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140 Mins

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer

THEMES: New Girls, Real Tits, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks




STARS: Gabriella, Kiwi, Scarlet, Cheryl, Brooklyn, Margo, Julian, Mark Davis, Wesley Pipes, Brian Pumper, Mr. Marcus, Darren James, Mark Ashley, Joel Lawrence.


Red Light District is working very hard to get their hands into just about every kind of all sex movie they can find. We’ve had interracial action, all black stuff, natural tits movies and now we’ve got the young girl theme in play. These girls are all new (ish), fresh and willing to do whatever it takes to break into the world of porn. OK, so we’ve seen some of these girls a few times, but it’s still nice to see that the young crop of porn chicks are more than happy to be as nasty as porn fans want them to be. That kind of dedication to the craft is really admirable and I hope these girls will serve as a shining example to young would be porn sluts the world over.

The movie starts out with Brooklyn sucking on Mr. Marcus. He’s clearly having a good time and she stops only long enough to tell him that she really wants him cum. That helps push him over the edge and give the young girl a nice blast across her tongue.

Natasha is a cute little blonde with braces on her teeth. She says that so far she has only done girl on film so this will be something new for her. During the short interview we find out that she’s nineteen, a stripper and has never had black dick before. (Quick, someone alert the PC Nazi patrol not to put a counter on this girl since she’s going to try it in this movie.) Vince has her change out of clothes and into a hot pink bikini that really shows off her curves. Her shaved lips are quite pronounced and pierced. Vince brings in Wesley Pipes to welcome Natasha into porn. Natasha says she likes big dicks and Wes has a pretty big one for her to try. I had to turn the sound down to avoid the litany of Pipes’ homo-erotic chatter, but this girl is really fun to watch and seems to love being on her knees. Vince steps in to give her a second dick to suck and that doesn’t even slow down the pretty little teen. Since he is the director, Vince gets to fuck her first and that pussy looks tight, wet and fucking sweet as can be. Wes also gets to fuck her and after a few strokes, his dick stiffens enough to really give it to her hard. The guys take turns on her pussy, making her taste herself as they move from twat to mouth and back. She opens her mouth wide and lets both guys blast her right in the mouth. With cum dripping down her smiling face, Natasha has broken her interracial cherry in a big way.

Kiwi is a very pretty girl who is brand new to the porn industry. She’s got a great smile and a body that should assure her scored of horny fans. They ask her if she likes white or black cock better, and Kiwi says it doesn’t matter as long as it’s big. Perfect answer sweetheart, but not as perfect as those fucking tits. Real, big and spectacular are the first three words that come to mind. Vince brings in Joel Lawrence to feed this beautiful black teen dream some big dick. Her mouth makes him hard in no time so Joel moves quickly to the shaved little twat she’s got between those thighs. She spreads them wide and drops down, making her big tits bounce invitingly. Kiwi looks good from head to toe and I would be very surprised if she isn’t snagged up by a big company really soon. Great ass shots as she rides in cowgirl, taking it deep and shoving her big tits in Joel’s face. After taking a hard pounding, Kiwi gets a big blast in the mouth. There is so much cum that it runs out of her mouth and all over her legs.

Gabriella Banks is a San Diego girl with a nice rack and big, inviting eyes. She says she is open to new and exciting things and before anyone can even ponder what might be on Vince’s mind, she has three black cocks in her face. I don’t know if she’s ever done this before, but she sure doesn’t show any signs of hesitation. The guys pass her around, fucking her face and her young twat. All of the guys seem quite impressed with her mouth, but don’t stop before also trying out her ass. As soon as the first guy pulls out of her butt, she asks to taste it, showing us all the depths of her desire for porn stardom. When she is busy riding dick, Gabriella still has the presence of mind to keep her mouth and hands busy. Some girls are just made for porn, and it looks like this babe may be just such a creature. Before leaving the room, the guys blast her face. After trying to dodge a load from Mr. Marcus, the others hit their mark perfectly. The first covers her mouth, dripping off her chin. Number two hits her mostly in the mouth.

Scarlet is a cute girl with a voice that is dangerously sweet. The voice alone is going to make a whole lot of closet pedos shoot loads right in their pants. Even with the fresh face, tiny frame and the pixie voice, this girl is all of eighteen and ready to fuck. For such a tiny girl, Gabriella has a really nice set of tits and a cute little round ass. To test the new little thing, Vince brings in Julian and his big fat cock. The young stripper doesn’t back away at all, sucking the big cock and taking it as deep as she can. Julian has some fun smacking his dick on her cute little face before carrying her upstairs to fuck the lovely young muffin. Her pussy is wet, tight and ready. In no time at all, he is going almost balls deep and has her breathing heavy with every stroke. When they switch positions and Scarlet starts riding, she goes all the way to the base. Once he knows she can take it, Julian really starts fucking her hard. There is some great doggy footage with the teen looking back and telling him over and over to fuck her. Her pussy now stuffed, Scarlet opens wide, takes a big load and swallows every drop of cum.

Margo is a really pretty blonde who reminds me a little of Inari when she first got into the business. She lifts her skirt showing us all that she has no panties. Her test is simple, just a blowjob. She gets down on her knees and has that pretty young face fucked deep and hard until cum is running down her chin and all over her tits. We will see this girl again. (Check out that pretty little pussy, fuck.)

Finally we get Cheryl Dynasty. She’s a very pretty Asian babe with a killer body, a homecoming queen face and just enough porn experience to let us know she can handle the action. Vince has her bend over so she can show us her lovely pussy and her tight ass. Mark Davis and Joel Lawrence come in to put this lovely young girl to the test. Mark fingers her ass while Joel shoves a cock into her moaning mouth. Cheryl is very cute and really turns me on in a big ay. I just hope she doesn’t go in for a lot of ink or to have anything done to her firm little boobs. The guys move to anal very quickly and turn her into a mouth and ass stuffed merry go round. The harder they fuck, the more she likes it and Cheryl is pretty enough to add a lot of eye candy to the hot, sphincter and throat stretching action. To really prove she is ready, the guys DP her, pumping into both holes at once and listening as she tells them what a nasty whore she is. For a final bit of fun, they both cum all over her pretty face. In a great collection of hot babes, Cheryl still stands out.

This movie is pretty fucking great. It’s similar to the stuff Vince was doing with Anabolic, putting new girls through that paces and all that stuff. The girls in this movie are all cute, all natural and all ready to make it big in the world of smut. Cheryl stands out, obviously and so does Kiwi. I like Natasha, but would like to see her when her teeth get straightened. Scarlet also turned me on and I know we’re going to see her in every teen line under the sun before too long. Without a bad scene in the bunch, this is a stroker DVD that is bound to bring raincoaters hours of lubed up fun. In fact, mark this one down as an early nomination for best all sex DVD of 2002.

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