72 Mins
THEMES: Swinging, Spanking
STARS: Jenna Jameson, Asia Carrera, Goldie Star, Paisley Hunter, Bridgette Monroe, Selena, Anna Malle, TT Boy, Tom Byron, John Decker, Steve Drake
As Wicked keeps bringing out more old Jenna titles, we get a chance to re-visit her popularity. Now that she?s moved on to another company, there will be new Jenna titles, but for a lot of people, these older titles show her at her very best. It?s been a while since I?ve seen this movie on video, but as I recall, it was one of my first looks at Jenna. It also paired Jenna with another of the biggest stars at the time, Asia Carrera. The story takes place in a strange sex club where a couple, Asia and TT Boy have to complete a sexual challenge in order to win their reward. (And this was before Survivor.) As they try to make it through, Jenna is watching over them, pulling strings and making it tough on them.
Asia and TT enter the club and decide to take the challenge. The couple enters the first room. Inside a cell, Bridgette Monroe (Who now goes by Hunter Skott) is tied up and calling out for help. Goldie Star and John Decker come in and they have wicked intentions for the pretty brunette. Busty blonde Goldie lays Bridgette down and gives out plenty of verbal abuse until Bridgette begs to be fucked. With a big strap on hanging between her legs, Goldie makes Bridgette suck her off. Sure it?s not going to do much for them sexually, but it sure looks hot. I have had a thing for Bridgette since I met her at a CES show a very long time ago and her energy has only gotten better over the years. They make her bend at the waist to suck Decker while Goldie licks then fucks Bridgette from behind. There is no question that the brunette likes is hard and nasty so they fuck her that way. Eventually John finds his way up her ass, making Bridgette coo as she rubs her clit to a loud climax. Decker shoots his load all over her well fucked ass.
TT?s first challenge is to take on two women at once. He must please them in order to move on. The room as a jungle theme and when the girls crawl out of the bushes, they are growling like animals in heat. Selena and Paisley Hunter are the women and they attack him. Selena is a very pretty brunette who had a short career in porn, which is too bad. She gives very good head, especially when she flashes her lovely eyes at the camera. Paisley squats over Selena?s face and takes it from behind. This leaves the pretty brunette in perfect position to lick clit, balls and suck TT?s shaft when it comes out far enough. While fucking Paisley, he pulls out and shoots a load all over her pussy. Selena swoops in and rubs his dick all over her face, feeling his heat as she licks up the last few drops of spunk.
Asia finds herself in a room full of mannequins where she must also pleasure two people. The two living statues finally reveal themselves to Asia and her dress is gone before she even knows what hit her. Steve Drake and Anna Malle are the lucky pair who get to feast on Asia?s still all natural body. Drake pulls out his cock and the two women get busy on it. Asia has such a pretty face, it?s always a treat to watch her suck cock and Anna has made a career as a dick starved slut who is up for anything. When he?s had enough head, Drake slides under Asia who rides him while Anna helps guide the action. I guess he wants to be fair because he bends Anna over for some standing doggy. Asia does some pussy to mouth when he pulls out. Following suit, Anna gets down and tastes Asia after Drake pounds her from behind. Taking it one step further, Anna even takes a big load on her face.
Jenna has some big plans for Asia, but needs TT out of the way. Goldie is sent in to keep him busy. She is clad in just her boots and carries a whip to help her keep control. This is just a tease scene that leaves him confused. It gives Jenna time to dress Asia up and send her into a room where she will fuck Tom Byron with everyone watching. He has a paddle and spanks Asia?s sexy ass to keep her in line. She looks great in the studded bra and panty set, but Tom wants her naked and that?s not a bad thing either. Her pussy is hot, tight and when he is done licking it, nice and wet. After spending a lot of time working on Asia, Tom pulls out his cock and makes her suck it. Actually, she starts out by licking his asshole while he strokes his dick. That done, she puts her pretty face to work sucking that cock hard. This could have gone on longer, but she is eager to ride him. Check out the welts on her ass as she rides. Looking very submissive, Asia lies on her back, with her arms stretched over her head, begging him to fuck her. Tom gives her a hard fuck and shoots all over that tight little twat.
TT wants to get out, but Asia seems lost in a sexual fog. This is where Jenna comes in. His final challenge is to make Jenna cum. If TT can do it, then Asia can go free. If he doesn?t, she will have to stay in the club as a slave. He gets down on the ground and starts sucking her superstar pussy while Asia watches. That must work to some extent because she returns the favor with one of her famous blowjobs. By now, Asia has taken over licking her blonde pussy and we get some very hot three way action. Jenna looks great standing there in her heels, shoving her ass into Asia?s face and inhaling TT?s rod. Turning around quickly, she drops into his lap, slamming her slit down on her cock and pumping with great energy. He moves over to Asia and stuffs her full of cock as well. For the finale, he enters Jenna from behind, ramming her while she licks Asia. His load ends up on Jenna?s big, inflated tit and the girls rub it into the smooth skin. Mission accomplished.
This is a fairly interesting movie, but I am struck by the misuse of star power. You have Jenna and Asia and they really don?t get in on much until the very end of the movie. I?m not about to complain about the opening scene because Bridgette Monroe looks so good and takes it in the ass the way I always hoped she would. Asia does manage to give a couple of nice scenes before the final three way. I really liked the spanking scene with Tom Byron. More of Jenna would have been nice, but what we have is mostly good. Nice for couples, especially those who like the idea of a wild swing club.

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