Sin Twins


100 Mins.
Sin City
DIRECTOR: Rocky Black (Alex Ladd)
THEMES: Euro-babes, Twins
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Sasha, Misha, Angel Long, Ashley, Jane, Karl Kinkade, Bailey, Paul Justin
This new look Sin City DVD has a nicely done extras package. Great looking menu pages and scene specific slide shots are just the start. There is also a very well done behind the scenes look at the movie. We also get some video footage of the twins on tour as well as talent bios and previews of other Sin City flicks.

I don’t know who this guy Rocky Black is, but Alex Ladd directed this movie. How do I know? Because I wrote the script for him. (Somehow I doubt that I’ll get screen credit for this one either.) Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I need to make the standard disclaimer that I give when reviewing something that I have penned. If I like this flick, it’s not going to be because of the script. This is a feature, sure but it’s a feature about a couple of super hot twins and anyone who is watching for the dialog instead of the well fucked Euro-babes really is missing the point. This movie is just a simple story about a doctor, his obsession with sexual perfection and of course, how to built the ultimate woman in your workshop.
We open with Karl Kindaid, a doctor of some sort if his white coat and lab goggles are to be believed. He’s watching another guy in a lab coat making out with a sexy blonde. He is asking the guy questions about her responses and taking notes on a clipboard. He is pleased by how lifelike she is, indicating that something is afoot. She takes his cock and gently sucks it. The way this girl just sort of lies there and lets him fuck it makes one wonder if she is some sort of sex doll or just a Vivid Girl. Once he gets going, she comes to life a bit, but this is still a fairly low key, pretty scene. When Karl has taken all of the notes he needs, he takes his cock out and puts it into the little blonde’s mouth. Now both guys are testing her out and she takes a nice looking ride on Karl while the other guy pumps her face. They put this girl to the test, banging her in both holes at once. They sit her back up and both leave a big load on her face.
A year later, Karl is still toiling a way in his lab. You see, he has created good looking sex robots who lack what he calls the “human touch.” He heads down to the local pub for a shot and a little more research. Karl asks the guy next to him what makes sex so great. The guy is a bit hesitant, but when the pretty barmaid tells him that he’s a doctor, the guy opens up a bit. He flashes back to another blonde in a hot little red outfit. She goes right after his cock, pinning him down and devouring his dick in a wicked bout of 69. This girl is a little soft in the middle, but makes up for any extra cushion by really fucking with a lot of energy. She keeps her knee high black boots on along with a red bra and stocking set. I’m not sure at this point what makes this girl such a fantasy fuck, but she clearly rocked this guy’s world. At the end of the high energy fuck, he pulls out and shoots on her tits. When Karl asks the guy what could have made it better, he replies, “two of them.” That gives Karl a great idea and he races back to his lab.
Obviously, he has decided to double up on his fantasy-bot. He builds a second girl. This is where the twins, Misha and Sasha, come into play. (As a side note, both bots look just like the girl at the bar.) Karl has them finished and leaves for a while. When he’s gone, another dude in a lab coat uncovers the lovely twins and just has to have a taste. Both women go right after his dick, doubling up on his cock and balls. Even though they are supposed to be somewhat mechanical, these two pretty babes are awesome looking. He focuses on one for a while, letting the other finger herself nearby. This really is a fantasy scene on a lot of different levels. What guy hasn’t thought about nailing two beautiful women at once? Add the sister thing and it’s hotter, make them twins and it’s a nut buster for sure. That might explain why the guy pulls out and shoots his load all over the first one quickly. He moves right over to fuck the other sister. Both of these women look great and give us plenty to look at. There is a great low angle shot of one of the twins being fucked from behind while standing. They both leave their black stockings on during this very hot fantasy fuck that ends with twin two getting a load on her ass.
The rousing fuck ends up breaking one of the bots, sending Karl back to the bar in despair. This time, it’s a woman who talks to him. She tells him that he’s missing the point and that his bots will always be flawed. (Pardon me Miss, but this sort of know it all stuff is probably why guys need a sex-bot in the first place.) She flashes back to a lovely picnic she once had with a guy. This petite chick is very hot looking in her tight white t shirt and short pink skirt. She’s got a bit tat on her ass, but other than that, this babe is pretty dreamy. After exposing her tiny tits, she takes his cock and teases it with the tip of her tongue. From there, she jerks him off hard, getting him ready to go after her little pussy. When he starts fucking her from behind, that big tat is right in the middle of the shot, but the underside view of her tight little pookie is just fine. This thin blonde looks really good in the long shots as well, bumping her ass back to meet the strokes. I guess they aren’t worried about being caught in the park, because she gets on him for some reverse cowgirl that has her wide open and exposed to anyone who happens along. He even rolls her over and fucks that tight ass for a while. Making this outdoor boff all the more special, the guy pulls out and shoots a very big load all over her face. Licking the jizz from his prick, this cum streaked blonde really looks like a fantasy girl to me. Of course, it’s the champagne and romance of the whole outdoor sodomy thing that really turns her, hence the missing ingredient to Karl’s perfect woman.
Racing out, Karl leaves his wallet on the bar. Misha (or Sasha) is kind enough to bring it by his lab. When she gets there, she finds that his perfect sex-bot looks just like her. Is she freaked out? Not at all. In fact, she offers to teach the robot how to make love like a real woman. Karl jumps at the chance, sticking his cock in the mouth of the bot. She gives good head, but the real girl shows her how to use the whole body when sucking dick. Since we’ve already seen the twins tag team a guy, this scene lacks some of the thrill that it might have had. Still, when they double up on Karl’s cock it’s a great looking blowjob. The bot learns pretty quickly from her twin, who looks very hot sucking dick in her tight leather pants. Is real girl pussy better than man made? Well, Karl likes tasting his fake girl, but the bar twin is the one fucking him. Again, the sisters switch off, one fucking while the other masturbates. He really drills the bot hard in some tightly shot doggy. She gives way to the real babe who squats for some very high energy reverse cowgirl. In the end, he pulls out and shoots his load all over the bot’s belly.
Sin City did a good job of putting the twin aspect on display with this movie. Obviously we want to watch these two beautiful sisters act out every man’s fantasy. Their scenes are both quite good and both women are stunning. The rest of the cast varies a bit, with the cute little blonde providing the best non-twin scene of the movie. Some of the dialog scenes are really hard to understand and it’s not edited in a way that helps the story flow very how, but we get to see the twins twice and that’s really a lot more interesting than the plot. With the new packaging and a nice extras package, this new look Sin City DVD has great promise and the twins are just plain great.

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