New Ends 11


135 Mins.
New Machine
THEMES: Anal, Interracial
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Shay Sweet, Katie Gold, Passion, Ava, Charlie, Jake Steed, Ed Powers
By now most of you know that I’m not as high on Ed Powers as a lot of people out there. In fact, before I started getting these New Machine DVDs, I rarely picked up a Dirty Debs movie at all. The reasons why I may not like Powers’ flicks isn’t really as important right now as why I actually know I’m going to like this DVD. You see, in spite the fact that I don’t usually spend my money on Ed videos, I own a copy of New Ends 11 on video. I bought it a few years ago after renting it and really enjoying the action. There are two reasons that I liked the video enough to buy it and they are both blonde. Katie Gold and Shay Sweet hit the porn world at the same time and before they went on their very different career paths, they showed up on Ed’s bed for a little back door action.
Shay is first and even though she’s already been in fifty adult movies, she is going to try something new. She’s going to try to take Jake Steed up her ass. First she has be sit with Ed and listen while he goes on and on about how rough it is to make movies. When he finally shuts the hell up, Ed gets to eat Shay’s cookie. When he starts fucking her, she looks about as thrilled as someone who has just found a half eaten Chalupa from 1999 under her couch. I guess watching her persevere though a scene with Ed is the price we have to pay to see this cute little Texas teen eventually take Jake’s rod in her butt. Ed warms her up, sticking his cock into her pooper and splattering her tits with his seed. I don’t know if this is a good warm up for Jake since Ed has a few pubes that appear to be longer than his unit. (Trimmer man, when you shave that shit off your face, try trimming down the bush brother.)
Shay seems pretty relaxed lying next to Jake and a whole lot more into him than was Ed. It’s kind of hard to believe that this easy going guy has transformed into the Jake we know these days, but Shay is looking super cute and is ready to get her ass stuffed. She opens her mouth and starts sucking on his big cock, taking it pretty deep and giving us great eye contact. After a short blowjob, she gets on top of him and let’s Jake pump up into her twat. He rolls her over and slides that dick past her tight sphincter, and pushing deep into her body. Shay uses her fingers on her pussy to keep things going, but that tight ass isn’t about to let him go all the way in. When she gets on top, he does go almost all the way home. For the big finish, Shay strokes his prick until it explodes all over her pretty face. Great facial here with Shay getting sprayed perfectly and smiling as she tell us that Jake wasn’t really such a pain in the ass. (Not very funny, but it still beats the hell out of Ed’s jokes.)
Ed is back in the hot seat with Katie Gold. While he makes more horrible jokes, let’s just enjoy how fresh and cute Katie looks here. We watch Ed take all of Katie’s clothes off then thankfully get out of the picture. She gives us a hot solo before we have to endure another Ed scene. Katie rides his dick, trying to keep the micro-penis in her pussy as she bounces up and down. When he starts jerking off, his fist totally hides the cock, but there is some cum that leaks through his fist for Katie to lick up.
Finally Ed gets out of the way and lets Jake get down to work. It starts out with a very unusual angle. She is on her hands and knees sucking his cock and the camera shoots between her legs at the underside of Jake’s dick. That kind of screws up the blowjob footage, but when Katie mounts him, things pick up in a big way. The pint sized prick pleaser bounces up and down on that long rod. When she rolls over to take it in the ass, Katie seems to struggle, but Jake takes it easy on her. By the time she gets on top, that big dick slides right up her backdoor and lets us all see what ten inches of black dick looks like when it’s pumping teenage Texas ass. Jake straddles her pretty face and paints it with his load. Another great facial closes out the second good anal from Jake.
Eva doesn’t want to talk on camera, so we start right out with Ed playing with the Latin chick. She is waiting for another girl named Passion to break her lesbian cherry on camera. These two girls look fine, nothing special, but not total woofers either. They give a fairly average veggie scene that will likely please those who really like amateur lesbian sex without toys. Ed comes in and fucks Eva then Passion, but this scene sticks out as really dreary after the first two. Jake tries to bring things up a bit, and manages to get Passion going a bit. She bucks on his cock, wiggling that ass for us. Holy shit, I think the moon just passed in front my screen. Oh no, it’s just Ed blocking our view so he can give her a DP. He leaves Passion’s ass and gives Eva a little poke in the pooper. Once Ed shoots, Jake turns Eva’s frown upside, fucking her hard and really lighting her up a bit. He finally pulls out and shoots all over belly so that Passion can lick it up.
Charlie is a black girl with pretty nice tits and really blotchy skin. She is a little bit nervous, but avoids the Ed interview. Instead Jake strips her down and then feeds her some cock. This young woman has some serious acne issues on the face and sucks dick like a video virgin. (Giving the kind of head that probably feels great, but doesn’t look all that good on camera.) Her pussy opens right up for Jake and the young dancer hooks her feet over his shoulders for some deep action. This is the kind of girl that Jake would put in his Freaks, Hos and Flows series, and shows decent energy as he fucks her. Jake puts her through the anal wringer, giving it to Charlie from a few different angles before unloading all over her face. Not a bad little scene actually and certainly a surprise at the end of the movie.
The first two scenes are really the best reasons to watch this DVD. Shay and Katie were so fresh and cute back then. True, you have to sit through Ed drooling and lunking his way through scenes with both girls. Actually, we have an advantage over the girls because we don’t have to sit through it at all. They had to lie back and pretend not to hate it. All we have to do it skip those chapters and get to the main events. Jake gives both little blondes a whole lot of cock and they both handle it perfectly. Both Katie and Shay have done plenty of anal scenes, but these still stand out. The other girls aren’t nearly as cute as this pair, but Passion and Eva produce some heat when they’re working with Jake. Even Charlie has good energy. So, if you like Ed’s movies, this one has a lot of great stuff. Even if you don’t, Jake turns in a solid performance.

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