Try-a-teen 1



120 Mins
Visual Images/Legend
DIRECTOR: Brandon Iron & Mark Wood
THEMES: New Girls, Facials
STARS: Sunrise Adams, Brittany Blue, Haley Sweet, Buffy Van Norton, Vera Sunrise, Summer Storm, Brandon Iron & Mark Wood
The team of Brandon Iron and Mark Wood have finally made their way to DVD. OK, so they�ve been on DVD before, but this is the first time I�ve seen a Try-A-Teen movie on disc. This line features barely legal newbies who really, really want to make it big in porn. Experts that they are, these two grade the girls and decide if they have what it takes to be full fledge porno whores. They do their best and their worst to test the girls and then send them on their way. Pretty simple, but that makes it easy to keep up.
Brittany Blue actually acts out a little pre-scene scenario for us. She calls a radio station and wins concert tickets. When Mark Wood comes by to give her the tickets, he offers her backstage passes if she will do something special for him. Naturally this leads right to her sucking his cock. She does a nice job taking most of it down her throat before turning around to offer her pussy to him. He takes her hard from behind, grabbing onto her ass and driving deep. Nice doggy shots, but the really nice ones come when she�s on her back with her long legs pulled way up for easy access. Brittany rides his cock for a long time before she agrees to wear his load to secure those passes. Very nice facial taken by a girl who already knows the basics.
Cuter than Brittany and cuter than just about anyone to come into porn in the last two years, Sunrise Adams comes out in a hot little bikini and gets right to work. Some guy comes in with long chin pubes tied up Captain Lou style and shoves his cock into her pretty mouth. She gives great looking head with a lot of eye contact that makes it even better. He moves quickly to her pussy, throwing those legs up in the air and taking full advantage of her tight young twat. When she gets into his lap, the camera moves in for a low angle shot of her sweet young ass. He doesn�t get to fill that teen backside today, but we get some great shots of it as he keeps her twat filled with hard dick. To finish off this very hot scene, the guy shoots a thick load on her closed lips, giving Sunrise a gift to take home.
Buffy Van Norton, a very cute blonde, and her friend Vera double up on Mark and Brandon. Buffy is must better looking than her friend and gives better head as well. This isn�t a full fuck scene so the girls just show off what they can do with their mouths. After a double blowjob on Wood, Brandon comes back in to help shower the girls with hot man butter.
Summer Storm gets trashed pretty heavily before the scene by Wood. I guess he didn�t like her much. She starts out sucking his cock and is cute enough I guess. The blonde has a huge tat across the small of her back, but does a nice job sucking his cock. What she doesn�t like is having her head shoved down on his cock. That starts the scene downhill and Wood only makes it worse by basically being a total prick. Even after this, she gives a pretty enthusiastic fuck for a while, bouncing on his dick like she really enjoys it. The heat is broken up by Wood again bitching at Summer and telling her she won�t get paid unless they finish the scene. They do finish and he shoots a big load on her face. Naturally her grade is low, but if you ask me, it takes two to tango and Wood being a dick didn�t help Summer�s attitude much. (And if was this much of an ass in what we saw, imagine what was cut.)
Eighteen year old Halley Sweet bounces on the bed in anticipation. She�s anxious for some dick and who can blame Brandon for wanting this big titted young babe to suck his cock. Halley looks quite good sucking cock and shaking those natural wonders. Brandon won�t let her get away with just oral though and moves down between her legs. When he starts fucking, it looks like Halley might be a little bottom heavy, but her puss looks very tasty and tight. Their high energy fuck ends with a great big facial for the enthusiastic blonde.
����������� Speaking of facials, there is a double blowjob tacked on at the end of the movie. Wood and Iron take on a chick named Angel and plaster her face with twin loads of cum. This isn�t a bad series and it�s even better when Wood is behind the camera and lets Brandon do the fucking. Sunrise and Brittany are the highlights here and since they are at the start of the movie, many of you won�t ever get to the later scenes. There is some good stuff late as well, but most of the really hot action comes from these first two babes.

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