part way up into her tight pussy. With some work, he is able to fill her with more. There are great doggy shots here, giving us a peek at that ass which will later be stretched by his throbbing rod. With the help of some lube, he gets into that ass and makes her tight hole gape just a bit. Getting creative, they move to a barstool so Dora can stand and back onto his prick. For ever better shots, she squats on two other stools and pumps up and down on his dick. At the right time, she drops back down to the floor, pumps him with both hands and shoots a big load all over her pretty face.

The box promises tease and that’s exactly what we get in this movie. I really like the long tease shots in every scene. What makes them even better is that we know the sex will be great when it starts. The opening scene really blew me away. Candy is just so fucking cute that watching her strut around the room is a total turn on. Even before she started fucking, this scene was worthy of cracking open a new bottle of lube. All of the girls are worth looking at and when you find your favorite and enjoy her from all angles. Now, I realize that not everyone loves the tease as much as I do, but that’s where DVD really comes in handy. Thanks to the Fetish menu on Evil Angel DVDs, you can skip the tease and go right to whatever turns you on. Personally, I don’t want to miss a second of action with a girl like Candy, but then again, watching great Buttman movies reminds me of just what a perv I really am.


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