Virtual Sex With Chloe Jones



MOVIE TYPE: Interactive Sex
No Running Time
Digital Playground
DIRECTOR: Not Credited
THEMES: Interactive Sex, POV,
STARS: Chloe Jones
I know a lot of you are wondering just who the hell is Chloe Jones? Well, I?m wondering that a bit myself. I know she?s new to porn and if the cover of this DVD is any indication, she?s a very good looking blonde with one hell of a nice ass. Chloe is also a Digital Sin/New Sensations contract girl, following in the footsteps of Jewel De’Nyle. It?s quite fitting that Digital Playground would bring her to us in a Virtual Sex disc first. It?s the signature line for DP and one of the best interactive sex lines on the market. As such, it?s the perfect way for her to make her hardcore debut.
Moving left to right on the menu, we will start with ?Strip.? This section, in case some of you actually think that she might be removing paint from a house, is where Chloe slips out of her clothes and lets us see her body. As noted from the box cover, she has a spectacular ass. Real boobs to match that great butt would be nice, but she?s had hers done for some time from the looks of things. Nice little loop if you want some stripping as foreplay.
In the ?Stories? menu, we add a little aural delight to the mix. Against a flaming background, Chloe strips and dances while she tells us torrid tales from her sexual past. This is a nice little feature in the Virtual Sex discs that you don?t find in other Interactive DVDS.
?Foreplay? consists of finger and toy play on Chloe?s pussy. You have a choice of camera angles and of course, between dirty or sweet dialog. Chloe gets really filthy, but somehow her bad girl talk sounds a little too much like a bad biker mama to really work for me. There is also an option that allows you to virtually eat Chloe?s pussy. I always laugh at these portions of the DVDs because you?ve got a porn chick pretending some guy is going down on her. It?s kind of like watching someone fuck the invisible man.
To see Chloe sucking cock, we move on to the ?Sex? menu. (I guess the makers of this disc don?t follow the Clinton rules as far as what sex is and is not.) These are my favorite portions of the VS discs because the POV blowjobs are always really well done. Chloe looks really good in the POV shots, flashing gorgeous eyes at the camera. I also like the side shot because she works it well with her hand. For the pop, she pulls it out and strokes a load all over her boobs.
There are four sexual positions, each with two camera angles and a popshot. (2 are real and 2 appear to be helped out by the computer.) For missionary, we go for a high overhead POV that allows for a full body shot. Angle two is a side shot. Doggy offers the same two options. Butt lovers will dig the POV looking down and people looking for a softer angle can watch the profile. The angle reverse when she gets on top. Angle one looks up at her face and tits while she rides. Angle two is the close up shot and it?s really nice. Reverse cowgirl offers two non POV angles which is fine since POV in this position is going to work only for shoulder blade fetishists. The long shot shows Chloe squatting on cock while the tighter angle is
Digital Playground has picked the perfect way to introduce us to their new girl Chloe Jones. We get to see her without anything in the way and find out what it might be like to go one on one with Chloe. I really like some of the additional sections on the Virtual Sex DVDs and would like to see Digital Playground expand them to include things like an interview with the star, expanded strip section and maybe even some different outfits or photo sessions. Enough of what I would like to see on future discs, let?s get to what is actually on this one. It?s another well put together interactive sex disc from Digital Playground. The controls are easy to use and offer a number of good options. The picture and sound quality is outstanding and most importantly the sexual action is well shot and hot.

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