Gen Sex




78 Mins.



THEMES: Couples Appeal




STARS: Stephanie Swift, Inari Vachs, Sydnee Steele, Regan Starr, Tina Cheri, Randy Spears, Mike Horner, Dale Debone, Michael J Cox, Mark Davis


Most DVD fans know Wicked as a company that puts out great feature discs with solid bonus packages and great picture quality. This movie should fit right in with those expectations. It stars Wicked Contract babe Stephanie Swift as the host of a talk show host. How much there is to the story, we’ll have to find out, but we are assured of at least a few good sex scenes thanks to Ms. Swift, Inari Vachs and Regan Star. What director Bob Chin must do is find a way to make sure that Stephanie gives one of her A list performances. She is a woman capable of great sex scenes and good dialog, but has gone flat from time to time.

We open on the set of Steph’s show and things aren’t going too well. They are running late and no one can find the woman who is supposed to be working camera 1. The producer (Played by Chin’s wife who also wrote and produced this movie.) goes looking for her, but isn’t going to have much luck. You see, Inari is the woman in question and she is quite busy making sure that Michael J Cox plays enough attention to her clit as he licks her. Not worried about missing the start of the show, Inari moves in and takes his dick between her lips. This woman is very good with a cock in her mouth, even if she does tend to use a bit too much spit. He bends her over the desk and fucks her hard enough to have her nearly screaming. They keep fucking with great energy and it’s hard to miss the fact that there are more close up shots in this scene than we usually get from a Wicked feature. After pounding the shit out of her pussy, Michael pulls out and shoots all over her pert nipples.

They nearly get caught, but Stephanie saves the day by distracting the boss with a story idea. With Inari in tow, Steph is to hit the road to find out exactly what makes women tick, or more to the point, what makes them cum. Before she hits the road, Stephanie has a little orgasm research to do in her own bed. With a little gentle prodding from Randy Spears, she slides down and puts her mouth to work on his cock. He turns her petite frame over and starts fucking. Steph has had the same tan lines forever and don’t ask me why, but they are a huge turn on. Judging from their one position fuck that ends wit Spears shooting his load on her tits and rolling over to get some sleep, I think we all know where she got the idea for this particular story.

Before they even arrive for the first interview, Stephanie and Inari stop in a local business and find some sexual shenanigans going on in the back. Regan Star is naked on the floor with Dale Debone working between her legs. She’s got some extra weight around her middle, but those tits sure filled out nicely as she added the pounds. Always a good sexual performer, Regan dos a nice job on her knees keeping his cock hard and ready to go. Even this heated exchange comes down to a single position fuck that ends when he pulls out and shoots on her chest. They stick around to interview the redneck couple and find out just how he lights her fires.

Their next stop is to interview stripper Tina Cherry. She’s never had an orgasm before, but has some steamy sex stories to tell anyway. Mark Davis sticks his shaved head between her thighs and licks Tina’s shaved cookie. The busty blonde has really honed her oral skills during her career as a stripper and is able to give perfect porn head. There is actually a position other than mish as this scene progresses. Tina squat fucks Mark’s cock for a while, but never does find a second position before he shoots his load on her mouth.

It’s clear that Stephanie is developing some serious warm fuzzy feelings for her sexy camera girl. Their big interview is with a farm couple with a very strange problem. Sydnee Steele can only climax during the month of October and that just happens to be the month when hubby Mike Horner harvests their artichoke crop. When he comes in from the fields, she just can’t get enough of him. OK, so it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in human sexuality to figure out their ‘problem’ but it does set a scene between the two. They generously exchange oral sex, working their way into the bedroom. I guess this couple has the best sex life because they actually fuck in more than one position. After a long mish, they move to doggy before he pulls out and shoots a load all over the small of her back .

When Steph and Inari get home, the sexual tension finally comes to a head and they get it on. It’s nice to see a couple of all natural girls who have made it this far in porn. Even if the veggie sex angle doesn’t get me from the start, they both look great and manage to generate some serious heat. No toys in this scene as they use just their mouths and fingers to drive each other crazy.

This is a simple little feature with a lot of dialog. Inari does a really good job with hers and Stephanie has her moments as well. The sex is very well lit and has some heat. The problem is that there just isn’t a lot of variety here. Most of the scenes have just one position and that just doesn’t work for me. Some of the sex is supposed to be a little unsatisfying, but it doesn’t make for the best porn. Chalk this one up as a couples feature with a couple of hot moments, thanks mostly to Inari.

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