Crazy About Asians 3


MOVIE TYPE: Compilation
137 Mins
New Machine
DIRECTOR: Randy West
THEMES: Asian Women
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Jasmine Aloha, Chelsea Lynx, Jade Marcella, Faith, Leanni Lei, Kiki, Vince Vouyer, Randy West
I don�t know if Randy West and I see eye to eye on a lot of things, but I happen to share the sentiments of this title. Like Randy, I�m crazy about Asian chicks as well. (In truth, I like women of all ethnicities, I just happen to like a lot of the particular Asian girls in this movie.) He�s got some girls in here from way back like Jasmine Aloha and some more recent babes like Jade Marcella and Leanni Lei. It�s just too bad that Randy doesn�t have Brooke Ashley along for the ride because then he would really have my favorites covered.
Chelsea Lynx is up first and she�s looking very cute as she takes down her little dress and shows off her little titties. Randy enjoys looking at women naked, so we get a nice show with Chelsea stripping down and giving us a hot finger fuck show. He steps in for a blowjob and we get great footage of this cute girl inhaling cock. Randy is ready to be inside her so he lies flat on his back and lets her do the work. She really knows how to work her hips and has him grasping at the bed sheets trying not to cum too quickly. He does more of the work in missionary and in doggy, but Chelsea is every bit as active and vocal as she was when she was in control. Finally Randy pulls out and shoots all over the back of her thigh.
Jasmine Aloha was never one of my favorite performers, but I know a lot of people liked her hard body and busty curves. She starts right out with Randy, working her mouth down his chest and going after his cock like she�s very hungry. Jasmine gives good head, but her real skill is her flexibility. When Randy goes down on her, she pulls one leg back behind her ear. She stays in this position while he starts fucking her. From the start, Jasmine is screaming out his name and talking dirty. It sounds a bit canned after a while, but he keeps slamming away from behind until she�s ready to take it in her ass. Those who like her muscular legs will want to watch closely as she squat fucks him. Getting a little acrobatic, they try some standing doggy with Jasmine standing on one foot. To finish out this high energy fuck, she strokes his cock until he pops on her face. Super high marks for energy in this one.
Kiki is a Vietnamese girl who looks very Americanized. Vince Vouyer is along to try this cutie out. She has really pretty hair, long legs and a nice looking face. While Vince sits on the couch, she delivers a hot blowjob, getting her mouth around his shaft and making sure that his balls aren�t left out of the fun. Kiki keeps right on sucking as he goes down on her. Her pussy is tight and shaved totally bare, allowing us to see it stretch around his cock as Vince begins to fuck this pretty young thing. The footage gets even better when she�s riding his lap, letting us all see her buns and that tight little rosebud. It takes him a while, but eventually Vince moves his cock from her pussy into that butthole. It�s tight going at first, but with some lube and a little bit of work, Kiki is taking it deep and ready to spin around for a very hot A2M facial.
Jade Marcella has done just about everything there is to do in porn, but Randy got her before she was totally jaded. She bends over and spreads her cheeks, showing us just how tight her holes still are. Randy sucks on her little nipples for a while before turning her loose. We get a profile of the blowjob which really shows off her thick lips as they wrap tightly around his cock. Great eye contact as she sucks and strokes his cock, showing how well she has learned to please a man with her mouth. After she licks his asshole, Randy returns the favor, leaving her on her hands and knees when it�s time to start fucking that hot slit. Jade takes some lube on her asshole and then fingers it to get everything ready to go. She�s still in doggy and giving us that hurts so good face as Randy starts fucking her butt. She rolls over onto her side and then gets up on top to prove she can take it from every angle. When it comes time for the pop, she hops right off and sucks him from her ass. A2M is no problem and she doesn�t back away from his load either. Randy likes her so much that he fucks her again, this time cumming into her pussy for a messy creampie. No wonder this girl went on to be a super slut.
Leanni Lei and Faith double up for their scene. Leanni has to get her ass ready for the anal action. This is supposed to be her third A scene, so we get to watch as she lubes up a fat vibrator and slides it right up her lovely little butt. When she excuses herself to finish getting ready, we watch Faith slip her pants down and start rubbing her pussy. This girl is not as cute as Leanni, but has really nice legs and a great ass. Leanni is back to help Faith lose her veggie cherry. We get two cute young Asian girls with natural, tiny tits as they explore each other. After getting used to the feel of another girl licking he naughty parts, Faith gets on top of Leanni and they lock up in some hot, clit sucking 69. This is actually pretty hot even for someone who doesn�t care that much for girl on girl action. Of course it helps that Leanni is fingering her ass while she works on her new friend. Randy puts the two girls side by side on the bed and starts having some real fun. He fucks Faith from behind and this girl really goes hard. With Leanni lying so close to him, Randy finally moves over and fucks the petite little babe. She gets onto her hands and knees and moves that tiny ass back to meet his thrusts. Watching her wiggle that ass is enough to have me wishing I was in Randy�s shoes. He doesn�t take her ass though, moving back to Faith instead. When he shoots all over her pussy, Leanni licks it up.
This is a pretty nice little compilation if you like Asian girls. Randy has banged some seriously hot Asian babes and this one has some of the best. Leanni is my favorite of the group, but she is a bit under used in this movie. Jade Marcella does a very good scene and Chelsea Lynx looks good enough to eat. Some of the original video quality is a bit grainy so that transfers over to the DVD. There are some very good scenes in this movie, especially if you just want to pull the Asian scenes from Randy�s work.

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