More Dirty Debutantes 2000 134


136 Mins.
New Machine
STARS: Jeannie Rivers, Azteca, Melina, Mary Lynn, Ed Powers
I haven’t reviewed a lot of Ed Powers movies in the past several years. There are a lot of reasons for this, but since New Machine sent me a batch of DVDs, I’m going to be checking out some Ed efforts in the DVD format. The picture quality appears to be very good, so that’s a plus. I don’t suppose they will be able to digitally remove Ed from his own movies, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves. I’m sure most of you reading this know who Ed is and you’ve probably seen his movies. For fifteen years, he’s been a gateway for most of the hot new talent looking to get into porn. If there is a porn chick you like, the chances are very good that Ed got her first, or at least close to it. We can deal with the details as we go, but regardless of personal takes on the Deb series, it’s one of the most successful lines in porn history, so it’s an important DVD line to feature.
Azteca is an attractive girl who looks quite young. She is waiting for another girl named Melina. This will be her first time doing anything with a girl, and she looks half terrified. While they wait, Ed has her get on her knees so he can free his micro-penis from his pants. I’d say Azteca has been with a few guys before and she makes short work of the small dick between her lovely lips. At first, her eye contact isn’t very good, but when she gets going, her glance meets ours from time to time. The other girl is very late, so they continue the scene without her. Azteca takes her clothes off, (And props to Ed for letting the camera roll so we can watch her undress) and then uses a pocket rocket on her pussy. This is a very low energy solo, in fact she barely moves. Eventually Ed gets in there and spoons her while she keeps the toy on her clit. Her energy level stays very low. In fact, Azteca is amused at best by Ed pounding away on her twat. Right in the middle of all this, Melina shows up and plants a very sexy kiss on the other girl’s mouth. Both women are the sort who are cuter with their clothes on. Azteca has some nasty strech marks on her belly and her new friend has some graffiti on her back. Ed fucks Melina from behind for a long time while she goes down on the veggie virgin. The girls actually seem to have a good time sharing his cock during a little double blowjob. Azteca gets back up to ride cock and Melina’s head hides the stretch marks for most of the footage. Of course that also means her head hides the penetration, so it’s a good news/bad news thing. They finally share a load by stroking cum from Ed’s dick. These girls aren’t terrible to look at, but they don’t have a lot of energy to help boost their charisma points.
Next up is Jeannie Rivers and I always found her to be very attractive and energetic on film. This is early in her career when boy/girl was still fairly new to her. Jeannie looks great, so it’s a huge drag to see Ed draped all over her at the start. Thankfully he gets out of the shot after a brief interview and lets her undress in peace. She gets naked and on her hands and knees for Ed to paw her a bit. After licking her ass for a moment, Ed lets us watch Jeannie get herself hot with the pocket rocket. When Ed moves in to go down on Jeannie, we see a rather unflattering angle of his head. When we can see through the long, pulled back hair to the shiny scalp, maybe it’s time for the ponytail to go? The longer shots are nice because Jeannie has a lovely body with great legs. When she returns the favor, Jeannie swallows him with ease and turns her attention toward the camera, flashing those big eyes our way. Ed slaps on a condom and spoons Jeannie, holding one long leg high in the air while he enjoys her tight slit. Things look even better when she mounts him for the reverse cowgirl. Jeannie’s long, tan body works up and down on his cock. They do doggy and some mish before Ed pulls out and shoots onto her mouth. Jeannie is so pretty she even makes fucking Ed look hot.
Mary Lynn is the final deb and she’s a bleach blonde girl with a decent looking body. She strips and does the masturbation thing, looking good, but not nearly as hot as Jeannie. After doing a very real looking solo round with the pocket rocket, Ed slides right in to lick up the leftovers. When Mary slides across Ed’s lap to suck him, her right red lips wrap around his cock and he fucks her face. There is a great longer shot of her draped over him, fingering her twat and taking cock in the mouth. Ed slips some lube down her way and they get his cock all ready to slide in. They spoon for a while before rolling her flat onto her belly for some pussy pumping action. Mary doesn’t look thrilled aobut this By the time they get to the anal in missionary, with her legs high over his shoulders, Mary looks pretty tired of the whole experience. Maybe she’s bored, maybe she’s scared, but the fun is clearly gone long before he pulls out and shoots onto her face.
As a little bonus, we go back to the first two girls and watch as they try out a two headed dong for fun.

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