Asian Fever 3



MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

80 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Ray Anderson

THEMES: Asian Women, Sex on the beach

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Oui, Pen, Luk, Joy, Lin, Fah,


Previews, a Slide Show and a behind the scenes look at Asian Fever 1 and 2 make up this bonus material package.


In a very short time, Hustler video has branched out to cover a whole lot of different niche markets. They started with the Barely Legal stuff, but have released a number of other lines of late. This is already the third installment of their Asian Fever line. I don’t know what the others were like, but this one isn’t just a bunch of Asian-American porn chicks fucking and sucking. This one is a trip to Thailand for a taste of the real thing. I don’t think we’ll see a whole lot of familiar faces in the cast, making it sort of a fresh faced Asian themed video. Oddly enough, every one of these girls has a three letter name. I doubt if that means anything, but that just doesn’t happen that often.

First up is Oui. She shows a guy around the city, giving us some nice shots of the local sights. When they get home, he is grateful for a lovely day, but this fun is just beginning. They kiss slowly, giving the guy plenty of time to work her dress down to expose a very lovely set of natural breasts. After he gives her hot box a little lick, she opens up to suck his cock. Out doesn’t look thrilled to be tasting his meat, but her lips sure look good around a cock. They start off with a fairly low energy fuck, but Oui picks up the pace when she’s riding his lap. After taking all he’s got in her pussy, she gets down and lets him jerk off on her face. His first blast gets her eye, so she kind of shuts down, wearing most of his load on her chin.

Pen is a cute young thing with short hair and a nice smile. She sits with two guys watching a Thai boxing match. (Which is something to see if you’ve never watched one.) After the match, they all go back to the hotel where Pen sits between the two guys. They decide to end their date with a little threesome and Pen doesn’t mind a bit. She likes the way they kiss her breasts and play with her pussy and gladly gives both lucky guys some decent looking head. They lay her down on the bed so one can fuck her while the other plays with her stiff little nipples. This girl is up for all kinds of fun and even lets them fuck her ass. Pen has a super tight ass, but she takes it well. They even give her a short DP that brings a load from the guy in her butt. Shot number two goes across her tongue and dribbles down her chin.

After a day of enjoying the city on the sky train, Luk and Joy come home to enjoy a little private time. They are both pretty cute girls, but don’t seem to be all that into the whole veggie scene. They strip down and break out the sex toys. I wouldn’t say that either one of these women are going to make us forget Debi Diamond or Bionca when it comes to hot veggie love, but they do have tight little pussies that grip the fake cocks on each stroke.

Lin begins her scene on the patio of her bungalow. The view is wonderful and while she’s admiring the lovely sights, she spies her neighbor checking her out. With a wink she invites him over and they share a deep, passionate kiss. He sits the cute little lady on his lap, reaching under her clothes to grope her nipples and find her hot spots. With the sound of the surf in the background, she takes out his cock and goes to work making it hard with her mouth. The blowjob isn’t very well shot and that spotty camera work continues when they start fucking. At least half of the shots are odd close ups that don’t always shot much of anything. There are some nice longer shots of her bouncing that petite body and tight pussy down on his cock. When he shoots his load all over her waiting face, Lin rubs it in with her fingers then uses his cock to really spread the goo around.

Fah is the final girl in this movie and she plays a real fantasy girl. We start with a guy enjoying a day on a boat. He falls into the ocean, washes up on shore in a beautiful deserted cove and finds the pretty girl waiting for him on the beach. In no time at all they start rolling around in the sand and he puts his cock into her eager mouth. The beautiful surroundings really add a lot to the scene, but it’s the tight little beach babe and her hot little pussy that gets most of the praise here. They move into the water for the popshot and as the tide goes in and out around them, he shoots a stream of cum over her lips and tongue. If it was a dream, then it sure was a good one.

This movie is for people who want to see Thai girls get it on. No Amer-Asian chicks here, these babes are the real deal. Yes, they are groomed to be porn stars and aren’t cheap street pick ups, but still you’re not going to find the same old faces and bodies in this groups. Most of them are fairly cute and the sex is generally pretty hot. A little more sexual energy would have been nice, but this is still a very high quality DVD that is sure to please fans of Asian babes.

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