Black Dicks In White Chicks



140 Mins
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: Vince Vouyer
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks
STARS: Gabriella, Ice, Tommi Rose, Jessica, Misty Parks, Brandy Starz, Cherry Rose, Jessie J, Wesley Pipes, Devlin Weed, Lexington Steele
This is my first look at a movie from the newly formed Red Light District. It?s not my first look at a Vince Vouyer movie though, so I have a pretty good idea of what we?re about to see. To a certain extent, the title tells us what we need to know. Clearly there are going to be some big black dicks going in an out of white chicks. Knowing Vince?s work, there won?t be a whole lot of shit to get in the way. I expect a straight ahead style, some well shot sex and in the end, a whole lot of stretched orifices and messy little faces. If that?s not what we get, then I?ll have to come up with something clever to explain just how far off this open was.
Cherry Rose leads off and she says that this is her very first video. Hey, what better way to kick off a career than by having a big cock tear you in half. She has slightly shorter than shoulder length hair, a pronounced nose and natural tits. Weed comes in and he does a little getting to know you discussion before sucking on those real tits. Since Cherry loves to have her pussy licked, that?s how he starts thing out. After just a few minutes of that, Cherry opens her mouth and shows us that even at nineteen, she?s got a few years of sucking under her belt. Nice eye contact as she takes his dick into her mouth, gets it all juiced up and finally invites him into her pussy. From the start, Cherry?s bouncing has her tits banging around and her cheeks slapping loudly against his thighs. Before sticking his cock in her ass, Weed actually works her over pretty thoroughly with two fingers to make sure she?s ready. After that, his dick slides right into her butt and Cherry lives up to hype she gave herself as a lover of A. True to her word, she really gets off having a prick up her ass and turns in a hot anal scene. Great RCA here with Cherry?s legs high in the air. Her mouth is wide open for the pop and she finger feeds every last drop into her mouth.
Lexington Steele proves that it?s good to be the king when he sits between two very fresh young things. Eighteen year old Ice is from LA and looking to have fun. Gabriella is twenty one, from Las Vegas and ending a five year stint as a fast food worker. They both like his cock and get a better look at it, by passing it back and forth during a hot double blowjob. Both of these girls have smooth, fresh young bodies, natural tits and don?t have a problem taking a big cock in their mouths. Now, how will they handle that thing in their tight little money makers? Well, it takes Ice just a few strokes before she is sliding up and down on that thing like a fireman?s pole. (Except that no one slides up one of those, numb nuts.) Following her friend?s lead, Gabriella also takes him balls deep and uses all the special sauce dripping from her twat to make it a smooth ride. Ice sits by while Gabriella takes a deep pounding from behind. Whenever Lex pulls out, she pops it into her mouth to taste the blonde?s juices. Perhaps the best shots of scene come when the girls sit side by side on the couch, their legs spread while Lex slams into their shaved slits. No anal for this pair, but when Lex fires his load into Ice?s mouth, she holds it until Gabriella is under her for some very nasty cum swapping.
Weed is back with Wesley Pipes to reverse the odds on Brandy Starz. This little blonde looks trailer park trashy and is ready to fuck both guys at the drop of a hat. She deep throats Weed with no problem at all and makes short work of Wesley?s prick as well. Her clothes come off, revealing a rather skinny body, but her energy is good. Both Wes and Weed to way too much talking, but Brandy does her best to drown them out. When the guys aren?t talking too much, they are really fucking this chick hard and enjoying her pussy. When they are done there, the guys take turns on her ass. Thankfully Brandy talks a lot, adding some sweet female sounds to over abundance of homoerotic male banter. After they DP her holes, the guys shoot big loads all over her face.
The same two guys hook up to double team Misty Parks. Misty is very cute and wholesome looking, but is willing to tarnish that image for our viewing pleasure. Her braids are quite cute, the body is all natural and other than some boob writing, she looks sweet as hell. Misty does some good cock sucking and ball licking before opening her thighs to get plowed in the puss. The guys really enjoy fucking that pussy and Misty doesn?t seem to know what to do with so much dick. I like that she trades verbal barbs with them, egging them on a bit. They don?t get her ass, but do wear out that pussy and shoot loads all over her fresh face.
Lex is back for some more two on one with Jessica and Tommi Rose. Tommi is an American size queen while her pal Jessica is a Czech girl with a great body. They get down for a double blowjob that has Tommi really drooling over the size of Lex?s tool. He enjoys both mouths and I do find Jessica attractive, but there is a clear star here and her name is Tommi. The sucking continues as the girls shed their clothes, showing off two more all natural bodies. Tommi bends over for a great insertion shot with Jessica just inches from the action. I would be hard pressed to pick the better of these two fine asses, but Lex gets to admire them both as he doggies Tommi, then Jessica. Tommi really plays up the hot talk part, making sure we all know she loves the size and the color of Lex?s cock. Not to be left out, Jessica really rides hard, slamming her lips down against his balls on every stroke. It?s Jessica who does the anal in this scene and then cleans his cock in some nasty A2M. Don?t worry though, Tommi gets her face into the game nicely when it?s time for the facial.
Finally we get little Jessie J, an ultra hot blonde from the UK. Wesley doesn?t seem to know quite how to handle having this babe on his lap. After a few minutes of chit chat, she slowly slips her lips down over the head of his cock and sucks gently. Great eye contact from Jessie and very good hand skills as well. She gives such great head, it?s almost a shame not to just let her finish up. He puts her on the couch, face down, ass high in the air and enters her from behind. You might think that a cock this long wouldn?t fit into her pussy, but Jessie can take it and love every inch. After some great doggy, she rides him in reverse cowgirl, giving us a better shot of her perfect thighs, cute face and all natural breasts. Wes has bad things planned for her ass and starts with some finger fucking. That gets her started, and the cock does the rest of the work. While he pounds her ass with every inch, Jessie fingers her own pussy to get herself off. After doing A2M, Jessie puts her ass high in the air for deeper penetration and finally takes a big load on her face. Pretty Jess sucks up every drop and loving talks to him as she cleans up all that cum.
This is a very nicely shot, straight forward fuck movie. It lives up to the title by showing us a whole bunch of horny little white chicks getting blasted by big black dicks. Jessie is the star here, so stick around for the final scene, or use chapter search to check her out. She?s a sure fire load launcher. Lexington Steele turns in a fine performance with a number of girls in this movie. I bring him up because someone needs to sit Wesley Pipes down and make him pay attention to how Lex goes about his business. Dude, straight guys aren?t watching porn to hear you go on and on. Someone needs to tape this guy?s mouth shut until he figures this out. (He?s a good performer, don’t get me wrong.) Solid effort from the new company and this one is bound to make interracial fans very happy.

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