Cover To Cover



82 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
THEMES: Costumes, Outdoor Sex
STARS: Jenna Jameson, PJ Sparxx, Jill Kelly, Shelby Stevens, Kia, Kaitlyn Ashley, Morgan Le Fay, Mark Davis, Gerry Pike, Brad Armstrong
This one really takes us back a few years. Jenna Jameson and Jill Kelly were still hot young stars on the rise and most of the other female stars of this one are long gone. Brad Armstrong is still around, still directing this kind of movie even after Jenna has moved on. Like many early Armstrong efforts, this one revolves around a series of fantasies that Jenna has while spending her days as a stuffy librarian. These sort of fantasy vignette movies make it easy to move from one scene to the other and certainly allow costume people to have fun. Besides, what guy doesn?t really want to believe that women read books and turn them into the same sort of sexual fantasies that we get watching Baywatch or reading Maxim?
The movie opens with Armstrong racing on horseback towards home and his true love. He?s in full Civil War dress and happy to see his true love after the long war. Jenna meets him in her long dress with open arms. She is so happy to see him that she just can?t wait to suck him off. The short, but hot blowjob leads to some energetic doggy fucking with Jenna slowly losing her clothes as we go. When she gets down to just her stockings, the young blonde starts squat fucking Brad?s rod. She looks really good in this scene and fucks with a whole lot of energy, finally taking a big load of cum on her face before snapping out of her fantasy and back to the library.
Picking up a book on hot cars, Jenna launches into a 50?s fantasy that stars Jill Kelly and PJ Sparxx as a couple of bobby sox chicks broken down by the side of the road. They chomp away on bubble cum and quickly turn their attention to each other. This is pre-boobjob PJ and I believe pre-boy/girl Jill. They use the car to get into some interesting positions in a pretty run of the mill veggie scene. There is some good footage of PJ using a vibrator on Jill?s asshole.
Jenna puts herself back into the fantasies, or at least she tries to. Starting a gunfight fantasy, she ends up startled out of the dream when she gets shot. Next comes and aborted attempt to read a romance novel. Just as things get steamy, another woman takes the book from her hands. That doesn?t keep us from checking out an overwrought scene between Gerry Pike and Morgan La Fey. It takes them a while to get all of those billowy clothes off, but once they do Pike lays the wood this girl until she?s sweating like crazy. Since I don?t read romance novels, I don?t know how common it is for the heroine to get it up the ass, but that?s what happens in this scene. Pike pounds her pooper and leaves a DNA trail all over her pussy.
We move now to a poker game where the stakes get quite interesting. Shelby Stevens and Kaitlyn Ashley climb up onto the table and slip out of their clothes. Jenna joins in and you get enough eager blonde flesh to satisfy all your girl on girl desires. Kaitlyn looks fantastic and really works Jenna?s pussy over with her long tongue and skilled fingers. In turn, Jenna uses a big dildo to fuck Kaitlyn?s juicy pussy and end up blitzing her hot ass as well. As an added bonus, the two guys watching this action get to jerk off onto Jenna?s face, covering her mouth and cheeks with sticky goo.
Kia stars in an Asian themed fantasy about hot lesbian ninja love. Jenna uses a strap on to fuck the willing babe in a very short, but fairly hot interlude. Picking up where this short scene ends, Jenna turns in some solo heat. She is a ballerina who gets very turned on after her work out. This is a soft and sweet little scene with some artsy shots of Jenna playing with a string of pearls.
The final scene has Jenna doing a boxing fantasy. She?s all dolled up like a starlet from a period piece as she gives her boxer boyfriend a little pre-fight booty call. Mark Davis is the fighter who is ordered to take a dive. He doesn?t want to, but a few well placed kisses from the blonde bombshell and he?s thinking a little less clearly. This scene is shot in black and white which fits with the fantasy aspect but just doesn?t add a lot to the stroke factor. Jenna leans her head over the edge of the table to take his big cock down her throat. Mark gives her a quick screw on the table and leaves his seed all over her face. I guess this could make taking a dive a little less painful.
This is a pretty typical Armstrong fantasy venture with lots of costumes and set ups. A few of the set ups are partial fantasies which is occasionally interesting. There is a bit too much veggie action for me and of course Kaitlyn doesn?t see any dick at all. Jenna looks really good in this movie and fills out her costumes quite nicely. The black and white scene didn?t work for me. It was nicely shot, but doused some cold water on the sexual heat of the best pairing of the flick. As a DVD this is a very nice effort with good picture quality and a solid bonus package. Those people looking for early Jenna movies or flicks with costumes will want to give it a look.

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