Shane’s World 22





90 Mins.

Digital Sin


THEMES: Gonzo, Sex in Cars




STARS: Alana Evans, Charlene Aspen, Selena, Vivian Valentine, Alexis, Nacho, Cheyne, Voodoo


This is the first Shane’s World release since they partnered with Digital Sin for their DVDs. I’ve always enjoyed the fun, sexy nature of the SW movies, and Digital Sin puts together fantastic discs, so this should be an excellent marriage of technology and smut. For this volume, the gang goes out on a scavenger hunt. We’ve all been on one of those, but this crew isn’t out looking for an old movie ticket or a green sock. Yes, there are some non-sexual things on the list, but with women like Alana Evans and Charlene Aspen along for the ride, you know that the bulk of the fun will be of the naked variety.

Team 1 has Alana, Vivian Valentine, Alexis and Nacho. They take the first challenge and earn twenty points by running naked down a residential street. Team 2 has Voodoo, Selena, Charlene and Cheyne. Their first challenge is to hit a college campus and have one of the girls jerk him off. While they are looking for one, we go back to team one where Nacho and Vivian are taking a break in the back of the limo. She bends over his fat cock and sucks it for a while. Nacho is very eager and quickly pulls her into his lap. The car is a bit cramped, but they manage to turn in a very high energy fuck. Viv strokes his load from his cock and wears it on her face.

Back on campus, Charlene and Selena actually have to ask a few guys before she finds on who is willing to get his wanker stroked. The reluctant frat guy has camera shy wood problems at first, but the girls are determined to work him up and off. All of their pumping pays off when he shoots his load all over his belly.

The other team has an easier time at the local liquor store. Their job is to get the clerk to lick whipped cream from their tits. Well, what guy working for minimum wage in one of the most dangerous jobs on earth is going to say no to licking the nipples of three porn chicks? After some more non-sexual fun, Cheyne and Charlene take a break for some sex in a bed. He tries on some silly underwear, but when she slips them off, the fun really starts. This hot Latina knows how to suck a cock and isn’t afraid to let it all hang out. As soon as he’s ready, Cheyne throws her onto her back, pushes her legs up to her shoulders and starts fucking. This position doesn’t last nearly as long as it should, but there is plenty to enjoy while he’s taking her from behind. Moving into a piledriver, he dumps a big load all over her smooth skin.

Watching the teams go through their lists is a nice way to bridge the gap between scenes. It helps to pass the time and give us a few laughs while we are waiting to see Nacho and Alexis take on Alana in a three way. While Alana does some super sucking, her partner rides Nacho’s face and grinds her pussy onto his mouth. Most of the fucking takes place in Alexis’ pussy, but he eventually figures out that he’s got a hot blonde with a very tight pussy in the bed as well. Making up for ignoring her early, Nacho slips his cock up Alana’s ass and really gives it to her hard. After some very hot RCA, she strokes his load out onto her tits.

It’s time for another stranger to get a handjob. Charlene and her pal slap some lube into their palms and go to work. With a lot more fun items on their list, both teams have a some fun before the winner is crowned. There is a post hunt scene with a sexy chick named Jen as well, but I’m going to use the rest of the review space to cover the bonus materials found on side two of this disc.

One feature not on side two is the audio commentary from stars Alana Evans and Selena Del Ray. I turned this one from time to time during the movie and it’s a nice feature. Usually we hear from pretentious feature directors so it’s cool to hear from two stars during a gonzo movie. On side two, we get to meet Tony Pounds. This is a sexy little POV scene including some nice deep throat by a tiny titted blonde who ends up with a big load of cum on her belly. In the Porn Stars at Home section we take a look at Gague’s place. Think MTV’s “Pads” with a naked porn chick showing us how she lives. There is some very sexy stuff later when she goes out for the day. Nice outdoor masturbation and flashing. Finally we get to see Alexis and Alana from a Shane’s World web cast. There is also some lost footage from the scavenger hunt, a photo gallery, trailer and cast bios. The lost footage is more nearly forty minutes long so there is a lot of good stuff.

The mixture of fun and sex is always excellent in Shane’s World movies and this is no exception. Alana and Charlene really play sexual ring leaders as the teams make their way through the items on their lists. There are some nice scenes along the way, including a great anal for Alana. Some of the handjob action for the guys they find on campus is also fantastic. This is easy to watch, couples friendly gonzo that carries on the great Shane’s World tradition.

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